West Florida During the Civil War

Contributed by Laura Lee Scott

4 Nov -- Abraham Lincoln elected the 16th president of the United States. 26 Nov -- Governor Madison Starke Perry, from Alachua County, assembled the legislature into special session, four days later he 20 Dec -- South Carolina secedes from the Union in protest that its "states rights" had been violated.
6 Jan -- Governor Madison Perry authorizes the forming of a company in Quincy (Quincy Guards) to seize U.S. Arsenal at Chattahoochee. 8 Jan -- An Ordinance of Secession is introduced before the State Secession Convention at Tallahassee. Colonel William Chase is Lt. Adam J. Slemmer, USA, posts guards at Fort Barrancas. At 11:00 pm., 1st shots of the war were fired at Fort Barrancas. 10 Jan -- After a seven-day session Flordia, the Ordinance of Secession was adopted by a vote of sixty-two to seven. Florida becomes "a sovereign and independent nation." Lt. Slemmer evacuates Fort Barrancas and moves to unoccupied Fort Pickens. 12 Jan -- Alabama secedes from the Union. Commander James Armstrong, USN, surrenders the Navy Yard to Florida and Alabama state troops. 21 Jan -- Senators David L. Yulee and Steven R. Mallory make their farewell speeches to the U.S. Senate. 4 Feb -- Delegates from 6 seceded states; South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana met in Montgomery, Alabama. 26 Feb -- Florida Convention approves Provisional Constitution of the Confederate States. 4 Mar -- Lincoln becomes President of the United States. 1861 9 Mar -- Confederate secretary of war announced that at least 5,000 would be needed to guard Pensacola. 11 Mar -- Brigadier General Braxton Bragg assumes command of the Confederate troops at Pensacola. 29 Mar -- Lincoln's cabinet votes to hold Fort Pickens. 12 Apr -- Fort Sumter occupied by the Federals is fired on by Southern guns. 19 Apr -- Bragg declares martial law in the Pensacola area. 3 May -- Alabama & Florida Railroad is completed between Pensacola and Montgomery, Alabama. 11 Nov -- Mobile & Great Northern Railroad is competed between Pollard and Tensas Station, connects with Alabama & Florida Railroad at Poll. 22/23 Nov -- Federal bombardment of Confederate position at Fort Barrancas, much of Warrington and Woolsey is burned.
Feb -- Early Pensacola & Mobile Railroad & Manufacturing Company completes trackage between Muscogee and 15-Mile Station (Cantonment), Florida. 10 May -- Acting Mayor, Dr. John Brosnaham surrenders Pensacola to Lt. Richard Jackson, USA. Federal troops occupy Pensacola. June -- Pensacola City government-in-exile meets officially in Greenville, Butler County, Alabama till end of the war.
17 Feb -- Federals scout from Pensacola to Oakfield. 14/15 June -- Federal patrol from Pensacola to Milton
1 Apr -- Barrancas Command finishes move to Blakely and there is a skirmish at Bluff Springs or Canoe Creek. 20 May -- Florida is formally surrendered to Federal forces by Acting Governor A. K. Allison.
Military Reconstruction
25 Jun -- Florida is readmitted to the Union.



Civil War Operataion In and Around Pensacola
Bearss, Edwin C.
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CIS  U.S. Serial Set Index
Part  I  American State Papers and the 15th - 34th Congresses
1789 - 1857.  Part II  35th 45th Congresses  1857 - 1879
University of West Florida, Reference, Z1223 Z7 C26

CIS  U.S. Serial Set  1789 - 1969
(Microfiche)  (117,000 fiche)
The U.S. Serials Set is an on going collection of U.S. Government
publications  compiled under directive of the Congress. It contains
comprehensive and often detailed information on an extremely wide
range of subjects. The set includes congressional documents and such
non-congressional materials as Congress has from time to time ordered
printed for its use and distribution.
EXAMPLE: 1883, 47TH Congress, 2nd session, Senate Executive Document,
Vol. 5, pt 1
	Pensioners on January 1, 1883
	I.  New England, New Jersey and Dist.of Columbia      	8 fiche
	II. New York, Pennsylvania			              10 fiche
	III. Ohio, Illinois, Iowa				9 fiche
	IV. Northwest and Western States territories		9 fiche
	V.  Mid Atlantic, Gulf and Central States			7 fiche

Confederate Military History
Extended Edition, 19 volumes includes indexes
at the John C. Pace Library, University West Florida  E545 C 64
1987 (see West Florida Footprints, Vol. 12  page 12)

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