Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                                    Plaintiffs                                                                                          Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
McNeil    Lawrence   O. C. Plummer and E. L. Padgett C 211
Little  Frederick B.      Weber Taylor et al C 212
Yates     Thomas Rosa Yates C 213
Field George L.      J. R. & M. Burleigh C 214
Roberts   John T.    Sarah Roberts C 215
Nettles   Mollie A.    James W. Nettles C 216
Moody B. J.      Elijah A. Wilson L 217
Wilson, Budington & Cherry   L. H. Cherry W. J. Wilson
O. A. Budington
Green Cove Springs and Melrose R. R. Co. C 218
Drew George F. & Co.     The Belmore Fla Land Co. L 219
Keener Edward Kirby      Alma May Keener C 220
Belmore Fla. Land Co.       Bervard Manuel L 221
Atlantic National Building & Loan Ass.       Sidney Harrison C 222
Ross A. V.      The Belmore Florida Land Co. L 223
Little  Frederick B.     C. S. Fritsch et al C 224
Githens? & Repoomer?       J. L. Kirkpatrick L 225
McNeil       O. C. Plummer et al C 226
Russell Arch     Wash Johns L 227
Cook     Simons  John R. Scott C 228
Hamlyn   H. W.    Watty Hope Wallock C 229

E. N.
  Wm. S. Moses Jones L 230
Maumberg, Kraus Laver & Co.       T. J. McRae et al C 231
Arkell, Samuel et al       Belmore Florida Land Co. L 232
Riley D. L.      M. H. Brenner C 233
Leggett Francis et al     Evans, Alvin L. et al L 234
Witz & Tugellas     Samuel P. Tugellas
Sevi Witz
Alvin L. Evans & Wm. Green L 235
Herman Myers Bros.       Alvin L. Evans & Wm. Green L 236
Weedman   Mary Ann    J. H. M. Clinch C 237
Mann & Co.   J. & H.    Evans & Green L 238
Farrar Caroline G.      Thomas J. McRae adm. J. N. McRae C 239
Roberts & Bemanis       The Jacksonville Tampa & Key West R.R. L 240
Kirkpatrick & Co.   J. L.   Zeph Harrison L 241
Fla. Land Img. Co.       Payne Cook & Co. L 242
Puddy     Richard Amos Blumburg et al C 243
Swain Trustee     Samuel A. Payne Cook & Co. L 244
Fla. Land & Mortgage Co.
Arthur T. Williams
      Henry Clark & Albert Chalker C 245

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 26 April 2000 

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