Hardee County History

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Hardee County

Hardee County is bordered by Several Counties including Polk, Manatee,De Soto, and Highlands. Hardee County
Was Made on April 23, 1921. It was formed using a part of Desto County. And named for Cary Augustus Hardee

who was the 23rd govenor
from 1921- 1925. During the Seminole Wars Wauchula was a Military post.
Settlement in Hardee County Began on April 1849 also at Paynes Creek Kennedy Darling Indian trading post was

the post was burned on July 17, 1849 when George payne and Dempsey Whidden were killed by Indians and a

third clerk was wounded.
Another Trading post was established  on October 26th 1849 named Fort Chonkonikla.
War threats were made but soon illnesse's such as malaria became the real enemy.
Fort Chokonikla was abandoned in July, 1850
in 1854 the option for settlement aroused but few came due to outbreak of wars between indians and civil.
Fort Green  and Fort Hartsuff and Wachula were  created and Garrisoned by January 3rd 1856.
Their were few Slaves for farmers during the Civil War's most of which didnt want to be a part of the war.
At one point the region was Loyalist - Rebublican but soon after they changed to Conservative Democratic Bastion
which ment things were based on farming.
The Southern Florida Railroad was formed in 1886.
Crewsville and Fort Green were villiages that thrived in success with Hard-working citizens And Holy places with

many churches
Wachula was chosen as the county seat for Hardee County in 1921.
A county division in De Soto County  happend on April 23th , 1921.
In Hardee County Lots of events happen such as football, Pioneer park days, a county fair and lots more...
Also Hardee has been home to lots of talented people such as Doyle Elam Carlton Sr. ,and plenty more Im sure
but due to lack of opportunity they seek their fortunes in other places..

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