Will of Henry Michelet

Transcribed and contributed by Mona Hura

Be it known by this writing that I Henrique Michelet a
native of Marseilles Department of the mouthes des Bouches
of the Rhone in France wish to make my last will and 
Testament which I now declare and ordain in the
manner following to Wit :

First:  I declare that I commend my soul to God who 
created it and redeemed it with his precious blood and 
that I am a catholic apostolic and Roman

Item - I declare having been married in accordance 
with the rules of the church in Cadis to - Da Dionisia
de la Cruz, who lives with me from which marriage 
we have had three daughters viz:  Maria Theresa 
(now deceased) Ana Mariana who is living and resides 
in the city of Mexico, and the third Maria Gertrudis
who resides with me in my own house.

Item - I declare having some property in this city - viz 
my dwelling home on lot No 118, according to the plan 
of the city on Baylen and Government streets.  lot No 40, on 
Reding street.  The arpent lot nos 11 and 46 of the [?] 

The one third part of lots No 54 and 55.  Also in the 
[?].  Eight Hundred arpents of Land 
on the Escambia river known as Michelet tract
Five hundred (500) arpents - undivided of a tract of 1000
arpents owned with Dr Brosnaham which should 
be divided being situated on the Bay of Santa Maria
de Galvez & known as the [Molrni] tract, four hundred
(400) arpents - undivided of a tract of 800 owned with Dr. Pedro Ineistra
situated on the Bayou de la [Mulata] and known as Rioboo's 
Tract.  Two third part of an arpent of Land in Bayou Chico 
known as [?] [?] Max [?] [C?] - From shares of stock
of the Pensacola wharf.  The slaves Harry [the?] [way?] he
works with and [?] horses.  The negresse Victoria. Slaves
for life.  Also the mullato boy Marcus until he arrives at
the age of Twenty-one years and another slave named
[?].  Also all the goods found in the home excepting
same that have been consigned to me on commission belonging
to Mr Penerain of New Orleans.

Item -   I declare owning several amounts in New Orleans 
which will be presented and if just must be paid - and
there are also due me in this city several amounts which
should be paid.

Item - I declare that after all my debts are paid the residue
of my Estate will be divided into three shares, one for my 
wife and one for each of my Daughters Ana Mariana 
and Maria Gertrudis.  this is my will.  I appoint as my
Executive my wife and Mr. Charles LeBaron that they
may proceed to settle my Estate in such a manner
as will be most advantageous.  [?] of this heirs [?]

Item - I revoke and ammend all and every will heretofore
made by me and it is my will that this one only
shall be valid.

Done in Pensacola on the 23rd Day of May and 1841
                                Henry Michelet (seal)

Cordida Caro
Charles LeBaron
J? Quigles