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Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Darron     Z. T. & Son  B. Booth & Smith Logging Co. L 769
Bentley E. Ellis       (Removal of Disabilities) C 770
Wiggins   J. W.    American Clearing Co. L 771
Barrett Company       G. E. Wiggins L 772
Commercial Credit Co.       Lyman Hall L 773
Colt   J. B.   Co.    W. W. & W. E. Hall L 774
Commercial Credit Co.       Johnson & Gaston L 775
Commercial Credit Co.       Smith Turpentine Co. L 776
Butler Brothers       Bessie Davis L 777
Stagg   Olin W.    Heirs of Wm. Bardin L 778
Wilkins Emma L.      Lydia McGlinch C 779
Grovers     Robert  Geo. C. Bemis L 780
Denlinger Bros.       Blair Bros. L 781
Florida Hardware Co.       E. M. Holt L 782
Florida Hardware Co.       Christian Black & David Schwartz L 783
Hoffman   Lee    Charles F. Barthlow, W. B. Johns,
Geo. R. Frisbee Jr.
L 784
Anderson G. H.      W. J. Willingham L 785
Rollins   John F.    Charles M. Merrill L 786
Little  Frederic B.      Agnes L. & Herbert Taylor L 787
Little Frederic B.      Herbert Taylor L 788
Union National Bank       J. Gill Blain Trustees L 789
Little  Frederic B.      Taylor & Bowen L 790
Janeway & Carpender       Geo. C. Bemis L 791
Wiggins     Theophilus B.  John G. & Marshall C. Blain L 792
Florida Hardware Co.       A. Peterson L 793
Mercantile Trust & Deposit Co.       Great Southern & Florida R. R. Co. L 794
Benedict     William A.  American Missonary Assoc. L 795
Reynolds Dwight V.      Goold T. Butler & John Butler L 796
Pratt   L. T.    Blain, J. G. & M. C. L 797
Hall     William  E. N. Holt L 798
Union National Bank       J. Gill Blain L 799
First National Bank of Fla.       E. N. Holt L 800
Rollins   John T. [sic]    Charles M. Merrill L 801
Budington & Wilson              Part I Green Cove Springs & Melrose R. R. Co. C 802
Budington & Wilson              Part II  Green Cove Springs & Melrose R. R. Co. C 803

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 19 June 2000

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