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EARLE, Daisy FELDER, Limus 9/4/1908 I 352
EASTAN, Minnie BROWN, Willie 1/27/10 I 9
EASTERLING, F. L.  GOODSON, W. L.  9/21/1893 H 122
EASTMOORE, Thelma E. BUNCH, Earl Joseph 6/27/1925 J 210
EDDY, Jennie L. BRADLEY, Edwin U. 12/22/1882 F 71
EDDY, Mary E. WHEELER, B. P.  3/12/1890 H 41
EDMUNDSON, Emma LAMBERT, Fred C. 2/17/1914 I 200
EDWARD, Lizza BROWN, Thomas 2/27/1897 H 175
EDWARDS, Addie E. WILSON, Francis J. 3/2/1916 I 279
EDWARDS, Anna WALKER, Woodson 10/15/1892 H 107
EDWARDS, Beulah JONES, Prince J. 5/10/1921 J 32
EDWARDS, Beulah MYERS, Willie 10/15/1910 I 34
EDWARDS, Cora Lee DENNARD, Ezekiel 10/31/1917 I 358
EDWARDS, Edna SANFORD, Eugene 9/19/1918 I 400
EDWARDS, Eveline POWERS, Edward 11/2/1896 H 165
EDWARDS, Hattie O. JOHNS, James B. 7/5/1924 J 169
EDWARDS, Ida M. E. KEITH, Thomas 9/24/1923 J 144
EDWARDS, Lizza BROWN, Thomas 2/27/1897 H 175
EDWARDS, Louisa RICHARDSON, Morris 9/2/1911 I 73
EDWARDS, Maggie MONTGOMERY, James 2/22/1903 I 106
EDWARDS, Nellie E. CROSBY, Albert S. 12/31/1886 G 31
EDWARDS, Phebe McCROWELL, Wm.  11/22/1893 H 125
EEUGENS, Eloise GRAY, Willie 6/14/1892 H 97
ELBERT, Ida HALL, William 6/28/1886 G 26
ELLIS, Elizabeth TOUCHTON, Frank H. 8/21/1915 I 260
ELLIS, Margaret V. COWLES, John S. 3/6/1923 J 125
ELLIS, Mary PITTS, Charley 3/5/1917 I 325
ELLIS, Mollie WILSON, William H. 3/14/1898 H 189
ELLIS, Tisbie SHECUTT, PETER W. 4/29/1901 I 45
ELUDE, Geller DOUGLAS, Fred 9/15/1906 I 246
ENNIS, Alice HOWELL, William A. 10/23/1905 I 207
ENOS, Phillis HOLLAN, Benjamin F. 5/1/1885 G 1
ERUDE, Geller DOUGLAS, Fred 9/15/1906 I 246
ESPRIE, Allie B. HESTER, James 4/6/1917 I 329
ETYELL?, Ethel TERRY, W. Douglas 5/28/1914 I 212
EUBANKS, Amanda J. DUDLEY, Garner 8/9/1876 E 104
EUBANKS, Amanda J. DUDLEY, Gardner 8/9/1876 E 104
EUBANKS, Sumie FLOWERS, James 10/21/1922 J 112
EUGENS, Eloise GRAY, Willie 6/14/1892 H 97
EUSON, Silvia U. DeBOSE, Jerry 1/8/1915 I 240
EUSON?, Silvia U. DE?ESE, Jerry 1/8/1915 I 240
EUTSEY?, Alice MILLS, George 3/19/1908 I 334
EVANS, Dosia GARWIN, James 12/5/1917 I 361
EVANS, Jane NOBLES, James M.  9/12/1892 H 102
EVANS, Lina KING, Harmon 9/6/1910 I 30
EVANS, Lina HARMON, King 9/6/1910 I 30
EVANS, Rosa A. COLEMAN, Tommie 1/31/1927 J 305
Evans, Sarah V. LOTT, John Wesley 4/19/1919 I 429
EVANS, Willie M. INGRAM, Thomas 5/15/1922 J 89
EVERETT, Rosa WILLIAMS, Pete 5/1/1919 I 431
EVERETT, Willie M.  BAILEY, William M. 4/19/1926 J 251
EVINS, Loarnia AUSTIN, Miles 4/25/1905 I 226

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