Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Public       Jenkins, Patricia Ann  C 1714
Nettles     Rebecca Jane  Nettles, James M. C 1715
Public        Martin, Dale C 1716
Knutsen  Drusella      Knutsen, Winson L.  C 1717
Public       Kuznian, Adam Robert C 1718
Green    J. B.    Williams, J. G.  C 1719
Green Cove Farms, Inc.        Milam, A. Y. C 1720
Horne    Orby    Horne, Marie C 1721
Babbitt Benjamin F., et al     Hubey, Alice J. & husband  C 1722
Murray   L. L.    Trueman Fertilizer Co. L 1723
Swartley      P. L., et al  Trueman Fertilizer Co. C 1724
Morgan     S. D. & Nellie  Town of Orange Park  C 1725
Taylor Hiram      Trueman Fertilizer Co. L 1726
Kohler   Nan E.    Town of Orange Park  C 1727
Hankins   Lillian M.    Town of Orange Park  C 1728
Clive E. H., et al      Town of Orange Park  C 1729
Garrett     Sallie D.  Town of Orange Park  C 1730
Parmenter    Ione F.    Town of Orange Park  C 1731
Patillo Anna Marie      Patillo, Warren Hardin C 1732
Runkles    Norris    Runkles, Grace Rich  C 1733
Marshall    Lizzie Lou, et al    Town of Orange Park  C 1734
Rickett      Sidney S., et al  Town of Orange Park C 1735
Fryer     Susie E.   Smith-Edwards-Ewing Co. C 1736
Siedman     Paul  Siedman, Mary L. C 1737
Wisner Edward      Stevens, William A. C 1738
Proctor  David      Proctor, Sylvia M. C 1739
Griffis    Joe    Prevatt, Arch L 1740
Roessling Bernard E.     Tilton, Rena Wright C 1741
Green C. C.      Smith, W. Gregory L 1742
Ivey   L. T., et al    State of Florida C 1743
Ersline  Gladys Shaw, et al      Raess, M. J. C 1744
Richards Daisy Mae      Richards, Claude Aquilla, Sr. C 1745
Quarve    Norton    Quarve, Mary Kroach C 1746
Geiger A. B.      The Spool Cotton Co. L 1747
Roberts Frank M.      Roberts, Jane E. C 1748

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 15 June 2001 

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