Jack Chesser

William Otto "Jack" Chesser, Sr.
born September, 1890 in Clay Co., FL
Son of Thomas Tennyson and Lucretia Dedge Chesser.

This picture contributed by Mary Handy, Great Granddaughter of Jack Chesser. The original is the property of Gidgette Lewis.

Some Other Family Information

Thomas Tennyson Chesser b. February 13, 1839 in Liberty Co., GA; d. June 15, 1910 In Clay Co., FL.
Lucretia Dedge Chesser b. 1847; d. 1911 in Clay Co., FL.

Other children:
Mary Ellen Chesser, daughter, was born about 1862.
John Chesser, son, was born August 7. 1886 in Clay Co., FL and died January 13, 1950 in Clay Co., FL.

Some Other Family Photo's


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