Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                                            Plaintiffs                                                                         Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Strickland     Simeon  Martha E. & William Bennett L 71
Bradley Ann H.      Gilchrist & Jacob H. Jones C 72
Wingate   Mary L.   Emma C. Odoms L 73
Crocker   J. C.   William & S. A. Long C 74
Webb George     J. W. Jones L 75
Smith Drucilla     Hutchinson & Fleming B. Smith C 76
Knowles Bird     Celia Knowles L 77
Seyle Charles C.     Algernon S. Mosley, Isac T. Weston & S. C. Weston C 78
Parkhurst Cowns     Joseph W. Porter L 79
Ambler D. Griffith     James W. & Sarah A. Reed C 80
Ivers     Washington M. Hiram Bennett L 81
Harris & Applegate   John S. Harris Joseph W. Applegate Raphael Canova C 82
Fonts George W.     Felemon B. Smith L 83
Paine   Joseph   Lewis C. & Mary A. F. Gaines C 84
Alexander for use of Anders George W. Anders Mark Alexander   Wade Silcox L 85
Carter Elijah     Joseph Brakes L 86
Sanderson   John P.   Daniel Hogans L 87
Bardin     Wm. S. Joseph Trulock L 88
Stewart Henry J.     William H. G. Sanders L 89
Smith   Fleming B. [sic]   W. T. & J. V. Brantly L 90
Howell, Adm for Est. Pos   Joseph Howell Wm. C. Pos Ryal B. Sulivant L 91
Smith Mrs. Hulda     Stanislons Glinski L 92
Wilson     Wm. Rial B. Sulivant L 93
L'Engle Francis F.     William L. Bardin L 94
Dillon     Thomasin B. William S. Bardin L 95
Richard Adm. of Est Thomas   John C. Richard Wm. H. Thomas William S. Bardin L 96
Biggs     Redden Thompson, Samuel B. L 97
Hookey Caroline & G. S.     Daniel Souter L 98
Butler   Martin   Elijah C. Carter Adm. Est. R. D. Prescott L 99
Fla. Land & In?ation Co.       B. T. Smith & Co. L 100
Thomas, Richard & Bardin Adm. of Mary A. & H. H. Thomas   Elijah Carter L 101
Osteen Georgiana     Emory D. Prevatt L 102
Biggs     Redden W. George Branning L 103
Puler? & Childers D. M. Childers   Wm. Puler? V. E. McLendon L 104
Livingston Joseph [sic]     Elijah C. Carter Adm. of Reason D. Prescott L 105

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 13 April 2000 

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