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Date Age Activity Locations

June 14, 1861 24 Enlisted in Confederate States Army At Orange Mills, St Johns County, Florida

(Orange Mills is now in Palatka , Putnam County)
Went to Fernandina was organized into Capt. Calls company.
Early days of July
From Fernandina went with company to rendezvous near the Brick Church, just

west of Jacksonville, now known as LaVilla
July 13,1861
The Regiment was mustered into the Confederate service by Maj. W. T. Stockton
July 15, 1861 (Monday)
Went to Lake City and sent to Virginia, by rail with the 2nd Florida Regiment
July 21, 1861 (Sunday PM)
Arrived in Richmond Virginia. The Regiment was in Camp of Instruction, in the

neighborhood of Richmond, nearly two months.
July- August, 1861
September-October 1861
September 17, 1861
Regiment left Richmond for Yorktown. During fall and of 1861 and the winter

following the Regiment was encamped near Yorktown.
Fall of 1861
Formed part of Maj.-Gen. J. B. Magruder's Command
November-December 1861
January 1862 25 Present
February 18, 1862
Sick in Hospital Danville, Virginia
March 6, 1862
Episcopal Church Hospital Williamsburg, Virginia (Laryngitis) Williamsburg, Virginia
April 7, 1862
Chimborazo Hospital, No 1, Richmond, Virginia (Intermit Fever) Richmond, Virginia

April 20, 1862
Transferred to No. 2 Hospital (Chronic Laryngitis)
May 4, 1862
Returned to duty
April-May 1862
Present (Regiment received it's "Baptism of Fire") Yorktown Siege, Virginia
May 5, 1862
Present Williamsburg, Virginia
May 31-June 1, 1862
Present Seven Pines, Virginia
June 20, 1862
C.S.A. General Hospital (Pneumonia) Danville, Virginia
June 30, 1862 thru

March 1, 1863 26 Sick in Hospital Richmond, Virginia

Florida 2nd Infantry now in the command of Brigadier-General E. A. Perry
May 1-4, 1863
Present Chancellorsville, Virginia

General Perry was stricken with Typhoid Fever at the time of the Gettysburg

Campaign. Brigade command devolved to Colonel David Lang of the 8th Florida

July 1-3, 1863
Present Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 2, 1863
Wounded: Grape Shot Through Right Arm, And Right Eye (CAPTURED) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

In his words " right arm about half way between elbow and shoulder, by grape shot

passing through my arm, cutting the muscle of my arm, and badly fracturing the

bone so much so that considerable portion of the bone was taken out".
July 4, 1863
12 Army Corps Field Hospital Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 6, 1863
Transferred General Hospital
Not Dated
Roll of Prisoners of War Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 31, 1863
Roll of Prisoners of War, General Hospital Chester, Pennsylvania
August 17, 1863
Sent to City Point
August 20, 1863
Admitted Confederate States Hospital Petersburg, Virginia
August 26, 1863
Appears on Receipt Roll for clothing

August 28, 1863
Furloughed Home (Wounded) Sharon Clay County, Florida
Absent Home on Furlough (Wounded) Sharon Clay County, Florida
Absent Home on Furlough (Wounded) Sharon Clay County, Florida
January&February, 1864 27 Present
March & April, 1864
May - August, 1864
May 5-6, 1864
Present The Wilderness - Virginia
May 8-21, 1864
Present Spotsylvania Court House
May 22-26, 1864
Present North Anna
June 1-3, 1864
Present Cold Harbor, Virginia
June, 1864-April, 1865
Present Petersburg Siege - Virginia
June 23, 1864
Present Weldon Railroad
June 30, 1864
Present Ream's Station
August 21, 1864
Present Weldon Railroad
December 9, 1864
Present Bellfield
January&February, 1865 28 Present
February 5-7, 1865
Present Hatcher's Run
April 6, 1865
CAPTURED Sailors Creek, Virginia

After the Battle of Sailors Creek General Lee ask General Perry, "Who were those

men that fought at Sailors Creek" General Perry responded "They were the

Floridens Sir" that is the only time General Lee ask who a group of men were.
April 9, 1865
In Prison At New Port News, Virginia Appomattox Court House
June 24, 1865
Took The Oath of Allegiance to The United States, Subscribed And Sworn To. New Port News, Virginia
July 12, 1909 72 Soldier's Pension Claim Robert Batten states he was "Captured in Battle of

Sailors Creek April 6, 1865" he also states "I do not know where I was exchanged

or furloughed because it was dark". On the same document he states "I was taken

prisoner 6th day of April 1865. I was kept in prison in New Port News until

sometime in July, 1865. The authorities started me home".

Robert N. Batten returned home to Sharon, in Clay County, Florida. He and his

wife Drusilla Starling, raised a large family . At the age of 68 he took in his

orphaned Grandson to raise as his own. He made his living farming, while still

suffering from the wounds he received at Gettysburg. He died March 27, 1918 at

the age of 81, and is buried in the Sharon Baptist Church Cemetery.

Robert N. Batten was the third child of Isham H. and Temperance Powers Batten.

Robert Batten was born January 25, 1837 in Telfair Co., Georgia. The Batten family

made their home in St. George, Ga. Robert Batten left the family home and moved

to Sharon in Clay Co., in 1855 or 1856.

This information compiled form "Historical Sketch & Roster of Fl 2nd Infantry

Regiment" , Robert N. Batten's Company Muster Roll, Soldier's Application for

Pension, and "Memoir Of Capt. C. Seton Fleming" by Claudia Brosky Wright

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