Pensacola Family History Center

Location Hours Closed
9490 Fox Run

1 block north of Nine Mile Rd.

(850) 969-1254
Tuesday        9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
                     5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Wednesday   9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursday       5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
August 1-17, 2010

The center is staffed by volunteers who will assist you in using the resources of the center.

  • Bring the name of an ancestor you wish to research and the information you know about the person (such as birth, death, or marriage and locality of these events).
  • The more information you have about your ancestor, the better your chances for successful research.
  • It will also be helpful to bring a pedigree chart filled with as much information as possible.

Resources Available in the Family History Center

The computers in the Family History Center are connected to the internet where you can access:

  • FamilySearch.org (FamilySearch™)
  • Ancestry.com
  • FamilyLink
  • Footnote.com
  • Genline.com
  • Godfrey Memorial Library
  • Heritage Quest Online
  • World Vital Records

* The Family History Library Catalog Microfiche

The catalog lists and describes the materials in the Family History Library.

* FamilySearch™
Most centers have a computer with FamilySearch, a collection of computer files and programs to help individuals search for information about their ancestors.

FamilySearch includes:
  • Family History Library Catalog  (FHLC)
  • International Genealogical Index (IGI)
  • Ancestral File
  • Social Security Death Index
  • Scottish Church Records
  • United States Military Index
  • Index to the Pedigree Resource File
  • * Personal Ancestral File
    Personal Ancestral File is a computer program that allows patrons to organize their family history data. Most Family History Centers have Personal Ancestral File available for patron use on the center’s computers.

    * Additional Computer Resources
    Centers may have additional resource files on compact disc.

    * Microfilm and Microfiche from the Family History Library
    Centers keep some microfilms and microfiche in their collections. Patrons can arrange to have copies of most Family History Library microfilms and microfiche loaned to the center for a small fee.

    *  Published Resources
    Most centers have a small collection of published reference sources that include research helps, genealogies, histories, gazetteers, atlases, and maps.

    *  LDS Southern States Missions
    Alabama & Florida Membership records, 1888-1943, Film # 1880
    South Florida District, 1938-1943, Film # 1910
    West Florida, 1907-1951, Film # 1825
    Olive &  Pensacola Branches,  Film # 1909

    *  Indexes
    Florida Combined Death Index, 1877 - 1969   Fiche # 6081769 - 6081817
    Calfornia Death Indexes.  1940 - 1983   Fiche # 6332560-64
    Cook County, IL Birth & Death Indexes 1871 - 1916   Fiche # 6016532 - 33
    South Carolina Death Certificate Index, 1915 -1944    Fiche # 6334926 - 28
    Wisconsin Birth & Death Indexes  1850 - 1907   Fiche # 6331472-73

    *  Leonardo Andreas Collection
    (54+ reels of microfilm) Andreas was a professional genealogist in Columbia, SC during the 1950s. Collection consists of folders of genealogical correspondence between researcher and patron. Primarily Southeastern families. Index fiche # 6019560   Film # 954247 -  ???

    *  South Carolina Name Index to Genealogical Records Collected by the DAR
    Fiche #6052835. Many of the source films available at the Center.

    *  The Bowman Files
    Records of George Bowman, founder and president of the Massachusetts Mayflower Society. (221 microfiche)   # 6331448 - 6331471

    *  Old Parochial Registers of Scotland
    (microfiche & cd-rom) These indexes cover births and marriages in the Old Parochial Registers of  the Established Church of Scotland (Presbyterian).  They cover approximately three  hundred years prior to 1855.  Fiche # 6025611 - 6025739

    *  Pensacola FHC Online Catalog (not current yet)