Will of Victoire Le Sassier 1833

Contributed by: Del Jupiter

    I, Victoire Le Sassier, widow of the honorable lieutenant colonel Joseph Noriega, considering the incertitude of this mortal life, do make and publish this my last will and testament first recommending my soul to God and my body to this Earth which it was made.


    I do hereby declare to have been married secondly with Pedro de Alba, by whom I have had no children and from whom I have been separated for a number of years.


    First I constitute as my principal heir my beloved niece Emelie Hubbell, formerly married to my son Joseph Noriega, to whom I give and bequeath the following property (to wit): the lot and a half on which is built the house known by the name of Tivoly and also lot No. 10 according to the new plan of the City.


    Also, I declare having a tract of 800 acres along Rivière des Eaux, jointly owned with Dn Antonio Garcia and another tract of five acres at Casa Blanca, which I leave also to Emelie Hubbell, as well as the following slaves, Marie and her son Phillippe; Isabella, her children and those she will have; Matilda, her infants and those to come also; Leandro, Jerome, and Juana and also my household furniture. [Additional bequests were made to nephews in Louisiana].


    Other legacies are as follows, to my nephew Christin, the mulatto man Frederic and to his daughter, Elvire Constantin, the Mulatto girl Marie Louise; to [Ferdinand's] two sons Rodolphe and Numa, 200 piasters to be divided between them.  [Other legacies to nieces and nephews at Havanna.]  Also, because I reared the quadroon Adele, I bequeath to her Lot No. 85, together with ten feet adjoining, also six large silver spoons and forks and six teaspoons, my bed, my armoire, one mahogany dining table that she makes use of at present. 


    Also in consideration of the long and faithful services of my Negro woman Esther and the fidelity of her daughter Charlotte, I do hereby grant and give unto both of them their full freedom.  Also I do hereby ratify and confirm the sale of the Negro woman Augustine, made in favor of F. Christin and also the freedom granted to Virginie Victoire and her sister, Elodie, . . . I also declare that the mulatto girl Antonia formerly my slave, is indebted to me by note for the sum of one hundred and seventy five dollars which I leave to my niece Emelie Hubbell [and also all other debts which may be due me by any person whatsoever].


    I do hereby and constitute and appoint Mr. Loring C. Hubbell jointly with my nephew, Ferdinand Chrisin my testamentary executors.


[i].He died 21 August

[ii].For the will of Victoire Will of Victoire Le Sassier, written in her native French, see Escambia Co. Circuit Court File 460-CA- Circuit Court file 460-CA-01, P. de Alba vs. F. Christie [Christin].