Clay Co., FL Index to Law and Chancery Cases


Indexed by Case Number and Type

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                                    Plaintiffs                                                                                                    Defendants
  Given Name
   Given Name
   Given Name
 Law or
Sweetsis   J. B.    Edward Rigby & Helen Gertrude Rigby C 1
Robinson C. L.     B. F. Collier C 2
Trustees of    Melrose High School     C 3
Linnell   Lyman M.   Rod Nason?, Winfield H. Tabor & Wm. Duma? C 4
Bond Frank R.     Green Cove & Melrose L. R. Co.  and Dexter Hunter, Rec. C 5
Felton Arthur H.     Robert H. Furnas C 6
de Rivera   Joseph   Mrs. Ricot J. Duval, et al C 7
de Eurequez   Isabel Casta Y, et al   Henry Kuch & Theodore A. McDonell C 8
Baya H.     May E. Summerlin, Adms} Ed. H. Summerlin 
                                    } John Summerlin
C 9
de Eurequez Carlos et al     Henry Kuch & T. A. McDonell C 10
Christopher     Whiteman, et al Ernest W. Ladd, et al C 11
McIntyre & Plummer       Powell Jenkins L 12
Bailey, Banks & Biddle, Bailey & French George Banks
Eli W. Bailey
Joseph Bailey
Clayton French
Samuel Biddle Henry Cook L 13
Belmore Land Co.       John D. Cumming & Esthal I. Cumming L 14
Hitchcock     Samuel B. The Belmore Fla. Land Co. L 15
Peters   J. W. C.   Rosa Kettle? & Nelson J. Martin C 16
Palmer & Ferris Daniel L. Palmer   Sarah Ferris, et al Arthur F. Aldrich, et al C 17
Mosley Ebenezer     Josephine Mosley C 18
Swain   Jacob W.   James W. Reed adms. of }Sarah Reed et al C 19
McGuire     Tony Louisa McGuire C 20
Furchgott Benedict & Co.        George M. Washington C 21
Erwin Holmes     Sallie E. Erwin C 22
Robinson Calvin L.     Daniel Thomas and Davis Floyse? L 23
Bryant     William Georgian Bryant C 24
Johns   Jacob   Lewis Oglesby Senior L 25
Gray   Morris   Sarrah Gray C 26
Florida Land & Inves. Co.       The Board of County Comm. & Tax Coll. C 27
Kitt George     Mary Kitt C 28
Robinson C. S.     Josh Remington C 29
Davis Harriett     John Davis C 30
Hookey Caroline M. & George S.     Sidney Bryan, Horace N. Bryan, Fannie Campbell, & Robert Campbell C 31
Forrester   Lewis   Laura Forrester C 32
Swain   J. W.   J. W. Reed, et al C 33
Wright Edwin     Caroline Wright C 34
Bardin & Long David Long John Bardin   William L. Bardin L 35

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper, 13 April 2000 

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