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OATS, Anna BERRY, Joseph 11/25/1896 H 166
OATTS, Alice JOHNSON, Willie, Jr. 5/20/1901 I 47
OLIVER, Lila NORMAN, Samuel 5/24/1892 H 94
OLIVER, Maurie WALKER, Lauya? 9/8/1909 I 392
OLIVER, Polly GHEAR, David 1/2/1889 H 19
OLIVER, Rosa CUNNINGHAM, Arthur 3/15/1924 J 158
OLIVER, Rosa LEE, Henry 8/27/1895 H 152
O'NEAL, Florence GRAY, James 4/25/1919 I 429
ORFORD?, Willie WIGGINS, Robert 9/21/1903 I 122
ORWANDE, Mattie STAFFORD, Seaborn 11/9/1906 I 252
OSBORN, Francis BUSBY, Quincy 8/7/1896 H 160
OSBORN, Rosa Lee KELLY, Geo. M. 8/3/1885 G 7
OSTEEN, Alice MOSLEY, Henry 1/23/1914 I 195
OSTEEN, Amanda LANE, M. C.  10/18/1882 F 50
OSTEEN, Catherine A. YARBROUGH, C. G.  5/12/1897 H 178
OSTEEN, Dora BYRD, Jessie James 11/14/1914 I 231
OSTEEN, Georgian CARTER, Danial 9/16/1890 H 59
OSTEEN, Lena MOSLEY, Charley 6/2/1916 I 289
OSTEEN, Louisa LINSEY, Jasper 4/12/1882 F 25
OSTEEN, Margaret WILKINSON, Iven 12/11/1872 E 31
OSTEEN, Margaret A. RIVERS, William M. 9/21/1904 I 165
OSTEEN, Mary BOHANAN, Ducan 2/25/1887 G 33
OSTEEN, Mary TERRATING, N. W.  No date E 96
OSTEEN, Unee MOORE, Charley W. 7/31/1903 I 120
OSTEEN, Zelphia WILKINSON, John Henry 2/3/1891 H 60
OSTYLE, Fanny JOHNSON, W. T. 3/19/1902 I 68
OWENS, Adaline FALANA, Manuel 2/25/1882 F 34
OWENS, Edna Oera CHESSER, Fred 2/8/1920 I 473
OWENS, Ellen SMITH, Mack W. 12/3/1909 I 3
OWENS, Essie May OLIVER, Richard 6/23/1922 J 93
OWENS, Laura WAGES, Rowland 10/26/1892 H 107
OWENS, Margaret C. WILSON, Josiah 2/26/1889 H 22
OWENS, Sarah GREEN, John 4/18/1896 H 158

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