Hardee County Photo's

Ever wonder what this place looked like before?
Maybe you have some picture from way back when, you would like to share.
Maybe its just a picture in your grandmothers old picture book, you have no idea who is.
Send it to me, Maybe someone else could tell you who he or she was.
Either way needed a place to put those pictures I am not sure about yet so here they will be.

Hardee County Family Photo's
Hardee Sheriff Past and Present
Albert & Martha McEwen Carlton Home
 Carlton & Carlton Bank
Carlton Fruit Hauling Business
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Confederate Memorial Parade
Congregation Before Church
Turpentine Still
First Presbyterian Church
First Baptist Church Wauchula
Union Baptist or Lily Church
Beesons Drug Store
Hardee County Court House
Hardee County Chamber Of Commerce
Hardee High School
Hardee Manor Nursing Home
Hardee Motor Company
Bank Of Wauchula
Memorial Day Parade
Peace River
J.W. Earnest Home Place
Wauchula Farmers' Market
Corn Field
Workers In A Citrus Grove
Wauchula Street Scene
Hauling Oranges In Albert Carltons Grove
Unkown People & Places
Wauchula City Hall