Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Jordan Anna      Jordan, James E.  C 1819
Knowles Edna      Knowles, Robert Lee C 1820
Knowles  Clara      Knowles, Otto C 1821
Lamb      Troy G.  Lamb, Louise E.  C 1822
Pickens   Lois D.    Pickens, Leland C 1823
Leonards  Carmine      Leonards, Jeanette  C 1824
Lewis  Alonzo      Lewis, Mary C 1825
McKenzie    James    McKenzie, Ruth C 1826
Mitchell E. Lloyd     Mitchell, Mildred D.  C 1827
Mitchell   Irma Lorene    Mitchell, Clifton F. C 1828
Murphy  Clarence Albert      Murphy, Gertrude Anna C 1829
Murray     William P.  Murray, Villas  C 1830
Parsley     Smith  Parsley, Marguerite C 1831
Pullen     Rachel Elizabeth  Pullen, Walter W.  C 1832
Richardson   Leonard Woodfin    Richardson, Eva Mae  C 1833
Robinson   Jack V.    Robinson, Mildred Ozmore  C 1834
Roney   Joseph    Roney, Vivian  C 1835
Ryan      Wm. Michael  Ryan, Elizabeth Ann  C 1836
Lipford   Nora Kathleen    Lipford, Lawrence Herbert C 1837
Head    Laye    Head, Ruby W.  C 1838
Lanier  Emmett Harold      Lanier, Eunice Hamilton  C 1839
Leggett    Lester L.    Leggett, Lorraine C 1840
Sheppard   Horace G.    Sheppard, Ethel B. C 1841
Thomas Bettie Jean      Thomas, George J. C 1842
Winding     Wm. Albert  Winding, Carol Elizabeth C 1843
Sales  Fannie      Sales, Elmer C 1844
Schraeder  Cleo L.      Schraeder, Douglas R. C 1845
Scott Harold D.     Scott, Emmogena Lydia C 1846
Public       Salter, Nellie June C 1847
Sheehan   James H.    Sheehan, Marilynn C 1848
Seward  Frances Evelyn      Seward, E. W. C 1849
Silcox Cleo Elizabeth      Silcox, Carl Davis C 1850
Starling      William G.  Starling, Zelma C 1851
Simber   Marie C.    Simber, Bernard H. C 1852
Sizemore     Paul  Sizemore, Annie C 1853

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 16 June 2001 

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