1870 (9th) Federal Census - Clay County, Florida

Microfilm Roll #128; Record Group M593

Comments about the 1870 Clay Co., FL Census: This county was filmed with pages out of order. To help mitigate the confusion this causes, I will be adding these pages in order of the County Page Number. In addition, I know of a few families that were enumerated twice and will mark them also.

* = Hard to read or decipher handwriting (only applies to word immediately in front of *). Used my best guess. I apologize if they are wrong.

? = still hard to read, but I gave an alternative in the comments.

County Page No. ______6________ Stamp Page No. _____321______ 
SCHEDULE 1.   Inhabitants in__________________, in the County of_Clay____,  
 State of __Florida__,  enumerated by me on the __23rd____ day of July__, 1870. 
Post Office: __Sanderson__ _____Wm. W. Howell______, Asst. Marshall
Line # Dwelling # Family # Name (Last, First) Age Sex Color Occupation Values in $ Birthplace Foreign Born Month Born Month Married Attended Cannot Males NOT Eligible Comments
Real Estate Per. Prop. Father Mother In Year In year School R/W over 21 to Vote
1 Frisbee, Hope 8 F W Florida 
2 Frisbee, Minnie 2 F W Florida 
3 43 38 Dixon, Walter 38 M W Farmer $1500 $100 Massachusetts /
4 Dixon, Catherine 40 F W Keeping Hse. Massachusetts 
5 Dixon, Walter F. 15 M W Massachusetts 
6 Dixon, Philipp O. 12 M W Massachusetts 
7 Dixon, Kate M. 6 F W Massachusetts 
8 44 39 Funand, Stephen 35 M    W Laborer N. Carolina /
9 Funand, Mary J. 32 F  W Keeping Hse. Florida 
10 Funand, Julia 10 F   W  Florida 
11 Funand, Ella 5 F  W    Florida 
12 Funand, Stephen W. 3 M     W Florida 
13 45 40 Wright, John 68 M W Farmer New York /
14 Wright, Martha 45 F W Keeping Hse. Florida 
15 Wright, Edwin 15 M W Florida 
16 46 41 Ruggle, John 85 M W Farmer N. Carolina /
17 Ruggle, Rachel 72 F W Keeping Hse. S. Carolina 
18 47 42 Roberts, Jack 24 M W Laborer Florida /
19 Roberts, Martha 23 F W Georgia 
20 Roberts, Mary L. 3 F W Florida 
21 Roberts, Joseph J. 10/12 M W Florida Apr. 1870[sic] should be b. 1869
22 48 43 Roberts, Elizabeth 60 F W Keeping Hse. Florida 
23 Roberts, Sarah 23 F     W Florida 
24 Roberts, Joseph 21 M W Florida /
25 Roberts, Mary E. 10 F W Florida 
26 Roberts, Adm* 6 M W Florida 
27 Roberts, Joseph [sic] 3 M W Florida 
28 49 44 Roberts, Corneolis 40 M W Laborer Florida /
29 Roberts, Matilda 36 F W Keeping Hse. Florida 
30 Roberts, Margaret 12 F W Florida 
31 Roberts, Catherine 6 F W Florida 
32 Roberts, William A. 3 M W Florida 
33 Roberts, Caroline 50 F  B Domestic Servant S. Carolina /|/ 
34 Roberts, Boney* 7 M B Florida 
35 50 45 Flash, Philip 55 M B Laborer Florida 
36 Flash, Matilda 50 F B Keeping Hse. Florida 
37 Flash, Rose 20 F B Florida 
38 Flash, Sarah 14 F B Florida 
39 Flash, John P. 5 M B Florida 
40 Flash, Susannah 3 F B Florida 

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper 4/17/1999

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