Will of Mariana Pingrow Bonifay

Transcribed and contributed by Mona Hura
Book 3; Page 106

In the name of God Almighty who had no beginning and will reign without end amen.  Be it known by this Testament and declaration of last will that I, Mariana Pingrow Bonifay, an inhabitant of the City of Pensacola, County of Escambia, Territory of Florida, daughter of F Pingrow and of Josefa Le Compte both deceased born in the city of Nantes in France actually a widow being in sound mind and health but dreading the uncertainty of this mortal life, do make and publish and devise this my testament of last will in the form and manner following.

First  -  I declare the Son & the Holy Ghost three personages distinctively but one single God truly, and also in all that which believes and confesses the hallowed motherly church C. W. & F. of which with humility I profess myself to be one of the children faith in which I have lived and in which I departest that I shall die, wherefore to the salvation of my soul I declare my testament.

I recommend my soul to that God who created it and redeemed it with his precious blood and my body I send to the earth of which substance it was formed, and it is my will to be buried in the consecrated field and that my interment be performed without ostentation or pomp.

I recommend that three Masses of the Soul be celebrated for the good of my own, besides Fifty more on my own proper intentions and this I leave to the care of my Executors.

I bequeath and recommend as my will that Fifty dollars which I entrust to my Executors for that especial purpose.

I declare so that it may be evident to have been married in the Island of St. Domingo with Joseph Bonifay form whom I have been seperated by the events of the war and of whom since that time until the year one thousand eight hundred and one, I have not heard any news, when according to an information received before Governor Folch.  I was apprised that he had died the year before, that is in one thousand eight hundred of which I make declaration to be taken as evidence as also that I had not possessed any property whatsoever when I was separated from my said husband.  I declare that I have Ten children of both sexes named Carlos, Maria, Andres, Antonio (this one deaf and dumb) Julian and Josefa Caridelaria.

I declare so that it should be taken for certain that there has been a community fo interest between me and Carlos Lavalle of the City and County, and that the said community has been dissolved by mutual consent since the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty two, as it appears from the liquidation and division of property, and of a deed of sale passed in the Public office under date of the Thirtieth of June of said year.

I declare that at this time I have no debt whatever yet if is my will that if any is justified against me that it should be paid.  I declare that is due to me by diverse individuals small sums of money most of which are of very doubtful collection.

I declare to be my that in the division of my property as it will take place after my death it be made no account of nor be reported to the general ucasr? of the same any part whatsoever of the donations which I have made to several of my children.

I declare and it is certain that in the year one thousand and eight hundred I valued my property at eight thousand dollars any little more or less and that in the year one thousand eight hundred and four I amounted to ten thousand dollars at which time my oldest son Carlos parted from me as he had helped me to earn that prosperity.  I conceived the design of giving him one half of that amount in reward and this I have fullfilled in the following manner by a house situate in the City of New Orleans worth at the time I gave it to him three thousand dollars, in cash once fifty dollars, at another time Five hundred dollars & I have paid to his Brothers Manuel for as much due him by said Carlos one thousand five hundred dollars besides the interest during six years upon that amount so that exclusive of the interest I have counted him, and he has received Five thousand one hundred and fifty dollars to more than one half of the property that said Carlos had helped me to earn of all which I here make statement that it should be in evidence, and for the satisfaction of my heirs enforseeing it to be my will that sed reduction be made upon what he will have to receive for any exceeding that he may have already received, as I have already expressed it with respect to the others in the preceeding clause.

I declare that my property consist as follows. One undivided morety of the lots situate in the City of Pensacola numbered 233, 234, 252, 253 & 256, the whole of lot 279, a part of lot 165, a part of lot 208, the whole of lot 184, a part of lot 163, and the whole of lot No. 10 situated at Barrancas, some of them with improvements erected on, others without.

I declare also as my property the black fellow named Pedro, the black fellow Jamies, the black fellow name Baiesta, the black girl named Pate, and the black girl named Sophia with the daughter named Josefa.

