Pensacola Business - 1905

(Genealogical information extracted from The New Pensacola, The Deep Water City of the Gulf. Presented to T. T. Wentworth, Jr. by Fred Massey who operated a Bicycle Shop and Sporting Goods Store on the corner of Belmont and Davis St., circa. 1915)

THE BAZAAR – Proprietor, Mr. W. G. PORTER, a native of Alabama. Established 4 years ago. Located near the Union Depot. Ladies’ & Gent’s furnishing, stationary, notions, etc.

ANDERSON & DORR – Walker ANDERSON and C. H. DORR, Fire, life and accident insurance agents. 10 E. Government St. Both owners have been established in Pensacola for over 15 years.

C. H. TURNER – Plumber, Contractor & Builder. Foreman: E. B. MOREY. 19 South Palafox. Business established 45 years ago by Mr. Turner’s father but for the past 15 years the present proprietor has been the sole owner. The firm built the Masonic Temple, and the Brent block.

THE GEM BOOK STORE – Proprietor, C. R. JOHNSON. 218 South Palafox. Mr. Johnson has been established for 15 years and is a native of Florida.

THE GLAD HAND SALOON – Proprietor, Henry RAUSCHER, retail liquor dealer.   507 South Palafox. Established 2 years ago.

THOS. F. WRIGHTON – House and Sign Painter and Wallpaper Dealer. 13 North Palafox. Recently painted homes of: W. B. WRIGHT, Mrs. O. M. BRONNUM, J. R. SAUNDERS, SENATOR MALLORY, T. E. WELLES. Established 1879.

MCDAVID-HYER CO . – Real Estate and Insurance Agents. Jno. McDAVID, president, W. K. HYER, vice-president, H. HYER, secretary, and J. Whiting HYER, treasurer. 7 South Palafox.

W. A. D’ALEMBERTE – Druggist and Apothecary. The prescription department is under the management of Mr. H. H. D’ALEMBERTE, who is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Pharmacy. 121 South Palafox.

THE PENSACOLA INVESTMENT COMPANY – 215 South Palafox. Established in June 1903. Wm. H. KNOWLES, president; Jno. E. STILLMAN, vice-president & general manager; R. B. SIMPSON, secretary; Knowles HYER, treasurer and A. H. D’ALEMBERTE, city manager.

THE KLEIN GROCERY COMPANY – Wholesale and retail dealers in groceries & ship chandlery. Proprietor, Max KLEIN. 502/504 South Palafox. Sucessor to Hall & Klein.

COTTRELL – Photographer. Charles COTTRELL , who came from Kentucky. 204 ½ South Palafox. Established for 5 years.

THE GOLD MINE SALOON – dealers in imported and domestic wines and liquors.   NW corner Baylen & Zarragossa Streets. Located here for 3 years. W. H. CHILDS, a native of Alabama and John W. BOYLE, a native of Florida, proprietors.

H. MULLER , Grocer. 400 South Palafox. Established in 1895. Employs 8 clerks and operates 4 delivery wagons. Mr. MULLER is native of Germany but has resided in Pensacola for 35 years. He was formerly buyer for Pfeiffer & Co. and served in that company for 32 years.

THE BALTIMORE CLOTHING STORE – proprietor, Peter DeLANO, a native of South Carolina. 607 South Palafox. Engaged in business for 14 years.

THE PENSACOLA BUSINESS COLLEGE – 141 South Palafox. President: Prof. L. M. HATTON. Principal: Prof. W. D. SEARS. Established in June 1904. 140 students enrolled.

C. V. THOMPSON – Stationery and Office Supplies. Mr. Thompson is a native of Tennessee, established in business in 1900. 30 South Palafox.

B. A. DAVIS – dealers in all kinds of models and stone work, manufacturer of granite, marble and tombstones. 6 S. Palafox Street. Business began operations in 1889. Mr. Davis is a native of Alabama.

UNION NAVAL STORES CO . – (of West Virginia). Local office, 313 Thiesen Building. Pensacola office manager: George L. LAPPINGTON. Business shops naval stores in large quantities.

