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 Marriage Index

Marriage Index

The Hamilton County Clerk of Court has 12 file drawers containing loose marriage records.
I will be making rough copy of each index, until I have them all online.
Once I'm finished, I will extract the date of marriage for each line entry.
I have no doubt that I will encounter errors in the original index, but will make the final as simple as possible. So bear with me, there's over 250 page of the index and each page contains between 45 and 60 marriages. Just a word of thanks to Mike Jones, who is helping prepare these Marriage Indexes. We've broke the surface, but have several more files to go.

NOTE***** This file was already in the folder when I took over the County I have no Idea who was doing this research but will continue to keep it online as is.


   B    C    D
E    F    G    H
J    K    L    M
Mc       O    P
R    S    T    V

A    B    D    E
F    G       I
J    K    L    M
N    O    P    R

A    B    C    D
E    F    G    H
J    K    L    M
Mc    N    O    P
Q    R       T

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