Pensacola City Directory


Transcribed and contributed by Janet Myers

This file includes County & City Officials, Police Dept., Courts, Fire Dept., Banks, Depots, Churches, Schools, Military, Bands, Clubs, Postoffice, Custom House, Convents, Hospitals, Telegraph & Telephone Companies, Incorporated Companies, Building & Loan Assoc., Newspapers, Railroads, Fraternal Societies, Labor Organizations, Consuls, Libraries, Cemeteries and Theatres.

State Government - 1893.

Governor: : Henry L. Mitchell

Secretary of State: : John L. Crawford

Treasurer: : C. B. Collins

Attorney-General: : Wm. B. Lamar

Adjutant-General: : Patrick Houston

Commissioner of Agriculture: : L. B. Wombwell

Superintendent of Public Instruction: : W. N. Sheats

United States Senators :: Wilkinson Call, Samuel Pasco

Members of Congress :: First District, Stephen R. Mallory, of Pensacola ; Second District, Charles M. Cooper, of Jacksonville

Escambia County Officers - 1893.

Sheriff : Joseph Wilkins

County Judge : : Thomas R. McCullagh

Clerk Circuit Court : : John de la Rua

Treasurer : : John W. Frater

Assessor : : Angus M. McMillan

Collector : : A. H. D'Alemberte

County Commissioners : : J. S. Leonard, chairman; P. M. Williams, John B. Guttman, H. C. Clopton, J. B. Cooper

Board Public Instruction : George S. Hallmark, J. M. Hilliard, H. F. Crabtree

Superintendent of Public Schools : N. B. Cook

Justice of Peace : J. Albert Johnson

Harbor Master : Dennis Burns

Custodian of Lost Timber : George J. Slocumb

Surveyor Wm. F. Lee

Board of Health : 307 1/2 S Palafox - President, R. W. Hargis; Sec'y & treas., D. G. Brent & B. R. Pitt

Port Physician : Dr. R. C. White

Sanitary Inspectors : George S. Hallmark, Edward Ditmars

Board Pilot Commissioners : & Port Wardens : John Burns, John Mooney, David Shehan, Wm. Bazzell

Provisional Municipality of Pensacola.

President : J. M. Hilliard

Vice-President : W. D. Chipley

Clerk : John L. Pinney

Marshall : Joseph Wilkins

Board of Commissioners : J. M. Hilliard, W. D. Chipley, Wm. J. Forbes, John M. Pfeiffer, H. H. Thornton, Ed Gale Quina, David Tobin, Mitchell Touart

Police Department.

Marshal : Joseph Wilkins

Captains : James Farinas (day), Wm. H. McDavid (night) &

eighteen patrolmen


Supreme Court : Chief Justice, George P. Raney; Associate Justices, R. Fenwick Taylor & Milton H. Mabry;

clerk, James B. Whitfield. Meets at Tallahassee.

United States Court : US Circuit Judge, Don A Pardee; US District Judge, Charles Swayne; US District Attorney, J. N. Stripling; US Court clerks, P. Walter & W. W. Potter; US Marshal, Edwin C. Weeks. Meets first Monday in March & October at United States Court rooms, Custom House.

Circuit Court of the 1st Circuit of Fla. : Judge, W. D. Barnes; clerk, John de la Rua; sheriff, Joseph Wilkins. Meets April and December.

Escambia County Court : Judge, Thomas R. McCullagh. Meets at County Court House.

Mayor's Court : Meets at city hall every day at 9:15 A.M.

Fire Department.

Chief : John Baker

First Assistant : John Campbell

Second Assistant : John Fields

Germania Steam Fire Engine, No. 1 : E. Zarragossa cor Commendencia

Germania Hose Co., No 1 : E Zarragossa nr Jefferson

Florida Hose Co., No 2 : E. Garden nr Jefferson

Washington Hose Co. : W. Zarragossa nr Palafox


THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PENSACOLA,307 S. Palafox - Organized September 15, 1880. Capitol $100,000. President, F. C. Brent; vice-president, Wm. H. Knowles; cashier, J. S. Leonard; assistant cashier, W. K. Hyer, Jr.; directors, F. C. Brent, Wm. H. Knowles, W. D. Chipley, J. S. Leonard, D. G. Brent, Wm. A. Blount.

CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK, cor Palafox & Government. Organized October, 1892. President, L. Hilton-Green; vice-president, T. E. Wells; cashier, John E. Maxwell; directors, Rix M. Robinson, Wm. Fisher, A. Greenhut, John F. Pfeiffer, Hugh B. Hatton, C. J. Heinberg, John W. Frater, T. E. Wells, L. Hilton-Green.