J. A. WALKER BOOK STORE – 119 South Palafox, established for 20 years.

THE CONSOLIDATED GROCERY CO . – Pensacola branch at corner of Government and Palafox Streets. General office is in Jacksonville. Local managers: C. M. COVINGTON and R. F. MITCHELL. The Pensacola branch was established in January 1903.

F. R. POU – Feed & Livery Stable and Funeral Director. No. 15-17 West Intendencia St. Established 8 years ago.

H. G. DeSILVA & CO . – Manufacturers of building materials. Established in 1879 by B. R. PITT & Co. Present firm: H. G. DeSILVA AND W. B. FERRIS have been in business for past 9 years and employ a force of 85 men.

J. H. PORTER – Tent and Flag manufacturer. Established for 33 years. Factory and offices at 708 South Palafox.

McKENZIE-OERTING & CO . – Ship Chandlers and Grocers. 601-603 & 605 South Palafox. Established by father of The present present owner, Mr. C. OERTING in 1863.

THE OWL SALOON – 501 South Palafox. Proprietor, W. E. McCAULEY, who has been established in this business for the past 18 months.

THE KLONDYKE RESTAURANT - Corner of Baylen & Zarragossa Streets. Proprietor, Charley RYAN, who came from Troy, NY has been in charge of this business for 3 years. He has been in Florida since 1882.   

DUNWOODY-AIKEN TOWBOAT CO . – Foot of South Palafox. Officers: H. BAARS, president; I. H. AIKEN, vice-president & superintendent; Bryan DUNWOODY, secretary, treasurer and manager. Company has 6 towboats and 26 lighters in service.

SOLOMON’S COFFEE SALOON – 224 South Palafox. Bakery goods, ice cream, etc. Proprietor: Mr. B. M. SOLOMON. Plans on shortly installing a handsome soda fountain.

E. B. GAGNET – Corner Zarragossa & Barcelona Sts. Fancy and family groceries. Mr. GAGNET is a native of Florida. Established in business for 9 years.

F. S. MELLEN & CO . – Garden Street. Established for 6 years. Wholesale dealers in hay, grain and feed stuffs. Mr. MELLEN is a native of Illinois.

TURTON & BELLE – Photographers. 226 South Palafox. Established 1870.

THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PENSACOLA – established 1880. Wm. H. KNOWLES, president; W. K. HYER, Jr., Vice President and cashier; T. W. BRENT & W. N. ROBERTS, assistant cashiers.

L. S. BROWN & CO . – Real Estate and Insurance. R00m 200 Thiesen Building. Mr. BROWN is a native of Georgia.

PFEIFFERS STEAM BAKERY – 205-211 E. Intendencia St. Proprietor: Mrs. Louisa PFEIFFER; manager, Mr. E. E. PFEIFFER. Business was conducted for many years by John F. PFEIFFER.

J. M. CRONA – Contractor & Builder/. 13-15 N. Palafox. Recently completed the handsome residence of T. E. WELLES.

Established for 15 years.

KLONDYKE SALOON – Corner Zarragossa & Baylen. Proprietor: Albert SOMMER. Established for 1 year.

RIX M. ROBINSON – Room 505 Thiessen Building. Pitch, Pine, Lumber and Timber. Mr. ROBINSON is a native of Florida.

PETER LINDENSTRUTH – Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician. One of largest and finest stores in the City. Has been in business since 1890 116 South Palafox St.

ESCAMBIA REALTY CO . – 204 ½ S. Palafox. General Manager: Geo. P. WENTWORTH who is also an attorney.

ESCAMBIA HOTEL – Manager: A. GOLDBACH. Up-to date in every respect with 100 rooms. The only steam heated hotel in Pensacola. Rates from $2.50 per day up.

E. B. WELLS – 10 E. Intendencia St.   Dealer in wall paper, paints, etc. Mr. WELLS has traveled extensively over this and foreign countries and speaks 3 different languages. Engaged in business here for 5 years.

D. HALE WILSON – Real Estate, Loans and Country Property. 30 S. Palafox St. Established for 5 years. Mr. WILSON is a native of Virginia.

H. ALFMAN – Worker in tin, copper and sheet iron. 315 S. Palafox St. Mr. ALFMAN is a native of Mobile and was engaged in the same business there prior to establishing his business in Pensacola 3 years ago.

