Events That Affected West Florida

Contributed by Laura Lee Scott
Source: West Florida Footprints, #12
Web page formerly maintained by Bernard Short
1559 -- Tristan de Luna Y Aellano settles on Pensacola Bay
		Fort abandoned 1561

1698 -- Andres de Arriola fortifies Pensacola

1719 -- After a great naval battle, Pensacola surrenders to France

1722 -- Spanish secure return of Pensacola and reoccupy, November

1763 -- At the close of the Seven Years War (French & Indian War),
	Britain gained control of Florida. Spanish evacuate.
	Settlers from Europe and the American colonies to the
        north began to move into the area. Provinces of East and
        West Florida were formed.

1764 -- First meeting of West Florida Council, November. Began by
        declaring all titles purchased from departing Spaniards void.
        Surveyor, Elias Durnford, prepares a plan for the city.
        Divides town into building and garden lots
1773-74 -- Botanist William Bartram explores Florida.

1775-83 -- Revolutionary War, Florida remains loyal to England.

1781 -- Bernado Galvez captures Pensacola, West Florida evacuated
        by British.

1783 -- Florida given to Spain by England in exchange for Bahamas and
        Gibraltar. Most British settlers leave. Spanish census of

1790 -- United States makes treaty with Creeks to return runaway slaves.

1795 -- Spain yields its claim to the northern part of West Florida.

1803 -- Louisiana Purchase, United States claims West Florida.

1810 -- Republic of West Florida proclaimed.

1812 -- War of 1812, United States declares war on England, June 18
	United States annexed portions of West Florida to Louisiana
        and to the Mississippi Territory.

1813 -- British occupy Pensacola, Andrew Jackson drives them out.

1814 -- Treaty of Ghent
	Andrew Jackson occupies Pensacola, November 7-9.
1817-18 -- First Seminole War (Jackson's campaign).

1820 -- Spanish census of Pensacola.

1819-21 -- Adams-Onis Treaty.

1821 -- Andrew Jackson accepts Penasacola from Spaniards, July 17
	Circuit courts in each county have jurisdiction over minor
        civil cases, probate, equity, guardianship, and felonies for
        each county.

1822 -- Florida organized as a territory. March 30.
	County judges keep probate, marriage, adminsitration, and
        guardian-ship records.

1824-26 -- Road built from St. Augustine to Pensacola.

1825 -- Authorization of Navy Yard and depot at Pensacola.

1826-1845 -- Construction of Navy Yard, Ft. Pickens, Ft. McRee &
             Ft. Barrancas.

1830 -- Florida's first Federal census. Indian removal begins.

1836-43 -- Second Seminole War.

1845 -- Florida becomes a state, March 3.
	Sections and townships laid out by the General Land Office.

1861 -- Col. William Chase authorized by Governor M. Perry to sieze
        the forts at Pensacola. January 8th.
        Florida seceded from the Union, January 10.
	Navy Yard at Pensacola surrendered to southern milita troops,
        Jan 12.
	Outbreak of Civil War, April 12

1862	-- Union troops seize Fort Pickens at Pensacola.  
	   Federal troops recieved the surrender of Pensacola, May 10.

     -- Pensacola city government goes into excile in Greenville,
        Alabama. City records hidden at Bluff Springs.

1865 -- Florida formally surrendered to Federal forces, May 20.
	  Civil War over June.

1868 -- Florida readmitted to the Union, June 25.

1876 -- First burial at St. Johns Cemetery, August 10th.

1883 -- Railroad reaches Pensacola.
	Opera House, built by Daniel F. Sullivan, opens.
1889 -- State Board of Health established.

1898 -- Spanish American War.

1906 -- Hurricane.

1914 -- Naval Air Station established at Pensacola  
	Banks in Pensacola collapse, February 2.

1916 & 1926 -- Hurricane, heavy destruction in Pensacola & Milton.  
               Many records business records destroyed.