BAPTIST - FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH - Government east of Tarragona. Pastor, Rev. A. P. Pugh.

PALAFOX ST. BAPTIST - Chase nr Palafox. Rev. J. R. Ryan, pastor.

EPISCOPAL - CHRIST CHURCH - Seville Square; Rector Rev. Percival H. Whaley. Organized about 1815; 600 members.

ST. CYPRIAN - Chase street nr Stratton Ice works. Rector, Rev. P. H. Whaley. In connection with Christ (Episcopal) Church.

LUTHERAN - THE GERMAN LUTHERAN CHURCH - Garden cor Baylen. Pastor, Rev. J. F. W. Reinhardt.

SCANDINAVIAN SEAMAN'S CHURCH - Palafox wharf. Pastor, Rev. Gustav O. Barman.

METHODIST EPISCOPAL - METHODIST EPISCOPAL, SOUTH - N Palafox street cor Garden. Pastor, Rev. W. P. Hurt.

PRESBYTERIAN - Chase bet Tarragona and Palafox. Pastor, Rev. H. S. Yerger, D. D.

ROMAN CATHOLIC - ST. MICHAEL'S - Palafox cor Chase. Rector, Very Rev. J. B. Baasen; assistant, Rev. J. M. McCormick. Three thousand members. Organized 1781.

JEWISH - BETHEL CONGREGATION - Chase nr Tarragona. Services Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Colored Churches.

BAPTIST - MOUNT ZION - Near Union Depot. Pastor, Rev. C. J. Hardy.

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST - Salamanca cor 10th ave. Pastor, Rev. M S J Abbott, M. D.

UNION MISSIONARY - Guillemard nr Garden. Pastor, Rev. Edward L. Dozier.

MOUNT OLIVE BAPTIST - 413 N. Alcaniz. Pastor, Rev. Frank H. Falk.


AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL - E. Belmont nr Tarragona. Pastor, Rev. E. W. Johnson.

METHODIST EPISCOPAL - E Intendencia bet Tarragona and Alcaniz. Pastor (vacant).

ZION METHODIST EPISCOPAL - Coyle nr Government. Pastor, Rev. O. V. Jackson.

ROMAN CATHOLIC - ST. JOSEPH'S - S. Barcelona bet Intendencia & Government. Rector, Rev. Fulton.


LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE (passenger) - N Tarragona bet Wright & Belmont.

LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE (freight) - E Garden bet Tarragona and Alcaniz.

PENSACOLA & PERDIDO (freight & passenger) - Nr head of Perdido wharf, western suburbs.

PENSACOLA TERMINAL CO. (passenger) - W. Main cor Palafox.

Public Schools.

NO. 1 - N Palafox opp R. E. Lee square. John P. Patterson, A. M. principal; John P. Sellman, vice-principal; Mrs. A. K. Suter, Miss Pauline Reese, Miss Daisy Anson, Mrs. S. M. Sampey, Mrs. Mary H. Knowles, Mrs. A. W. McReynolds, Miss Helen Fisher, Miss Belle Northington, Miss Minnie Burge, assistants.

NO. 2 - E Garden bet Palafox & Tarragona. Mrs. E. J. Wilson, principal; Miss Fannie Henderson, Miss Nannie Wentworth, assistants.

NO. 27 - Tharp's Mill. Miss Miralda Bishop, teacher.

NO. 40 - 10th ave. nr 13th street. Miss Lucy McKinley, teacher.

COLORED - NO. 3 - E Intendencia bet Alcaniz and Fla. Blanca. Mrs. Ella Matthews,* principal; Miss Florence B. Taylor,* assistant.

NO. 30 - N Reus bet Wright and Belmont. R. W. Taylor,* Mrs. Clara Sunday,* Miss Lodie Burch,* assistants.

NO. 52 - W. Jackson (old Marine Hospital), Nathaniel Seal,* principal, Mrs. M. J. Seal,* Miss Louise McDonald,* assistants.

NO. 54 - 9th ave cor Chase. John A. Gibson,* principal; Mrs. Mary A. Edwards,* Mrs. Sallie Register,* assistants.

NO. 44 - Northeast limits nr Farine Hill place. Robert Stewart,* teacher.

Private Schools.

Mrs. Sabra H. Collins, 400 W Garden.

R. M. Cary, Sr., A. M., N Baylen bet Chase and Gregory.

Mrs. _____ Thompson (kindergarten), E Wright bet Guillemard & Tarragona.

German Lutheran School, E Garden next to German Lutheran Church, E. Reidel, teacher.

