Ain't That Somethin
I have recieved the book Ain't That Somethin'
from my Aunt Iris Green Gilliard.
I will be sharing the interviews out of the book.
This however will take time to get all typed up and online so for now I will place the index.
I will add the typed interviews as I get them online. (the name will be blue if the name you are looking for is up)
If the person's interview you would like to read is not up yet if you will email me I will scan it and email it to you.
The interviews in this book were done by High School Students not by me.
So I will list the name of the Person doing the interview as well.

InterviewedCitizen OfInterviewed & Edited By
Mr. J.A. Albritton, Jr.Bowling Green, FloridaDerrel Bryan
Caddie Beeson Wauchula, FloridaJohnna M. Himrod
Mr. Luther BostickJohnna M.Himrod
Mary BostickJohnna M. Himrod
Mr. Francis Wilbur BryanBowling Green, FloridaDerrel Bryan
Mrs. Muriel CarltonGladys Hall Edited by Derrel Bryan
Miss Jessie CathcartWauchula FloridaJohnna M. Himrod
Mrs. Exie CathcartWauchula FloridaJohnna M. Himrod
Myrtle CokerJohnna M. Himrod
Olen CokerLimestoneRuth Hodges Edited by Derrel Bryan
Mrs. Cecilia HanuschBowling Green, FloridaJohnna M. Himrod
Mrs. Maggie HarringtonBowling Green, FloridaJohnna M. Himrod
Jack HimrodWauchula, FloridaJohnna M. Himrod
Harry Metheny Wauchula, FloridaVirginia Metheny Edited by Johnna M. Himrod
Doyle ParkerBowling Green, FloridaDerrel Bryan
Mr & Mrs Wright RawlsHardee County FloridaJohnna M. Himrod
Matt RevelsOna FloridaElizabeth Underwood Edited by Johnna M. Himrod
Mrs. John RooneyZolfo Springs, FloridaDoesn't say
Lessie ShackelfordFort Green, FloridaGladys Hall Edited by Johnna M. Himrod
Mr. & Mrs John TalleyCollege Hill Community, FlaDerrel Bryan
Lessie Cowart Whidden Ona, FloridaJohnna M. Himrod
Mrs. Akins
Mrs. PerinJohathan Perin
Mr. Emerson JonesMary Lynn Jones
Mrs Eva RobertsonLemon GroveBill Proctor
Mrs Mildred Ford GreenWauchula, FloridaRoy Barrett
Mable HancheyZolfo Springs, FloridaAngela Myers Edited by Derrel Bryan
Mrs HartJacqueline
Jack CarltonTracy Terrell
Tom CooperFt. GreenBetsy Cofield & Jesse Abbott
Horace StatonSherry Staton
Mr Howard JonesDarrell Evors
R.C. McLellandBowling Green FloridaDarryl Sanders
Mr. John GoolsbyJulie Gooslby & Sandra Tallant
Mr Leonard LewisDelia Ramirez & Gina Woodliff
Mr. & Mrs. Paul HendersonPine Dale CommunityStephanie Ridgdill
Gilbert PolkTorrey CommunitySteve Macias
Stephen SmithTammy Martin
Lola TownsendDan Knight
Mrs Susie Albrittonedited by John Williams & Bud Heggie
Mr. George KitchingsBrenda Gardner
Ralph CarltonTammy Johnson
Billie WadsworthLimestone
Mrs Rosy RepetoskyTracy Lessley & Beverly Ullrich
Carrie Ann Malvina Wilkerson Bowling Green FlaBill Rutland & Jimmy Sharp
Guy E. PolkLake Dale CommunityJeanie P. Walker
Mrs. Jean PolkJeanie P. Walker
Mrs Eunice Branning JonesLake Dale CommunityTwonia Richardson
Mr. Fred PolkLake Dale CommunityTwonia Richardson
Mr Jack JonesLake Dale CommunityTwonia Richardson
Virginia "Dollie" RichardsonLake Dale CommunityTwonia Richardson

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