Probate Document: Land Partnership

Peter Philibert and Francis Rocheblave

Submitted by: Deborah Baldock, d.baldock@att.net

          Know all men by these presents; that we Peter Philibert of the one part with the consent of his wife and Francis Rocheblave of the other part with the same, unanimously and by common consent have entered into a copartnership under the terms and conditions hereafter mentioned and stipulated.

          First, that he the said Peter Philibert do hereby acknowledge to have received from Francis Rocheblave Four Thousand one hundred and sixty dollars cash, in order to convey into effect the before mentioned Copartnership, being the conditions in the first place, that he the said Philibert grant and confirm unto the said Rocheblave one half of the two plantations valuated at three thousand dollars; also ten Negro slaves, valuated at five thousand dollars; two horses at one hundred and fifty dollars; one boat at one hundred and fifty dollars, and one light boat at twenty dollars. The name of the slaves being as follows: Augustin, John Baptiste, Francis, Davis, Sendor, Manuel, Madalena, Rosalia, Celeste and Clara making a total amount of eight thousand three hundred and twenty dollars of which sum he the said Peter Philibert do acknowledge as he has already stated it to have in his possession the above sum of four thousand one hundred and sixty dollars making one half of the copartnership, under the expressed condition that the dissolution of the partnership in case of an unexpected event shall be by common consent of the parties and in a friendly manner as they have performed this art, and further it is agreed everything requested for the food of the slaves, utensils for the cultivation of the ground and necessaries for the Plantation, shall be furnished from this date by halves. Keeping by one or the other an exact amount of the charges and items to be paid by both partners.

The above articles of agreement being well understood in this instrument of writing by both of the contracting parties they promise to execute the same in the manner and form as it is expressed renouncing the laws, right and privileges in their favor with the general inform prohibiting the same and both contracting parties to the true and faithful performance of the several covenants and agreements aforesaid do hereby respectfully bind themselves, their persons and property present and to come granting power to the justices to compel them to compel them to the fulfillment of the same, signed by all the parties to which I, Jose Maria Callava Knight of the Distinguished Order of Saint Herniegildo Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Armies Political and Military Governorof the province of West Florida in the City of Pensacola, Do hereby certify that I know the parties who have signed sealed and acknowledged the foregoing instrument writing before me and the instrument witnesses, who Antonio Molino, John de la Rua, and John Reysmund and for want of an Escribano, those who subscribed their names with me.

(Signed, Peter Philibert===Francis Rocheblave
Philibert Rocheblave--- at the request of Mary Louisa Philibert not knowing how to write== Peter deALBA, Junior== Before Jose Callava = Domingo Gausa =Joseph Caro

I, Joseph E. Caro Keeper of the Public Archives of West Florida, only gratified and commissioned by the President of the United States of America
Do hereby certify the foregoing to contain a true and faithful translation from the original record now on the file in my office.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand
And affixed my seal of Office at Pensacola this 3rd
Day of September 1830
(Signature) Joseph E. Caro