Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


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                                                                      Plaintiffs                                                                              Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Dowling Lumber & Naval Stores       J. C. Willie L 596
Wilson & Tomer Fertilizer Co.       D. W. Glisson L 597
Wilson & Tomer Fertilizer Co.       J. C. Willie L 598
Lester    Larney   Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co. L 599
Wilson & Tomer Fertilizer Co.       J. VanEvera L 600
Watson   J. M.   Dorcas Horton L 601
Edwards & Johnson       D. C. Stricklin L 602
Wilson & Tomer Fertilizer Co.       W. H. Wilson L 603
Strickland Eugene       John R. Scott L 604
Manning Emma       State of Florida L 605
Wilson & Tomer Fertilizer Co.       Henry Guthrie L 606
Johnson Albert      State of Florida L 607
Clay County Times Publishing Co.       The Hillman-Sutherland Co. L 608
Baker Ed.     State of Florida L 609
Mitchell       Washington John W. Lockett L 610
Strickland Eugene      John R. Scott L 611
Lohr     Robert  Charles E. Haas L 612
Wilson & Tomer Fertilizer Co.       John Knowles L 613
Wilson & Tomer Fertilizer Co.       Gadson Wiggins L 614
Wilson & Tomer Fertilizer Co.       William Sykes L 615
Coley    Isaac   The State of Florida L 616
Wilson C. N.      B. Z. Mathews L 617
Liberty Grocery Co.       Ira Thomas L 618
Mackergan  H. H.     The Arrow Boat Co. L 619
Wilson      William J. Albert Thiele C 620
Hall & Wolfe       Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co. L 621
Ballard  H. E.     E. H. Voelker L 622
Murray      William Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co. L 623
  The State of Florida L 624
Geiger  A. B.     Southern Express Co. L 625
Wilford  H.     Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co. L 626
Goff      Will The State of Florida L 627
H. & W. B. Drew Co.       V. D. Eddy L 628
Adams    Milton A.   National Council of the Knight & 
Ladies of Security
L 629
Stringfellow & Doty Co.       John T. King L 630

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 8 June 2000 

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