Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                                    Plaintiffs                                                                                 Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Straus Charles     Charles Ehlers C 176
Barkns   Minnie   William Barkns C 177
Titus Harrell      Saml M. Church & C. H. Churchill C 178
Perkins     T. J.  J. G. & M. C. Blain C 179
Bryan   J. A.    Frank M. Willis C 180
Parker Asa W.     E. S. Ellsworth C 181
Barnes Gary O.     W. S. Plummer, et al C 182
King A. H.     J. C. Greeley C 183
Soutter James T.     Matter of Estate C 184
Little Frederick B.      Mary A. Baldwin C 185
Robertson by 
J. A.
 Wm. T. Stanley & Ella Coventry C 186
Little F. B.     Drusilla C. Pooser C 187
Payne George F.     Orange Park Lumber Co. C 188
Wilson     W. J. T. T. Edgerton & T. J. Land Brown C 189
Wolf   Lewis   J. E. Wolbert & M. H. Mohr C 190
McTighe   J. S. & Co.   Macon Construction Co. et al C 191
Smith Ella L.     John & Letita Barton C 192
Lenders Henry      A. M. Buck, et al C 193
Lee     W. H. et al J. G. Truitt, et al C 194
Law Amy Davids     C. Fabian Law C 195
Lenders Henry C.     Henry Ludens & his wife Charlotte C 196
Guernsey Alice E.     Ben. E. Guernsey C 197
Little Frederick B.     Hubert Le Dickinson C 198
Harold   Isaac   Lula Harold C 199
Wiggins     Rhena Charles Wiggins C 200
Branning Henry     Lizzie Branning C 201
Little Frederick B.     Deborah F. Wright, et al C 202
Bohanan   John   Isabelle C. Bohanan C 203
Arpin     William M. T. Willingham C 204
Greely   Johnathan C.   James M. Smith, et al C 205
Little Frederick B.     Heden Taylor C 206
Little Frederick B.     Julian & Mattie Lemon C 207
Taylor   Oliver   Julian & Mattie Lemon C 208
Wilson     Wm. J. Frank E. Jones C 209
Merchant Nat'l Bank       Hebes & Agnes Taylor C 210

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 13 April 2000 

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