Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                                                      Plaintiffs                                                                              Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Fowler   May    Orin P. Fowler  C 944
Silcox  Georgia      David L. Silcox  C 945
Scott    Nancy    Henry Scott  C 946
Knight  David E.      Sarah E. Knight  C 947
Town of Green Cove Springs       Wilson & Hanford  C 948
Myers      W. B.  M. W. Griffis  C 949
Ryak  H. C.      R. L. Farrell C 950
Town of Green Cove Springs        Dukes, William I. 2nd
Barner, Charles E.
C 951
Carmody   Michael    Marten?, C. F.  C 952
Martin    Julia    Martin, Dennis H.  C 953
Williamson  Fannie      Williamson, Emanuel  C 954
Town of Green Cove Springs        Wilson, Mollie  C 955
Strickland    James W.    Thomas Nooneys Sons  C 956
Town of Green Cove Springs        Baltimore, Doretha  C 957
Town of Green Cove Springs        Haas, Charles E.  C 958
Town of Green Cove Springs       Perryman, Talbot adm. Est. Oliver Perryman  C 959
State of Florida Ex-Rel? L. E. Wade        Chalker, W. R.  C 960
Bigelow  Birdie Lee      Bigelow, Lee E.  C 961
Wall      R. T.  Wall, Minnie L.  C 962
Wilson      Rosa Lee Wilson, Jesse A.  C 963
Patent    Maria A.    Hillman Sutherland Co. C 964
Brown      Susie  Brown, Vivian  C 965
Morrise  Frances      Morrise, Samuel C 966
J. M. Maxwell & Comapny       Hall, Lyman C 967
Ivey     Walter B. Sexton, W. T. C 968
Lemmon     S.  State of Florida C 969

D. C. 
  T. M. Wiles, Emily Jane C 970
Thompson E. A.      Thompson, G. W. C 971
Murray     W. M.  Murray, Wm. A. C 972
Flowers Asia      Flowers, Kate C 973
J. M. Maxwell & Company        Hall, Lyman and 
Griffin M. W., Clerk
C 974
Johnson Annie      Johnson, Robert C 975
 Griffin Dave      Griffin, Sadie C 976
Frescott Fannie M.     Prescott, Marion C 977
Masters   James W.    Masters, Idella C 978

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 13 December 2000 

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