Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Plaintiffs                                                                              Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Garner Charles E.     M. B. & Gearge S. Boatright C 281
  James Y.

  --- C 282
Maskillus   Mary   J. W. C. Peters  C 283
Underwood Guy C.      Abbie J. Teele C 284
Little F. B.      W. W. Thomson C 285
Sweetzer Elizabeth      William S. Plumer C 286
Canova (Buddington & Wilson)     Phillip J. Green Cove Spgs. Melrose Railroad Co. C 287
Bennett   Lydia   Henry E. Holmes C 288
Star     William  Dempsey Heargrove C 289
Sweetzer E.      J. H. Lusby C 290
Borden     Penelope A.  Penelope & Jane Kirkpatrick C 291
Lipford Charles E.     Henrietta M. Edgerton C 292
Barnes Betsey     Oliver Taylor C 293
Jackson   Mary E.    Henry Jackson C 294
 Alpheus P.  
Washington G.
Orange Park Lumber Co. C 295
Wilson Ella      L. C. Wilson C 296
Union Stone Co.       Orange Park Lumber Co. C 297
Green   Lewis   Rose Green C 298
C. A. Gambell Mft. & Co.       Orange Park Lumber Co. C 299
Fowler A. W.     M. W.  & M. V. Lee C 300
Nettles Alexander      O. A. Budington & Co. C 301
Canova     P. J.  Patrick Acosta C 302
Tysen Smith & Co.       Charles Miller C 303
Southern Home Building & Loan Assoc.       Sidney F. Hanford C 304
Wilson E. M.      Alfred Bros. & Davis C 305
Hofford     William  J. A. Peeler C 306
Shouse     Robert M.  Henry H. Horton C 307
Borden Gail     Penelope A. Borden C 308
J. R. Tysen & Co.       Plummer and McIntyre C 309
Campbell   J. R.    W. H. Crosby C 310
Underwood Guy C.      Abbie & Charles Teele C 311
Gerner C. E.     J. F. Stoery C 312
Carpenter     Samual A. David A. Carpenter C 313
Glansman     Sophia Max & Nicholas Bach C 314
Hoyh     William W. T. T. Edgerton C 315

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 26 April 2000 

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