KNOWLES BROTHERS – Insurance Agents. 309 S. Palafox St. Wm. H. KNOWLES, president; Knowles HYER, vice-president and general manage; Jos. V. RIERA, secretary and treasurer.

V. HOLST & COMPANY – Wholesale & retail dealers fresh gulf and beach fish. Baylen St. Wharf. They have a line of fishing smacks and employ a force of sixty men. Established 4 years ago. Mr. V. Holst is a native of Germany but has been here for many years. Mr. W. H. HUTCHINSON is a native of Alabama.

JOHN A MERRITT & CO . – Ship brokers and steamship agents, coal cargoes and binkers. 208 S. Palafox St. local Agents for the Cahaba Coal Mines and also marine insurance agents and notary public. Established for many years. Members of the firm are JOHN A MERRITT AND R. H. TURNER who are natives of this State.

J. B. ROBERTS & CO . – Staple & Fancy Grocers. 218 – 220 Wright St. Have been established for 10 years. Employs 6 clerks and has two delivery wagons. Managed by Mr. J. BEN ROBERTS who is a native of this State.

S. A. FRIEDMAN - “proprietor of the original “Kentucky Barrel House”. 321 S. Palafox St. Has been established for 12 years. Wholesale and retail dealer in fine Kentucky whiskies and sole agent for the Pabst Brewing co. of Milwaukee. The proprietor is an old liquor man having had experience covering 20 years of his life.

MEYER SHOE COMPANY – 102 S. Palafox St. H. P. NEUMAN, manager has been a part of Pensacola’s affairs for the past 4 years. The firm has a branch store in Selma, AL

LESLIE ERNEST BROOKS – Attorney at Law. Fisher Building, 204 ½ S.Palafox St. Also deals in real estate. He has been established here for the last 5 years. Mr. Brooks is a native of Florida.

McDAVID-HYER COMPANY – Real Estate and Insurance Agents. #7 South Palafox St. Established for 5 years and was incorporated on 1 Jan. 1904. The officers are: Jno. McDAVID, president; W. K. HYER, JR., vice-president; H. HYER, secretary; J. Whitling HYER, treasurer. They are agents for 8 of the strongest insurance companies in the world and annually sell and buy vast tracts of timber lands.

B. A. DAVIS – dealer in models and stone work, manufacturing the latest designs in granite, marble monuments and tombstones. 6 S. Palafox St. Began in 1889. Mr. Davis is also agent for iron fences and other ornamental work. He did all the stone and marble work on the Thiesen Building. Mr. Davis is a native of Alabama.

PEOPLES BANK OF PENSACOLA . – corner of Palafox and Romana Streets. Organized a year ago. [1904]. Officers are: J. S. REESE, president; R. M. CRARY, vice-president ; E. W. MENEFEE, cashier; Directors are: J. S. REESE; R. M. CARY, L. J. REEVES; W. Dec KESSLER; W. A. D”ALEMBERTE and T. A. JENNINGS.

MANUEL GONZALEZ COMPANY – Manufacturers of Clear Havana Cigars. Corner of Baylen & Intendencia Streets. Employs 10 expert cigar makers. Firm has been established for 8 years.

MERCHANTS HOTEL – Has a capacity of 42 guests. Rooms rent at the rates of $2.50 and $3.00 per day. Mr .Jacob KRYGER has conducted the house for over 23 years and is assisted by his chief clerk, Mr. C. J. BELL.

MANUEL G. LARGUE – Practical Horseshoer. 135 E. Intendencia Street.    Established 4 years ago. Mr. Largue is a native of Florida.

BASS & COMPANY – Manufacturers, Jobbers and Mill Agents of Dry Goods, Frunishings, Notions and Shoes. Supply merchants throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi with merchandise. Employs a force of 8 competent employees. Members of the firm are composed of the wealthiest and most widely known citizens of Pensacola: O. L. BASS; C. M. COVINGTON; J. R. SAUNDERS; H. L. COVINGTON; T. L. GANT and T. E. JOHNSON. Mr. O. L. Bass is general manager and Mr. Gant is assistant general manager and is a native of the “Blue Grass” State.

JACK ADAMS – Wholesale and retail dealer in wines, liquors and cigars. 611 – 613 S. Palafox St. Firm has been established for 10 years. Mr. Adams is the proprietor and is a native of Maryland. He employs 5 assistants.

