Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Lewis Frederick H., et al      American Hardware Corp.  C 1889
O'Hara     P. J.  American Investment & Mortgage Co. L 1890
Anderson    Marion F.    Anderson, Marjorie Jean C 1891
State of Florida        Andrews, Hamp  C 1892
Peeler     William, et al  Applegate, Joseph W. C 1893
Hall  A. F.      Arnold, C. Bern  L 1894
Copeland  Alexander J. W.      Anson, Winston E. C 1895
Ariana Graves, Inc.        Arthur, Lemar E. L 1896
Miller Fred C., et al     Avant, B. S.  C 1897
Dabney   M. L., et al    Angel, Porter B., et al C 1898
Emmedine Farms, Inc.        Bacon, Donald L 1899
Baker     Pauline  Baker, Merrill K.  C 1900
City of Green Cove Springs       Bank of Green Cove Springs C 1901
Bass     R. Franklin  Bass, Mamie H.  C 1902
Crawford George W. Hudney      Bank of Green Cove Springs  L 1903
Public       Bauch, Harold Vincent  C 1904
Barre B. W.      Bean, Willie Hazel  L 1905
Public        Beckett, Baby Boy  C 1906
Holman   Nettie    Bell, R. O. L 1907
Starrett Brothers & Eken, Inc.       Benedict, Marie, et al  L 1908
Brow  B. H.      Biddle, F. F.  C 1909
Jenkins     J. C. & Wife    Biterminons Casualty Co. L 1910
Ring Francis E.      Boston Acceptance Co., Inc. L 1911
Wagner Brewing Co.       Boyd, D. A. L 1912
Peck   J. L., et al    Bradford County Bank C 1913
Jones D. C., et al       Bradford County Bank C 1914
Morris      Willie Claire  Brawner, L. E. C 1915
Lee  A. T.     Brooker, Pearl L 1916
Sullivan     P. L., et al  Brenizer, B. F., et al L 1917
Union Bag & Paper Corp.       Brow, Amelia L 1918
Kingsley      Zephaniah  Brown, Charles A. J. C 1919
Starrett Bros. & Eken, Inc.       Bryson, W. J., et al L 1920
Starrett Bros. & Eken, Inc.        Bryson, W. J., et al L 1921
Starrett Bros. & Eken, Inc.       Bryson, W. J., et al L 1922
Solomon & Keis       Bush, Carl E. L 1923

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 16 June 2001

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