Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Tilton     Willie  Bynum, C. F.  L 1924
Edwards     W. W., et al  Champion, J. A. C 1925
Cook      Virgil A.  Cook, Barbara Neel C 1926
Jennings      T. J., A Judge of Clay Co.  Canova, L. C.  C 1927
Bland   J. C.    Cates, J. J. L 1928
Alford  Al      Cherry, J. C.  L 1929
Herzog  Harry Lois      Cozart, J. A. C 1930
Tyson      Paton M.  Clay Electric Cooperative L 1931
Town of Green Cove Springs       City of Jacksonville  C 1932
Hale Arthur B., et al      City of Jacksonville, et al C 1933
Morris    James L.    Conway, J. T. L 1934
Cooper Frances      Cooper, Joe Lee  C 1935
Crews Frederick T.      Crews, Gertrude H. C 1936
Perry Eva C. & F. S.      Crist, A. D.  C 1937
Clark   Milton    Clemons, L. C.  C 1938
Coleman     Savannah  Coleman, Willie  C 1939
Brooks   J. A.    Colegate-Pamolive-Proctor Co.  L 1940
Hall      W. W., et al  J. B. Colt Company  L 1941
Sutherland   Jim, et al    Culpepper, J. M & Rose H. L 1942
Tilton      Willie  Crews, P. Guy  L 1943
Sutherland   J. M.    Durham Tropical Land Corp.  L 1944
Florida Realty Enterprises, Inc.        Demarest, Robert F. C 1945
Daniels    Mattie    Daniels, J. W. C 1946
Olmstead   Ogden John    Daniel, E. A. L 1947
Luria Dora      Luria, David C 1948
Starrett Brothers & Eken, Inc.        Day, Glenn L 1949
Elson    J. H.    Duval Jewelry Co. L 1950
Spiering Realty Co.       Dillaberry, J. J. C 1951
B. Booth & Co.       Dixie Culvert & Metal Co. L 1952
Walcutt H. H., et al      diGhilini, L. E. L 1953
Christie      Thaddeus L.  Doctors Inlet Farm Co. C 1954
Dozier Frank      Dozier, Lizzie C 1955
Public        DeMoss, Mary Anne C 1956
Riggs F. M.      Delco Light Company L 1957
Davis G. F.      Dayton Scale Company L 1958

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 16 June 2001 

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