SOL. CAHN & COMPANY - #201-203 Palafox, corner of Intendencia St. Established for 7 years. Engaged in the grocery business. Employs 5 clerks and has 4 delivery wagons. Has 2 phones and orders phoned in are filled promptly.

H. PIERCE CARRIAGE COMPANY – Manufacturers and dealers in Carriages, Buggies, Wagons and Drays. (Sucessors to J. M. HILLARD & CO.). 301 W. Government St. The company has been in operation since 1887. The general manager of the business, Mr. H. Pierce is a native of the Old Dominion.

THE PENSACOLA DRUG COMPANY – located at corner of Palafox & Gregory Streets. Managed by the proprietor, Dr. H. G. WILLIAMS, physician and druggist. Dr. Williams is a graduate of the Meharrey Medical College of Nashville, Tenn.

A. M. AVERY – Corner Palafox & Garden Streets. Dealer in hardware, iron, nails, cooking and heating stoves, grates, paint, etc. Established for 50 years - has been doing business under the present title for 20 years and was first established by A. L. AVERY and was then changed to Avery & Woolfolk. Mr. Avery is a native of this State.

TRAINER’S CANDY AND STATIONERY STORE – 32 S. Palafox Street. Mrs. Alice WAGAND,[proprietress, who succeeded to the old established business of W. H. TRAINER.

RHODES-FUTCH-COLLINS FURNITURE COMPANY – 26 E. Garden Street. Dealers in furniture, stoves, house furnishings, etc. J. H. COLLINS, manager. This is a branch of a store in Jacksonville and has been located here since 1902.

JOHN T. LIND – Fancy and Staple Groceries and Feed Stuffs. Corner of Alcaniz and Intendencia Streets. Has been established for 2 years. The firm was formerly known under the name of CARSON & LIND and did business under that name for 10 years.

T. A. HALL - Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealer. #319-321 S. Palafox Street. Established for 2 years and employs 6 assistants. Mr. Hall is a native of Georgia.

NICK’S RESTAURANT AND BUFFET - 211 South Palafox St. Has been established for 10 years. Nick APOSTOLE is the proprietor and employs a force of 22 assistants. He has 21 tables in the Ladies’ dining room and 28 tables in the gents’ dining hall and also has a modern well-stocked bar.

PORTER WHALEY – Dealer in typewriters, rubber stamps, safes, etc. Agent for the Debold Safe & the Densmore Typewriter. 20 E. Government St. Mr. Whaley has been doing business in this establishment for 2 years.

KING & RUNYUN – Bicycles and Sporting Goods. 506 S. Palafox St. Mr. R. B. KING and A. G. RUNYAN [sic.] are the partners and employ 4 assistants.

SIDNEY KAHN – Druggist. 9 S. Palafox Streeet. Has been established for 15 years. Mr. Kahn is a native of this city. He employs 3 assistants, two of them being graduates of schools of pharmacy. His motto is “We Never Sleep” and is open at all hours.

FISHER FURNITURE HOUSE – 138 – 140 E. Intendencia Street. Dealers in new and second-hand furniture. The business was established 9 years ago but its present manager has only had charge of it for the past 1 ½ years. Mr. G. W. PULLIAM is the manager. He is a native of Illinois.

MRS. E. D. NORDSTROM – milliner. 11 E. Intendencia Street. Mrs. Nordstrom is a native of New York and has been located in Florida for the past 14 years and has been established in business for 5 years.

THE ELEPHANT STORE – Ladies’ and Gents’ Furnishing Goods. Easy payments offered, weekly or monthly. Frank SELIGMAN, Proprietor. 26 W. Government Street.

RADER FURNITURE COMPANY – 21-23 E. Garden Street. Members of this firm are F. O. CLICK and F. E. BAYLESS. The business has been established for 5 years and has been conducted by the present owners for the past 2 years. Several wagons make deliveries to all points.

GEO. W. PRYOR & SONS – Dealers in Country and Western Produce including nuts and fruits of all kinds. They have been in business here for the last 9 years and six years ago, Mr. Pryor took in his sons, George W. PRYOR, Jr. and John F. PRYOR to assist him. The family are natives of Alabama.

