Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Baugh   N. D.    Oliver, A. P.  L 1329
Padgett    Noah    Padgett, Dollie  C 1330
Brow  B. H.      Post, Ira J.  L 1331
American Clearing Company        Talbott, E. S.  L 1332
Clary   J. H. & wife, et al    Berrien, J. R.  C 1333
Peek    J. L., et al    Bradford County Bank  C 1334
Carradine      Stella Rembert  Carradine, John Hunter C 1335
Bergin    J. Milo, et al    Bergin, Mary R.  C 1336
Manning     Willard E.  Baugh, Nannie D.  L 1337
State of Florida        Bennett, Rachael  L 1338
Jackson  Blanche      Chess, James  C 1339
Jammieson      Waterman  Jammieson, Alzada  C 1340
Conway    Mary    Willmitz, Albert  C 1341
Johnson      Willie  Town of Green Cove Springs C 1342
Phillips  Amos      Town of Green Cove Springs  C 1343
Doyle    J. E. & Susan    Town of Orange Park  C 1344
Spikes      W. G., et al  Talbott, N. Lee  L 1345
Hall  Ben & lula      Town of Orange Park  C 1346
Gallespie      Robert J., et al   Converse, W. E.  C 1347
Gilbert      Perry C.  Franklin H. Palmer, Inc.  L 1348
Budington    Ozias A., et al    Clinch, J. H. N.  C 1349
Parrott  Anna, et al      Cooper, B. F.  C 1350
Clay County        Dixie Chemical Products L 1351
Clay County       Worrell Manufacturing Co. L 1352
Forsythe C. J.      Chattanooga Medicine Co. L 1353
Lake Johnson Development Company        Columbia Farm Lands Corp. L 1354
Eldridge  H. C., et al      Cary, Austin C 1355
State of Florida       Town of Green Cove Springs C 1356
State of Florida       Town of Green Cove Springs C 1357
Horse, Wagon & Harness       State of Florida L 1358
Rogers    Lucy    State of Florida L 1359
Ingham Fred B.      Orange Park Lumber Co. L 1360
Baldwin    Mary    Burrows, Hamilton H. L 1361
George W. Hipple & Company       Pennsylvania Steel Co. L 1362
Wilson     W. J.  Bardin, George N. L 1363

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 18 December 2000 

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