Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                                                      Plaintiffs                                                                              Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Thomas   J. B.    Susie C. Thomas C 421
Meyers      Tessie  Edward R. Meyers C 422
Taylor Alice Bell       Seth Allen Taylor C 423
Green      Samuel   Frances Green C 424
Proctor    John R.     Gladys W. Proctor C 425
Wilson & Toomer Fertilizer Co.         Marie L. P. Wade & Leonidas Wade C 426
James Manual Lee       (Adoption and Change of Name) C 427
Peek Comer L.       H. B. & Lovina Hudson C 428
Quarterman Collis        --- C 429
Sapp    Jennie E.    (a minor) C 430
Harris      William J.  Charles H. Flowers C 431
Tillman Abraham       Sarah Tillman C 432
Hall Eva      Ben Hall C 433
Driggers Edna     Henry Driggers C 434
Padgett Cora       John Padgett C 435
Sapp    Ira    (a minor) C 436
Frazier   Moses     Dora Frazier C 437
Mitchell    Harley    David Lawhorne C 438
Brown Charlie A.       Lottie L. Butler C 439
Standard Motors Finance Co.         C. E. Anderson L 440
Wellnitz Albert        George J. F. Clark C 441
Perry    Nancy    H. W. Perry C 442
Town of Orange Park          R. L. Wilson C 443
Commercial Credit Co.         J. A. Prevatt L 444
Coffey Florence &   N. M.    Board of Public Ins. C 445
Town of Orange Park         C. Q. Quarterman C 446
Wiggins Dobie May       William H. Wiggins C 447
Mathews Ed.       Addie Mathews C 448
Hazlett    Lelia T.    Lonie T. Hazlett C 449
Butler Georgia       John Fredrick Butler C 450
Lockett    J. R.    Lucy J. Lockett C 451
Padgett   John   Cora Padgett C 452
Blue Ed. S.     Ollie Blue C 453
Bailey     William A. Ida Bailey C 454
Hogarth Alice N.     Edward J. Hogarth C 455

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 6 May 2000

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