THE BOSTON SHOE STORE – 17 S. Palafox Street. Owned by Mr. N. G. FORCHEIMER who employs 6 experienced clerks. Shoes vary in price from $1.00 to $7.00.   Mr. FORCHEIMER is a native of Pensacola.

G. NERI – 25 S. Palafox Street. Dealer in imported and domestic confectionery. Business has been established for 34 years and is one of the largest in the South.  

JOHN D. RENDALL – Architect. Room 5, 28 ½ S. Palafox Street. Mr. Rendall is a native of Boston, Mass. and has been 30 years in this profession, over 20 of these years in Pensacola. He resides at 4 West Chase Street.

SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY – local office, Rafford Hall, w. Garden Street. C. N. MANNING, manager. Mr. Manning is a native of Kentucky.

GULF MACHINE WORKS – 815 – 817 S. Palafox St. Business has been established for 15 years. 60 experienced machinists are employed. The plant also includes a repair shop and foundry. It was incorporated about 1 year ago. Officers: W. F. CREARY, president; C. M. SWEENY, vice president; E. E. REESE, secretary and treasurer.

WING HOP & CO . – Importers and dealers in Chinese and Japanese fancy goods. 31 S. Palafox Street. They have been established in Pensacola for 18 years. Mr. Wing is manager of the business.

PENSACOLA TAILORING COMPANY – 137 E. Intendencia Street. Christopher ABT is the proprietor. Business has been established for 9 years and Mr. Abt is a tailor of 40 years experience. He makes a specialty of suits to order in the latest styles.   

E. M. ANDERSON – Jeweler. 29 S. Palafox St. Mr. Anderson has been engaged in business since 1893. A specialty of watch repairing is made – also fine engraving.

DANNHEISER BROS. – established for 20 years. Agents for the Acme Brewing Company of Macon GA. Mr. Dave Dannheiser is manager and proprietor.

W. J. & B. FORBES – Wholesale & retail dealers in dry goods, notions, shoes, carpets, buggies, harness and wagons. 123-125-127-129 S. Palafox Street. They have been established for 6 years. The company employs 30 experienced and polite clerks.

MRS. H. V. RENDALL – embroidery, silks, stamped linen, etc. 17 S. Palafox Street., part of the Pensacola Millinery Company’s store. Mrs. Rendall is a native of Canada and has resided in Florida for the past 20 years.

NEW YORK LOAN OFFICE – 204 S. Palafox Street. Manager is Mr. W. M. EDWARDS and proprietor is Mr. A. A. FISHER. The company makes loans on household goods and all kinds of personal property. Mr. Fisher has been established for the past 6 years and has a branch in Jacksonville and other places. He is a native of Florida.

PENSACOLA BARBER SHOP – 403 S. Palafox Street. Has been established for 15 years and employs five first-class tonsorial artists. Victor BARTHLOMEW is the proprietor. He is a native of Florida.

W. L. ZACHARY – Attorney at Law. 28 S. Palafox Street. Mr. Zachary has been practicing his profession for 5 years in this city specializing in civil law and certification of abstracts and titles.   He is a native of Texas and practiced for 10 years in that State. Miss Willie APPLEGATE is his stenographer and notary.

O. M. PRYOR – Dealer in furniture and household goods. 20 –22 W. Government Street. Mr. Pryor has been in this line of business for over 10 years. He makes a specialty of easy payment plans on his sales.

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK OF PENSACOLA – Corner of E. Government Street and the Plaza. Was organized October 23rd. 1900. Officers are: H L. COVINGTON, president; C. W. LAMAR, vice-president; M. E. CLARK, cashier; and John PFEIFFER, assistant cashier along with a 19 member Board of Directors.

CARLSON GROCERY COMPANY – Dealers in staple and fancy groceries, feed stuff, etc. Southeast corner of Intendencia Street and Barcelona. Established 1 ½ years ago.

PARK HOTEL – opposite the Opera House. W. L. GILMORE, proprietor. 42 rooms. Rates are #1.50 per day. Mr. GILMORE has recently opened a fine restaurant in connection with the hotel.

STAR STEAM LAUNDRY . 37 E. Garden Street. Walker INGRAHAM, proprietor. Has been established here for 12 years. Engages a force of 35 operators and has 3 wagons making deliveries.

