Will of Philip A. Caro
Will of Benito Caro

Contributed by Carolyn & Curtis Reedy

Will of Philip A. Caro

In the name of God, Amen I, Philip A. Caro being of sound and disposing mind do make this my last will and testament as follows to wit:

First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary Ann Caro a life estate of, in, and to all the property real and personal that I may (illegible) and possessed of, or may have right or claim to.

Second I empower and authorise my said wife Mary Ann Caro when in her judgement she may deem it necessary to do, to sell and dispose at her pleasure of any, or all of the said property by the above bequeathed to her during her life time, and the proceeds of such sale or sales, as the case may be, that she use and dispose of, at her will.

Third It is my wish and will that what property, real and personal, may be remaining at the time of the death of my said wife Mary Ann Caro, of, and out of my estate to divide it share and share alike among and between all of my then surviving children had with my said wife Mary Ann Caro, the child or children of such of my said children that may die before that time, taking the same interest in the reminder of my said estate, which would have (illegible) and belonged to their father or mother if then living. And to that end I do hereby give and bequeathed all to my said children and to their descendants as aforesaid said residue and remainder of my said estate existing at the time of the death of my said wife Mary Ann Caro.

Fourth I name and appoint as executrix of this my last will and testament my said wife Mary Ann Caro.

In witness whereof I have signed and sealed these presence at Pensacola this first day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy one. Philip A. Caro
Contributed by Carolyn & Curtis Reedy .

Will of Benito Caro

In the name of the all powerful God, Be it known to all who shall see this my will, that I Benito CARO inhabitant of this place, son of Ambresecso and Anna Gutierrs (MORENO) CARO and native of the town Iespes (Yepes?) within the Conegidorship of Ocana a married man being very infirm of body, but of sound understanding and unimpaired memory. Believing as I firmly do in whatever the Holy Catholic Church our mother believes and confesses, in the faith whereof I have lived and protest that I die make my last Will in the form following:

First I recommend my soul to God who created it and redeemed it with his precious earth of which it was formed.

ITEM Should it please God to take me from this temporal to the eternal life I order my body to be intered in the consecrated burying ground of this place, and my funeral to be at the disposition of my Executors and the demands customary on such occasions to be paid by my said Executors.

ITEM I declare that I do not owe anything to any person.

ITEM I declare that Don Juan RUIZ, inhabitant of this place owes me on an open account the sum of forty dollars, Don Diego PALMEZ owes me the interest of one thousand dollars for five years. Don Ignaus SERRA owes me seventeen dollars. Don Tho' RIOBO owes me eleven dollars and eighty seven and a half cents. Antonio LOPEZ owes me twenty-four dollars and sixty two and a half cents. The sums due me by other persons will appear by the documents and notes or receipts in the possession of my wife.

ITEM I declare that I contracted and consummated marriage with Miss Marie MACHADO about twenty-eight years since and that all the property I possess has been acquired since my marriage aforesaid by our mutual industry by which marriage I have ten legitimate children all living whose names are CATALINA, JOSEPH, GREGARIO, SEBASTIAN, ANNA, BENITO, AMBROCIO, MERCEID, DOLORES and PHILIPE whom I declare my only heirs.

ITEM I appoint my said wife Maria (MACHADO) CARO my executrix and guardian and curatress ad bona of my children without the interference of the law or of any person in any act or acts that she may think necessary for the good of my children for such is my last will.

ITEM I charge and empower my said executrix and wife to execute and to cause to be executed this my last Will and Testament hereby annuling as I do annul all other wills of testament that may have been made by me previously to the date hereof, for such is my last will.

ITEM I declare that I possess in the town of Mobile, Alabama two houses with the lot wheron they stand and two live slaves grown and small.

In testamony wherof I sign this my will in presence of the subscribing witness in the town of Pensacola, Florida this eighth day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen.

Benito Caro

Manuel de Caveana
Fernando Moreno
Antonio Balderas
Francisco Balderas

Done before me
Martin de Madred
I certify the above to be a correct translation from the Spanish original.
Recorded the 23 January (?), 1815