Century Post Office Patrons
January 1943

By John Charles Bush

During the week of January 11 – 13, 1943 citizens of the district around Century, Florida (Escambia County) were canvassed in support of the reappointment of Eva R. Vaughn as Postmaster in that place. I am Miss Vaughn’s nephew and was executor of her estate. In my possession are original and notarized transcriptions of a dozen petitions supporting Miss Vaughn, which were addressed to Congressman Bob Sikes and signed by 206 Caucasian and 56 African-American patrons of that Post Office. Here is a list of those people who signed those petitions.

JANUARY 11, 1943: “We the undersigned patrons of the Century post office, request that you give all fair consideration to recommending Miss Eva R. Vaughn, present postmaster, for reappointment to this office. Miss Vaughn has resided here all her life; she was first employed in this office in 1903, appointed postmaster in 1913, and has held the office continuously ever since. This together with her satisfactory service in this office over this long period of time, we feel entitles her to reappointment to the office without the necessity of an examination.”

Mrs. J. B. Ptomey
Mr. Alonzo B. McMillan
Mrs. A. B. McMillan
Jesse Williams
Ardelia Williams
Frank Williams
Jennie Williams
Claud Purifoy
Mattie Purifoy
Mrs. O. M. Collins
Isaiah Watson
George (? Illegible)
A. B. Jordan
E. L. Carter
Louise Carter
Lottie Jordan
George W. Gamble
Mrs. Ethel Gamble
Miss L. M. McQueen
Miss. K. M. Grice
Mrs. M. L. Johnson
Beatrice Stallworth
Mrs. A. B. Williams
Mrs. Lucy Gibson
Mrs. V. T. Young
Mrs. Otho P. Cook
Miss Catherine L. White
Mr. L. C. White

JANUARY 11, 1943: “Miss Eva Vaughn, having served as Postmaster in this Post Office at Century, Florida, for the pasy (sic) thirty years, capably and conscientiously, we as patrons of the office recommend that she be reappointed.”

J. W. Turner
Mrs. J. W. Turner
James J. Odom
Mrs. James J. Odom
J. F. Pate
W. L. Willis
Mrs. Mary Willis
A. B. Brunson
Eunice Brunson
G. N. Phelps
Finis Cooper
J. H. Ledbetter
Bertie Cooper
Mrs. Roy Williams
L. S. Godwin

JANUARY 11, 1943: “The undersigned patron of the Century Post Office respectfully request that Miss Eva Vaughn be reappointed as Postmaster.”

Roy Williams
Paul Findley
Mr. & Mrs. Olen Gilley
Inez Croley
Jack Croley
Allie Mae Lynn
S. B. Hollingsworth
Mrs. E. M. King
E. M. King
Bessie Taylor
Cecil Stuckey
A. E. Simmons
Houston Brooks
R. V. Bracking
Ran Roger
A. W. Simmons
J. R. Stokes
Mrs. Paul Findley
Mrs. J. B. Crawley
Mrs. O. N. Simmons
Ruby Wright
B. J. Tuberville
W. Van Hoosen
C. W. Lynch
W. J. Arrant

JANURY (sic) 11th/ 1943: “We, the undersigned citizens and patrons of the Post Office at Century, Florida, respectfully request, in view of a rumor that an examination is the be called by the Postal Department for the appointment of a postmaster, that you use your influence against such a call. The past record of Miss Eva R. Vaughn and her present services do not in any way warrant a change.”

J. S. Turberville
J. K. Turberville
B. M. Van Merkestyn
Mary Louise McDonald
Mrs. Albert Striet
Mrs. Bessie Comalander
Emma Amrstrong
Wm. Dayman Jordan
Lucy Rene Jordan
Mrs. Veronyka P. Turberville
Miss Miriam Patterson
Will Ware
Albert Striet
Nannie Dodgen
R’Leath Vaughn
Mrs. J. S. Turberville
W. G. (Bill) Turberville
Blance Turberville
C. S. Peter
Mrs. Julia McDonald
Miss Miriam Price
Mrs. Pete McDonald
Luverte Vinson
Brady Lee Roberts
Emar Sue Cooley
Mrs. Ellen B. Turberville
Azzie Lee Snow
Mrs. H. A. Godwin
A. B. Jordan
B. Lottye Jordan
Gughrene Jordan
Elijah Robbins
Anna Robbins
Anne D. Watson
Ed. Watson
Janie Watson
Mrs. Edna McGee
Mrs. R. F. Pritchett
Mrs. Dewey Ward
Mr. J. H. Baker
C. L. Browder
Mrs. C. L. Browder
Kathleen Turberville
Mrs. Myrtle T. Peter

JANUARY 12, 1943: “We the undersigned Colored Citizens & Patrons of the Century Post Office respectfully request that you use your office in the interest of the reappointmtn (sic) of Miss Eva Vaughn without competitive examination.”