PENN MUTUAL LIVE INSURANCE COMPANY – Pensacola branch office of Philadelphia Company at 204 ½ S. Palafox Street in charge of David EDREHI, district manager.

ESCAMBIA GROCERY COMPANY – Corner Gregory and Tarragona Streets. Established for 1 year. Managed by Alex. OLIVER. The proprietors are colored men who have succeeded in building up a good trade.

THOS. C. WATSON & CO . – Real Estate, Rental and Insurance Agents. Corner Palafox & Garden Streets. Members of the firm are Thomas C. WATSON, J. J. HOOTON and James C. WATSON. The firm has been established for 35 years. The senior member of the firm was honorary secretary of the Chamber of Commerce for over 12 years. Mr. HOOTON and Mr. J. C. WATSON are both notaries.

ARMOUR PACKING COMPANY – corner Chase and Tarragona Streets. Home offices are in Kansas City. The local office is in charge of Mr. A. W. DAVIS, who is the manager. Mr. Davis is the author of the song “The Old Homestead” which is dedicated to Mr. Denman THOMPSON of Old Homestead fame.

L. MAYER – Merchandise Broker and Manufacturers’ Agent. 26 E. Government Street. Mr. Mayer uses both Robinson’s United States and American Brokers’ Company Codes.

W. H. MURPHY & SON – Timber Brokers and Commission Merchants. 15 W. Government Street. Members of the firm are W. H. MURPHY and C. G. MURPHY who have been in business in Pensacola for 2 years. They are natives of Florida.

SAMUEL CHARLES – Boot and Shoe Maker and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Shoes and Leather. 511 S. Palafox Street. The business has been established for the past 14 years. Mr. Charles is a colored man and one of the most enterprising of his race in the City.

ALEX LISCHKOFF – Loan office. Money loaned on watches, diamonds, guns, pistols, etc. 226 S. Palafox Street opposite the Custom House. Has been established for 14 years.

COHEN & PARKER – Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, and Shoes. 509 S. Palafox Street. Engaged in business in Pensacola for the past 9 years. The firm has the general store at Milton, Fla.

N. WEILAND – Clothier and Gents’ Furnisher. 317 S. Palafox Street. Has been established for 12 years and has occupied his present location since May 1, 1903.

P. STONE – 224 S. Palafox Street. Dealer in clothing, shoes and gents’ furnishing goods. He has been established for 31 years and is a native of New York State.

ALEX ZELIUS – Ship Chandler and Grocer. 709 – 711 S. Palafox Street. Established for 16 years. Mr. Zelius employs 5 assistants. Mr. Zelius is also vice consul for the Netherlands.

B. GERSON – Wholesale and retail dealer in crockery, glassware, tinware, woodenware and house furnishing goods. 107 Palafox Street with wholesale warehouses on Tarragona Street. Established for 10 years.

SURPRISE STORE – 126 S. Tarragona Street. Owned by Mr. E. GREENBLATT who has been in business for 6 years. The store carries a stock of clothing, hats, shoes, dry goods and millinery.

JOHN SHEPPARD – Druggist. 405 S. Palafox Street. Has been doing business in Pensacola for the past 22 years. Mr. Sheppard is a native of Florida .

THE MASCOT SALOON – 615 Palafox Street. Mrs. K. E. FAY, proprietress. Business was established 30 years ago. The proprietress was for 4 years in business in New Orleans but came back to this city 5 years ago.

H. O. ANSON – clothier and Gents’ Furnisher. 413-415 S. Palafox Street. Engaged in his present business for the past 5 years. The proprietor is a young man and native of this city.

HARRISON BROTHERS – proprietors of the Pensacola Installment House and are dealers in furniture and house furnishing goods. Located at 124-126 E. Indendencia Street.

BONACKER BROTHERS – Merchandise Brokers. 22 ½ W. Government St. Established in 1892. C. S., W. A. and J. H. BONACKER comprise the members of this firm. They also have a branch at Tampa, Fla.

JOE WEILAND – Merchant Tailor. Suits and pants made to order. Also cleaning and repairing done promptly. 132 E. Intendencia Street. Mr. Weiland is a first-class tailor and has been engaged in this business for 6 years.