I declare further as my property some heads of cattle, the quantity of which I am ignorant, but my son Jose will be able to give all information on the subject, and finally do declare as my property the house furniture and the utensils that are in the house by me occupied.  I declare to be my will that the price or value of the black fellow Pedro above named be fixed at one hundred and fifty dollars, and that he should not be sold for any sum above that price on any pretenses whatever, and do recommend to my Executor that sufficient time be allowed for him to procure a purchaser who should be a master of his own choosing and that a sum of Twenty five dollars once paid, be to him counted by my Executors as a gift from me to him.

I declare to be my will that I bequeath and do give to my black female servant Sophia, one hundred dollars which sum shall be paid to her by my Executors as soon as the liquidation of my estate will permit it.

I declare to bequeath and by these presents do give to my Daughter, Josefa Candelaria to ameliorate her settlement (situation) the black female servant, Josefa, daughter of Sophia, beside all the house furniture and utensils that I shall possess at the moment of my death.  I declare to be my will that it should be placed into the hands of my son Manuel, one thousand dollars which will be set apart from my property and which sum of one thousand dollars he will receive as Administrator Trustee of Guardian of my son Andres Antonio and manage for the proceeds to be applied to the wants of the said Andres Antonio during his life.  It being my will that at the death of said Andres Antonio said sum of one thousand dollars shall remain to the benefice and use of my said son Manuel and of his lawful heirs for by him or them making any use of the same as well best suit.

And lastly I institute and name for my sole and universal heirs by equal parts in the surplus of my property, my children aforesaid Carlos, Maria, Manuel, Josefa, Margarita, Jose, Josefa Maria, Andres Antonio, Julian and Josefa Candelaria so that they shall inherit receive and enjoy of it with the Blessings of God, and my own for the execution and entire accomplishment of this my last will and Testament.  I have appointed as I do by these presents comit for my executors and depositories of my property, my son Manuel and Juan de la Rua, to whom both I give all faculties to their will be necessary and which in right belong to the duty they will have to perform.  In testimony whereof, I the Testative aforesaid, Mariana Pingrow Bonifay, have set on this my Testment of last will my name and accustomed signature this day the sixteenth of September A. D. one thousand eight hundred Twenty five.

                                                                     Mariana Bonifay
Affirmed and declare by the Testatim Mariana as being her last will in the presence of the witnesses who do.

Jose Noriega
Manuel Hernandez
Fernando Christin


County of Escambia Territory of Florida this third of December, One thousand eight hundred & twenty seven.

Be it known that it is my will to alter as I now do alter the preceeding Testament which I had declared on the 16th September 1825 in the following form.

First  -  It is my will to annul as I do annul the clause in favor of the Black Girl Sophia to whom I have given one hundred dollars, and to whom I now give twenty five dollars only.

I declare and it is my will to give as I do give, to the Negroe Fellows Pedro besides the Twenty five dollars which I have given him by me preceeding statement, the sum of Fifty dollars, and to the Black fellow Bauptista, I do give once to be paid Twenty five dollars.  I declare and it is my will that the sum of One thousand dollars which by my Testament were to be paid in the hands of my son Manuel Bonifay, now deceased be paid into the hands of my son Jose, under the same conditions of charge and profit that were to accrue to my said son Manuel, and so as the whole is expressed in the clause mentioned willing that if he, for the benefit appointed, in case of death of my son Andres.  I declare to be indebted to my son Jose, for the frame of a house, the value of which I do not know, and it is my will that he be satisfied by the Ipairment of whatever my said son Jose will claim for said object.

I declare to be my will therefore do appoint my son Jose for one of my Executor Testamentary with the same faculties expressed in my preceeding statement.

Done and subscribed on the day above written in my County Abode on the Bay of Escambia.

                                                                     Mariane Bonifay

Hy Michelet
John Garner
Sebastian Barrios
B. D. Parmantien