Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Schultz Carl R.      H. W. B. Drew Company  L 1959
Lipford Shands Crate Company       DeLong & Dowling L 1960
Pegram      Sam J.  Dowling, R. L. L 1961
Danner      Virginia Mae  Danner, William Lloyd  C 1962
Delewese     S. G.  DeLong, Paul A., et al L 1963
Davis    Nell    Davis, George F.  L 1964
Sutherland    J. M., et al    Federal Farm Mortgage Co. C 1965
Farrell    Leonard Clyde    Farrell, Ruth Edith C 1966
McCarthy Charles J.     Fairbanks-Morse & Co.  L 1967
Miller Electric Co.       Ferguson, Karrie J. L 1968
Public        Fisher, Leslie Carlisle L 1969
Grisby     Warren  Equitable Credit Co., Inc. L 1970
Public       Fisher, Leslie Carlisle, Jr. C 1971
Frisbee Daisy Virginia     Frisbee, Eugene C 1972
Peterson H. P., et al      Federal Land Bank of Columbia  C 1973
Everett   Julia    Everett, Wright M.  C 1974
Flood     S. F.  Enterprise Manufacturing Co.  L 1975
Nolan  H.      Equitable Credit Co., Inc.  L 1976
Tapley    Ily P. ?    Equitable Credit Co., Inc. L 1977
Ariana Groves, Inc.        Evans, Ernest N.  L 1978
Eulenfeld    Ludwig    Eulenfeld, Carolie C 1979
Smith    J. S.    Edwards, Charles G. L 1980
Hall   J. P., a sheriff    Edwards, J. S. L 1981
R. L. Dowling & Sons       Edwards, Louis B. & Henry C 1982
Florida Railroad Company       Edwards, M. E. C 1983
Public        Fred Howland, Inc. L 1984
Public        Howell, Barbara Ann C 1985
Holt Edmund N.     Baker, Holmes C 1986
Cherry     W. E.  Harris, Mattie L 1987
Moody A. J.      Harris, Mattie L 1988
Holden    Noreene Kendall    Holden, Sterling Warren C 1989
Young Eleanor Scull, et al      Homeowners Loan Corp. C 1990
Jones Chambliss Co.        Hancock, R. J. L 1991
Hamm   Marjorie M.   Hamm, William B. C 1992
Nitrate Agoneus Co.       Hall, J. P. L 1993

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 17 June 2001 

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