Fred Gilchrist
Mary Lou Clark
Leola Grice
Will Darden
Herbert L. Grice
Ruffie Fleeton
Thomas Fleeton
Nellie Perry
Mildred McGuire
Coreen Johnson
Guss Bradley
L. C. White
Jesse Hardy
Ruby McLoud
L. R. Broughton
Ed Roberts (Sr.)
Racher Andrer
Anna E. Roberts
Sindia Williams
Ed Roberts, Jr.
Lizzie Louis
Villet Richison
Viola Scott
Emma Snell
Lillie Mae King
Emanuel Snell
Gladys Mae Anderson
Roberto Carstaffnet
Viola Eady
Linnie Hubbard
Will Lee
Gladys M. Howard
Salliem Watson
Francis Ashford
Callie Moore
Fannie Darden
Mary Patton
Gladys Hicks

JANUARY 12, 1943: “We the undersigned citizens of Century and pastrons of the Century Post Office were astounded this morning at learning of the contemplated calling of competitive examination for Post Master of Century, Florida. We feel in all fairness to Miss Vaughn and her record as well as the face that she has served in this capacity for over thirty years the calling for a competitive examination would be very unfair to her and we cannon urge you too strongly to recommend this party without examination.”

A. L. Whigham
Mrs. A. L. Wigham
Janie English
Marie Purdue
Myrtis Hubbard
Johnson Shuffes
Mary Ann Hinkle
Cecile Lewis
Margaret Whitfield
Sally M. Hammond
A. M. Mitchell
R. M. Wood
H. H. McCutchin
D. M. Harrison
J. A. Curenton
H. L. Owens
B. F. Childrew
H. L. Hethcox
C. C. Rutherford
Leroy Willis
A. L. Johnson
R. L. Tyree
J. G. Crawley
J. B. Dole, Jr.
R. D. Dodgen
Jas. M. Findley
R. C. Dole
G. W. Adams
O. N. Simmons
A. J. Conway
A. M. Powell
L. M. Kelley
G. W. Hammond
G. D. Mills
Sid E. Jackson
Willie C. Rogers
J. T. McWorter
Willie Carstaffney
John McDuffee Stallworth
Frank Milner
Otis Hill
Lonnie Griffin
Jim Griffin
J. C. McQuerter
Eugene McKinney
D. P. Johnson
R. E. McEwen
W. O. Gorum
R. F(?) Pritchett
Frank Kohl
Ed Spann
J. B. Crawley
E. R. Johnson
Walter L. Calloway
Jesse Millender
John Howard
Albert Norman
D. J. McNiel
Julius H. Spann
Mrs. Shula Freeman
Mrs. Titus Mason
Mrs. B. F. Wittington
B. F. Wittington
Ann Mason
Chas. H. Abbott
Sam Hamilton
C. W. Mayo
Warnie E. Renfroe
Charlie A. Lowrey
M. Q(?) Bowman
J. N. Hamilton
E.L. Rogers
A. W. Huggins
Wm. McDowell
H. L. Tompkins
W. D. Ward
J. H. Baker
B. A. Browder
C. W. Tompkins
Mrs. C. W. Tompkins
H. A. Godwin

JANUARY 12, 1943: “We the undersigned, WOMENS MISSIONARY SOCIETY, of the Century Baptist Church wish to request that you use every possible means of retaining Miss Eva Vaughn, as Postmaster of Century.”

Mrs. Bruce Mayo, Pres.
Mrs. J. H. Ledbetter
Mrs. C. L. Browder, Treas.
Mrs. R. C. Dole
Mrs. H. V. Diamond
Mrs. Fannie Harrison
Mrs. E. B. Bird
Mrs. R. D. Thompkins
Mrs. E. N. McNiel
Mrs. H. A. Godwin
Miss Daisy McDavid

JANUARY 13, 1943: “We the colored patrons of the Century Post Office are asking you to use the influence of yur office in retaining Miss Eva R. Vaughn as our Postmistress.”

Janie B. Bright
Tony McWilliams
Carrie Grace
Alonzo Bright
Daisy Grace
Arthur Grace
Willie Grace
Isrel McWilliams
Doshy McWillians
Henry Bright
James McWilliams
Ruby Le McWilliams
Frank McWilliams
Janie Bythewood
Joe Bythewood
Mary Bright