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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Butler Effie Mae      Butler, Sheldon T.  C 1784
Caruthers Edythe Cenetta      Caruthers, A. F. C 1785
Columbia Forest & Farms, Inc.        Harden, W. P. C 1786
Gregory      Shirley Jean  Gregory, William Edward  C 1787
Benton   Lester    Benton, May Bell C 1788
Black  Birldean      Black, Albert  C 1789
Freeman  Byron      Freeman, Reba C 1790
Adams    Lewis    Adams, Juanita C 1791
Alexander     William H.  Alexander, Myra B.  C 1792
Baxter     Vivian B.  Baxter, Henry B., Sr. C 1793
Compton  Bette June      Compton, Charles H., Sr. C 1794
Burnett Harry A.      Burnett, Joree Montieth  C 1795
Chism   James M.    Chism, Virginia C 1796
Cook     Peggie  Cook, Horace C.  C 1797
Davis   John F.    Davis, Geneva  C 1798
Capers   Joe H.    Capers, Clara Bell  C 1799
Clayton     Thelma  Clayton, Obie  C 1800
Mincie  B. J., et al      Smith, Walton  C 1801
Foreman   James B.    Foreman, Hazel M. C 1802
State of Florida        Mincie, B. J.  L 1803
Eyster      William W.  Eyster, Esther M.  C 1804
Estes      Ray M.  Estes, Gloria C 1805
Hall   J. P.    Edwards, J. W. L 1806
Duggar Charles Earl      Duggar, Mary Sue C 1807
Darby   Lawrence J.    Darby, Evelyn Young C 1808
Gaetano      Thomas Joseph  Gaetano, Evelyn M. C 1809
Barnes  Al      Barnes, Sarah Ann C 1810
Flemming   Joe    Flemming, Annis C 1811
Burkhead Harry L.      Burkhead, Claudia C 1812
Laroche     William  Laroche, Alma Ward C 1813
Johnson  Edward Gee      Johnson, Barbara Olive C 1814
Lanier Darwin      Lanier, Mildred C 1815
Johnson  Beatrice Lee      Johnson, Rudett C 1816
Jones   Lenora    Jones, Lester McClerken C 1817
Jones   Mildred    Jones, Joe Bryson C 1818

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 16 June 2001 

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