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YATES, Jewell M. SNEAD, Arthur V? 6/13/1927 J 339
YATES, Rosa SIRNAMS, Sippici 6/14/1900 I 27
YELSEY, Rosa  WASHINGTON, Willie 5/6/1922 J 87
YERKES, Ingham KIRKPATRICK, Samuel Huckel 12/28/1891 H 85
YETER, Lula MITCHNER, Nuait 6/19/1886 G 22
YOUNG, Bertha RIVERS, Richard 6/7/1915 I 253
YOUNG, Delia BELL, John 8/6/1877 E 123
YOUNG, Lizzie KNIGHT, John 6/27/1908 I 345
YOUNG, Mary J. WAGES, Herman 10/28/1885 G 13
YOUNG, Minnie JENKINS, Frank 8/30/1893 H 123
YOUNG, Nealia DURDEN, Nathan No date E 154
YOUNG, Sallie GARVES, Elisha 2/6/1904 I 138
YOUNG, Virginia BROUGHTON, Henry 12/24/1907 I 318
YOUNGBLOOD, Eliza SILCOX, W. H.  No date E 82
ZANT, Florence V. GRAHAM, Joseph P. 12/3/1927 K 21

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