Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                               Plaintiffs                                                                                              Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Taylor Henry      Helena Hardenbrook L 106
Brown   John B. & Geo. W.   Joseph Green, Rebecca Green, adm. Dukes L 107
Burris     Thomas J. L. F. Lee? L 108
Ayers   Leander   Fleming B. Smith L 109
Florida Land & Irrigation Co.       Bramasa? T. Smith et al L 110
Holmes     Thomas O. Leander Ayers L 111
Harris   Jebeg? for J. W. Applegate   James W. DeWitt L 112
King G. D. Willard B. W. T. Isaac W. Bradburry & Wm. H. Gray L 113
Gardner James F.     Ozas A. Buddington, Wm. J. Wilson & Cl? L 114
Eaton     Sarah A. C. L. Robinson, W. B. White, & Silas Clapp L 115
Dudley Arthur W.     Theodore F. Wirts L 116
Hauchey D. A.     Elias Todgate? L 117
Alsop & Clock Henry Clock   Wm. Alsop Joseph Remington & Sarah A. Reed L 118
& Buddington
E. A.
Ozias A.
  Wm. Peeler L 119
White     Wm. B. Henry Henderson L 120
Robinson   John   Helena Hogan L 121
Robinson C. L.     S. A. Eaton L 122
Huff   Jacob   Wilson & Bro. L 123
White     W. B. S. A. Eaton L 124
Smith Elizabeth     Hutchinson Smith L 125
Brantley    Sarah B.   James W. DeWitt L 126
Stepman?     V. J. Prince Thomas & Jo. Burnes L 127
Florida Land Co.       Wm. Wilson C 128
Rogers Charles S.     Thomas Roberts as Adm. Henry Brown C 129
Hendricks   Lewellen O.   Mary Hendricks C 130
Schumacher   James M.    Sarah E. Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton C 131
McCoy Harriet     Blackwell McCoy C 132
Benedict &
George L.
    J. F. Burnes L 133
Edgerton     T. T. D. J. Sullins et al C 134
Ayers Henry     W. A. Townsend L 135
Durden   James E.   J Doss, Samuel & Betty Register C 136
Hart, Benham & Co.       J. F. Burnes L 137
L'Engle F. F.     J. W. DeWitt ex officer of John Ott C 138
Christopher & 
  George G.
Wm. S.
J. F. Burnes L 139
Griffis   Leonard L.   Insane C 140

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 13 April 2000 

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