Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                                                      Plaintiffs                                                                              Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Town of Green Cove Springs       S. D. Souter C 909
Town of Green Cove Springs       John R. Scott C 910
Johnson   James E.    W. F. Peeler, Sherrif C 911
Town of Green Cove Springs       L. Mitchell C 912
Florida Tie & Lumber Co.       A. J. Hatcher C 913
Town of Green Cove Springs       J. W. Lockett C 914
Nooney Frank T. & Charles A.      James W. Strickland C 915
Westcott     W. S.  Florida Brick and Commission Co. C 916
 George B.
W. Alston
Adams, Thomas J. - J. Irene Adams
Thomas S. Hunter - Catherine Hunter
C 917
Hillman Sutherland Co.       M. W. Griffin, Clerk of Circuit Court C 918
Budington   O. A.    E. N. Holt, as Tax Collector of Clay County C 919
Long   Mattie    J. J. Hall C 920
Kelley     William F.   Nellie Kelley C 921
Singletary D. W.      Lillian Clifford Singletary C 922
Glisson   Maggie    Lonas L. Glisson C 923
Lee   Mary Louise    Thomas Lee C 924
Wise Empsie      Bocton Wise C 925
Johnson Evelina      Robert Johnson C 926
Carter B. H.      Allin Jackson, Mattie Jackson C 927
Donelson John      Laura Donelson C 928
Chapman Lizzie      Henry Chapman C 929
Stratton Charles E.      Jacob Schilling C 930
Jackson   Lizzie    Joshua Jackson C 931
Applegate   Joseph W.    William Peeler, as adm. C 932
Cords   Jessie    Edward A. Cords C 933
Town of Green Cove Springs       Alonzo Douglas C 934
Town of Green Cove Springs       T. J. Wilson C 935
Berry   John M.     Polly Ann Berry C 936
Westcott     W. B.  The State Bank of Florida C 937
Fletcher D. W.      Austin Nichols & Company C 938
Town of Green Cove Springs       Ficher, P. C. C 939
Miller and Sharpe       Ozias A. Budington C 940
Town of Green Cove Springs       Hanford and Wilson C 941
Gray Eloise      Willie Gray C 942
Egan Skinner Company       A. S. Wheeler L 943

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 25 July 2000 

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