Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Defendants                                                                                Plaintiffs
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Blain   I. G. & M. C.    W. J. Wilson & Company  L 1189
The Neilhurst Properties Company        Schaeffers, Joseph  L 1190
Waekerman George F.      Seaboard Air Line Railway  L 1191
Parks    Mary W.    Independent Fertilizer Company  L 1192
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad       Herbert, Joe  L 1193
Parrott    J. W.    Wiggins, S. B.  L 1194
Clarke    J. W.    Fred Browns Cigar Co. L 1195
Stewart  G. P.      J. G. Permenter Co.  L 1196
Canova     P. I., et al  Hunter, David  L 1197
H. & W. B. Drew Company, et al        Eddy, V. H.  C 1198
Mace  Frank  Maggie    Smith Turpentine Company  C 1199
New England Conservatory of Music        Brown, Charles A., Jr.  C 1200
Elison    James    Elison, Wealthy Ann  C 1201
Knight    Joseph    Smith Turpentine Company  C 1202
Reynolds  H. E., et al      Brevard Naval Stores Co.  C 1203
Burris    Matilda    Burris, G. W.  C 1204
Williams    Mattie B.    Williams, J. S.  C 1205
Miller  Bessie Belle      Miller, Joseph A.  C 1206
Guthrie      Sallie Maude  Guthrie, Thomas J.  C 1207
Nolan  Hallie      Nolan, Richard  C 1208
Lenable      Valoscia Schulte  Town of Orange Park  C 1209
Thomas    Ia?., et al    Rosebush, F. G. R.  C 1210
Howling Shoods Lumber Company       Alfred R. Sax Lumber Company C 1211
Clay & Putnam Land Company       Barnes, Claudius H. C 1212
Wilson     Sanders A., et al  Hewitte, W. R., Sr. C 1213
Board of Public Instruction        Gillespie, E. J., et al L 1214
Murrhee    O. I.    Gerhardt, William L 1215
Loyal Order of Moose       Gifford, George W. L 1216
Loyal Order of Moose       Greer, John L 1217
Stewart   James, et al    Gaines, C. L. L 1218
Wescott    John, et al    Riverview Farms Company C 1219
Chesser Frank      Wolverine Shoe & Tanning Corp. L 1220
Bergin   I. Milo    Bergin, Rebecca M. L 1221
Florida Finance Company       Riverview Farms Company C 1222
Wade   L. E.    Green, John (also known as Boson Green) L 1223

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 14 December 2000 

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