Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
State Road Department of Florida       Garrett, H. B.  L 2029
Gathercole   Iene J.   Gathercole, Snilburn J. C 2030
Wiegard      Paul  General Contract Purchase Corp. L 2031
Gerhardt    Katherine    Steward, Eva L 2032
Edwards     W. W.  Gilbert, W. C. L 2033
Jones  H. L.      Girl Scout Council of Duval County, Fla., Inc.  L 2034
Goodman  Eleanor Frances      Goodman, William Frederick C 2035
Harrington-Carnes        Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. L 2036
Blitch H. C.     Gradick, W. L.  C 2037
State Sanitary Live Stock Board       Gradick, W. L. L 2038
Gustafson Estella S.      Gustafson, G. J. C 2039
Ryan Agnes      Guarantee Board & Mortgage Co. L 2040
Bosley     R. L.  Guaranty Securities Corp. L 2041
Guest Harry      Guest, Dorothy  C 2042
Nagler     Victor  General Motors Acceptance Corp.  L 2043
Barnes     R. S.  Grand Rapids Store Equip. Corp., et al  L 2044
Walker     R. K.  Foremont Dairies, Inc.  L 2045
Wellnitz  Albert, et al      Frigidaire Sales Corp.  L 2046
Smith Harper L. & wife      Fuller, Minnie E., & husband C 2047
Sutherland    J. M., et al    Federal Farm Mortgage Corp.  C 2048
Ivey      W. W., et al  Federal Land Bank of Columbia  C 2049
Green Cove Springs Associates, Inc.        Foremont Properties, Inc. C 2050
Shearer A. M.      Few, Herbert A. L 2051
Public       Fitzgerald, Floyd L 2052
Anderson H. L.      Florida Narcissus Farms, Inc. L 2053
Mulford  Hewett P., et al      Florida Narcissus Farms, Inc. L 2054
Nolan      Robert Florida Narcissus Farms, Inc. L 2055
Ford Gladys     Central Florida Construction Co. L 2056
Clay County Kennel Club, Inc.       Hudson, Belle K. C 2057
Hall A. L.      Jungmeyer & Palmer, Inc. L 2058
Jordan    Lee    Jordan, Ada C 2059
Hancock     Raiford I.  Jones & Chambliss Co., etc L 2060
Cherry   J. C.    Jones & Chambliss Co. L 2061
James Ed, et al      Jones, Martha Robinson, et al L 2062
Jones Gertrude Butter      Jones, John Albert C 2063

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 17 June 2001 

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