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                                                                      Plaintiffs                                                                              Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Hall     William Jr.  (writ) L 734
Bank of Green Cove Springs       Pegram S. J. & Dowling R. L. L 735
Williams     Sylvester  Knight & Elliott L 736
Permenter   J. G.     E. H. Voelker & G. P. Stewart L 737
Swan Abram Co.       S. F. Flood L 738
Ford Sales Co.       C. T. Marshall L 739
Independent Fertilizer Co.       Harry E. Miller L 740
Dowling-Shands Lumber Co.       Stuart Lumber Co. L 741
Edwards   Nathan    State of Florida L 742
Clark Brothers Co.       Dowling-Shands Lumber Co. L 743
Budington   O. A.    Edw. Paul Smith, Clara V. Smith, E. J. Hahn L 744
Bank of Green Cove Springs       Donald Dunham L 745
Wendt   Marcus    Joseph Phillips L 746
Knott     W. V.  George W. Geiger L 747
Hoyt     W. M.  J. A. Wilson, Ira Thomas, 
Hunter Knowles, A. J. Murrhee
L 748
C. T.


W. L.  S. D. Morgan, J. E. Doyle, W. S. Wescott L 749
Hinsey   J. G.    Green Cove Springs Improv. Co. L 750
Redmond     R. W.  Director General of Railroads L 751
Olson   Oscar    B. Booth L 752
Permenter   J. G. Co.    B. Booth L 753
Saunders   McQueen    Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co. L 754
Brown   L.    Dowling-Shands Lumber Co. L 755
Robertson F. Ion      F. R. McCormack L 756
Johns   Luke    J. B. Williams L 757
Pflug   Oscar M.    (removal of Disabilities) C 758
Chambers Brothers Co.       Florida Birch & Commission Co. L 759
Lovett Bird      Florida Tile & Lumber Co. L 760
Diefenbach Geo. W.      Susan Houstan, Marion Houstan, W. Brown L 761
Ploof Machernery Co. [sic]       Wager, VanHorne, & Wager L 762
Ingram Graham Electric Co.       G. E. Wiggins L 763
Roddy Investment Co.       John A. Graham C 764
Benedict, Pollak & Co.       Hutson & Dommici L 765
Brueck & Wilson Co.       Peoples Store Co. L 766
Geiger A. B.      Southern Express Co. L 767
Neff   Millroy & 
  Dollings, Jackson, Wiant, Sessions,
Everett, Lyman
C/L 768

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