Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                                                      Plaintiffs                                                                              Defendants
Given Name
Given Name
Given Name
Law or
Burgess Eliza     Talbert Perryman C 316
Mitchell George      Carrie Mitchell C 317
Frampton   Martha    R. L. Frampton C 318
Sudley Arthur      Green Cove Spgs & Melrose R. R. Co. L 319
The State of Fla.       South Western Railway Co. C 320
Reynolds C. R.      T. T. Edgerton L 321
West     T. H.  T. T. Edgerton L 322
Bank of Green Cove Spgs       V. D. Eddy L 323
First Nat. Bank of Perry       Mel Conly L 324
Key F. P.      E. F. Anderson L 325
G. A.
    J. E. McDuffie C 326
Shattleworth   Minnie W.    Charles A. Brown C 327
Cannon     Shelton E. Florie Mae Cannon C 328
G. A.  
R. B.
Edwin Andrews C 329
Carter   Maggie    Frank Carter C 330
Butler Ethel      Dan Butler C 331
Lawrence Development Co.       Whitney, Shands, King & Hillyer L
  C [sic]
Charles A.
Charles F.
    Zephaniah Kingsley C 333
Bank of Green Cove Spgs.       Lipford-Chands Create Co. L 334
Boskins   John B.    Finlay Ferguson Bush L 335
Boskins Belle      Florida Farm & Industries Co. L 336
Beard Herbert A.      R. L. Dowling & Sons C 337
Telfair Stockton & Company       J. F. Lucas C 338
Fallon   John J.    J. Howard Carpenter C 339
Brooker Edna I.      William Brooker C 340
Knight Elliott      State of Florida L 341
State of Florida       Lester Rogers L 342
State of Florida       K. A. Penland L 343
The Steling Co.       City of Green Cove Spgs L 344
Southern Wholesale Corp.       L. Lawrence L 345
The First Nat. Bank of St. Augustine       Ben Ascherl L 346
The Florida Publishing Co.       P. C. Gilbert L 347
  ----       Emma Keefer L 348
Kickliter   J. F.   E. A. Kennedy L 349
Keystone Driller Co.       B. Booth L 350

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 26 April 2000 

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