Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                       Plaintiffs                                                                                                        Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Edgerton     Theodore L.  A. R. Hale L 141
Wilson & Ferris et al   James Y. Wilson Stephen Ferris  Jno. G. Bardin C 142
Johns   Isaac    Charles Smith L 143
Galloway Andrew      Harriett Galloway  C 144
Floyd Davis      William C. Warner L 145
Land Mortgage Bank of Florida  Limited of England     The Tropical Land Co. C 146
Boyd Henry T.      James W. Reed adm. Est. Sarah Reed L 147
Hanford     Sidney Fla. Car Mfg. Co. - J. G. & M. C. Blain C 148
Willingham E. G.     J. C. Guley et al C 149
Hanford     S. F. Sarah Bram C 150
Little Frederick B.     N. N. McCulley C 151
Shouse & Shouse   Maria E. for Robert M.    Daniel Doane C 152
Hanford     Sidney F. George N. Bardin C 153
Horton H. H.     J. G. & M. C. Blain C 154
Taylor Helen et al      Christian Black C 155
Edgerton     Theodore T.  C. T. Burford et al C 156
Bryant Francis     Joseph Bryant C 157
Willetts Charles E.      T. J. McRae C 158
Wilson     W. H. Jr. Della Wilson C 159
Silber? A. A.     Blain et al C 160
Mayo   Mary J.   Frank Mayo C 161
Camp Charles H.     Merion O' Brien Holt, et al C 162
Brown   Melville   Mary Anna Brown C 163
Clinch    J. Houston M.   Lyman M. Powers C 164
Bryan   Jas. A.   Frank M. Wells, et al C 165
Wright   James   John Wood, et al C 166
Hayden     T. H. Catherine D. Hayden C 167
Mainerd     Sarah F., et al B. A. Kendall, et al C 168
Taylor Agnes T. & Thebe     J. G. & M. C. Blain C 169
Weedman  et al     R. B. Canova, Geo. S. Boatwright, 
P. B. Boatwright
C 170
Bryan   James A.   Frank M. Wells, et al C 171
Hanford     Sidney F., et al Minnick Lewis, et al C 172
Hanford     S. F. J. M. Mass, et al C 173
Land Mortgage Bank of Fla. Limited of England     Frederick E. & Evelyn L. Weltheger C 174
Bloss Harriet E.     E. N. Holt, et al C 175

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 13 April 2000

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