Lettie Ione Cannon Mohundro


December 18, 1925 - May 13, 1999

Lettie Cannon was born December 18, 1925 in Alcorn County, Mississippi.
The daughter of Nancy Jane Wilbanks Cannon & Carl Gleason Cannon.
She was the second child born of this marriage, and the third child born to Nancy Jane Cannon.
There were five childrn born to Nancy Jane Cannon in all.


Lettie Married Mark Lewis Mohundro
The son of  Mary Addla Null & George Gorden Mohundro.

 He was the second child born to this couple with 6 children.

Mary Jane & Shirley Mohundro

They had two children both girls.
Mary Jane Mohundro Conrad (Left)
Shirley Ann Mohundro Green Smith (Right)

the house

Then decided to move there Family to Florida. Hardee to be more accuarate.
They bought a block and a half in what was called Wauchula Hills.
They then bought a small two bedroom house and moved it onto the land.
That was the begining of thier roots!

going fishing

Poppa died in 76 of Bone Cancer after he recieved a injury to his leg at work in the old juice plant.
Granny took him home to Mississippi to spend his final days with his family and rest beside his sister.
At  County Line Cemetery in Walnut Mississippi.

Lettie came back to Florida where she continued to raise her own food, work in the fields, orange groves and helped raise her grandchildren.
She was a hard working, loving, christian woman. She never remarried saying instead she was already married.
He was waiting in heaven for her.
Her favorite past time was fishing.
I think she would have lived on the river, creek bank, pond or ditch as long as it had fish in it.


coffin photo

She must have been right because on May 13, 1999 we the family all gathered around her bed. 
We watched her take hold of his hand and leave this life behind. Kidney Failure is what they say took her from this life.We all know she just missed Poppa.
We took her home and layed her body to rest beside the man she loved with all her heart.
In County Line Cemetery!

Granny loved to sew, and make blankets. Mostly granny loved to be outside. She would rather work in the fields or in her own garden than to be inside working on anything. She was a very independent woman, as a child I remember watching her work on almost any and everything.
from her pick up truck to our house she did it all her self. Said, if you depend on someone else to do the work it may never get done.
I still have one of her hand made creations somewhere, and I will try to remember to get a picture to place here.
She loved to atttend church. She use to say, " We all have to meet our maker one day, I want to know mine before I get there."
Thou we never had much money, we always had enough to eat, a place to sleep, and a comforting set of arms more than willing to hold us.
If only we had known how lucky we were back then.
I love and miss you more than anything Granny, but I wouldn't call you back to suffer not one more day!
Susan Richardson

March 18, 2009
Susan Richardson