Free Persons of Color and Slave Marriages
1831 - 1870

Contributed by Del Jupiter

Sanker Morris (free man of color) to Marcicelita, slave of Manuel Gonzalez  20 July 1831  Book A:60

John Fisher   (free man of color) to Margarita, slave of Pedro Yniestra  20 July 1831  Book A:61

Manuel Pargas to Victoria   22 April 1840 (wife’s maiden name was Maturin on baptismal records 8 June 1844)  (both free persons of color)  Book A:123

Antoine, slave of Ferdinand Christin to Eady, slave of Mrs. Mary Murell 10 July 1842  B:6

Gustave Lemoine to Augusta Florentine Gomes  20 Feb 1846 (both free persons of color)  B:37

John Kelker to Cecilia Gomes 30 October 1848 (both free persons of color) B:67

John Garreta to Emily Gomes 18 November 1850 (both free person of color)  C:16

Francis Ambrose to Eliza Estevan 22 June 1851 (both free persons of color)  C:31

Joseph Durante (free man of color) to Louisa Gonzales (slave) 9 December 1851  C:45

Fortune Whitaker (slave) to Elizabeth Keyser (slave) 27 December 1851 C:

Charles Pindar (nephew to Eme Alba, see Escambia Co., Wills 1849:2:125) to Caroline Collins 10 January 1852 (both free persons of color) C:

Antonio Collins to Arthianse Panquinette 20 Jan 1852 (both free persons of color)  C:53

Benjamin Ruby to Euphrosine St. Cire 2 February 1852 (both free persons of color) C:56

Francisco Capiana to Bonne Manan 16 March 1852 (both free persons of color)  C:62

Villine Beltran to Pauline Ruby 6 May 1852 (both free persons of color) C:66

Edward St. John alias Chata to Marzia de la Merced  16 June 1852 (both free persons of color)  C:51

Valsin Bonal  (free man of color) to Felicie Alba 1 Spetember 1852  C:76

Benjamin Ruby to Anita Goumarin 25 January 1855  C:141

William Bell to Ciscela LeVilla  24 September 1855  D:3

Valsin Bonal (free man of color) to Francisca Wright (slave)  28 October 1857  D:64

Callas Laoris to Sarah Sheppard (both slaves)  2 November 1857  D:65

Harrison Sunday (free man of color) to Denise Smith (slave) 16 November 1857  D:66

  (Denise was a slave of Ferdinand Christin; see Escambia Co., Deed Books. Her mother was Julia)

Joseph Rouby to Celeste Jourdan (both free persons of color) 6 April 1858  D:76

Gene Thomas (free man of color) to Sarah Washington (slave) 15 May 1858 D:79

Miguel Ramires to Rosa Quigles (both free person of color) 20 June 1857 D:

Charles Pons (free man of color) to Eliza McDuff 21 December 1857  D:

Heraldo Hernandez to Eleonise Caro 20 December 1859 (both free persons of color) D:152

Valsin Bonal to Carolina Lykes 9 June 1860 (both free persons of color)  D

J.L.F. Roberts to Philomene Peres 19 May 1860 (both free perons of color)   D:

Vernio Barrios to Mary Pons 9 June 1860 (both free persons of color)  D:182

Satrene Ramires to Olianna Campbell 9 September 1861  E:19

Salva Goldsmith to Eliza Braggs  17 April 1866     E:80

Thomas Godfrey to Sophie Auguste  7 May 1866  E:84

John Whitley to Emeline Francis  17 May 1866  E:86

John Keeling to Nellie Scott   7 July 1866  E:96

John Simmons to Laura Floyd  14 August 1866  E:116

Alexander Oliver to Sarah Ridell  18 August 1866  E:125

March Presley to Phillis Ricks  27 January 1867  E:147

Richardson Robertson to Mary Celestine  28 March 1867  E:157

Robert Thompson to Cora Innerarity 18 May 1867  E:174

Louis Charles to Mary Jones 1 February 1870  F;129

Thomas Waller Rogers to Emma Robertson 5 July 1870   F:169

Joseph Adams to Nancy Barrett 24 July 1870  F:171

Lymas Watson to Mary Lizzie Bowman 26 September 1870  F:192

Willie Austin to Julia Ann Greene 19 October 1870  F:196

Harry Smith to Christinco Dafney 16 October 1870  F:197

James Williams to Alice Jackson 18 November 1870  F:206