Sisters of Mercy, 18 S. Palafox.


THIRD FLORIDA BATTALION, composed of Escambia Rifles, Chipley Light Infantry, Pensacola Light Artillery of Pensacola; Apalachicola Guard, Apalachicola, and Sewanee Rifles, Live Oak. W. F. Williams, Major commanding; H. H. Thornton, Adjutant; R. W. Hargis, Surgeon; Ed Gale Quina, Quartermaster. Headquarters, Pensacola.

ESCAMBIA RIFLES - Armory, 20 S. Palafox. Captain, J. T. Whiting; First Lieutenant, F. A. Ross; Second Lieutenant, R. M. Bushnell; First Sergeant, Knowles Hyer.

CHIPLEY LIGHT INFANTRY - Armory, 20 S. Palafox. Captain, George J. Slocumb; First Lieutenant, C. M. Jones; Second Lieutenant, R. M. Cary, Jr.; First Sergeant, B. W. Robinson.

PENSACOLA LIGHT ARTILLERY - Armory, 139 E Government. Captain, M. P. Palmes; First Lieutenant, J. S. Reese.

GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC, SHERMAN POST - H. C. Northup, Post Commander; J. C. Pettersen, Senior Vice-Commander; Richard Duval, Jr., Junior Vice-Commander; Samuel Payne, Adjutant. Meets on first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:30 P.M., Renshaw building, 106 S Palafox.

CONFEDERATE VETERANS, CAMP WARD - W. E. Anderson, Commander; John D. Rendall, First Lieutenant; H. C. Witt, Second Lieutenant; James H. Wentworth, Third Lieutenant; R. J. Jordan, Adjutant.


THIRD FLORIDA BATTALION BAND* - Edward Wyer,* leader and manager, fifteen pieces. Meets Germania Hall. Orchestra six pieces connected, E. Wyer, leader.

PASTIME ORCHESTRA AND BAND - George Godoi, leader; Thomas Johnson, manager. Meets Clutters' Hall.

Clubs (Social).

OSCEOLA CLUB - Brent's building, 21 1/2 S Palafox. President, W. K. Hyer, Sr., vice-presidents, F. C. Brent, Geo. W. Wright; secretary and treasurer, D. G. Brent; executive committee, W. K. Hyer, Sr., John B. Guttman, J. S. Leonard.

THE FLORIDA CLUB - Opera House block. President, C. C. Yonge; vice-presidents, F. O. Howe, and M. J. Fauria; secretary and treasurer, R. F. McConnell; executive committee, F. N Ruse, F. O. Howe, C. C. Yonge and S. C. Cobb.

PENSACOLA ATHLETIC CLUB - GYMNASIUM N Baylen cor Belmont. President, H. Baars; vice-president, W. D. Chipley; secretary and treasurer, R. A. Hyer.

PENSACOLA CYCLING CLUB - Rooms No. 6 W Romana. President, A. C. Blount, Jr.; vice-president, Laz Jacoby; secretary and treasurer, R. E. L. Daniell.

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - 26 S Palafox street. President, W. H. Ross, M. D.; first vice-president, Wm. Fisher; second vice-president, T. V. Kessler; third vice-president, S. C. Cobb; fourth vice-president, F. O. Howe; secretary, Thomas C. Watson; treasurer, W. H. Knowles.


Postmaster, F. C. Humphreys; assistant postmaster, C. E. Merritt; day mailing clerk, Gad Humphreys; night mailing clerk, M. S. White; delivery clerk, Turner D'Alemberte; mail carriers, Fred Stearns, superintendent; Wm. May,* R. S. Smith,* Chas G. Van Matre, A. B. Pettiway.* General delivery: 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. and 5 to 6 P.M. Sundays 8 to 10 A.M. Stamp, register and money order office, 8:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. Daily except Sunday.

Custom House.

S Palafox cor Government. Collector, J. R. Mizell; special deputy collector, J. T. Holden; deputy collector, Elwood Haines; clerk, J. N. Murphy;* inspectors, Arthur McConnell, chief; Peter H. Davidson, Jr.,* John W. Hall,* J. N. Clinton;* watchmen, R. G. Steen, L. B. Croon;* messenger, T. D. Quigley; first assistant engineer, D. C. McC. French; pilot, M. G. la Poidevant; fireman, Carl Ropke; boatmen U. S. Custom launch, Miguel Borras, John Butterfield.




PENSACOLA INFIRMARY - Drs. W. E. Anderson and F. G. Renshaw, proprietors. E Zarragossa.

Telegraph and Telephone Co's.

WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO - L. LeBaron, manager. 110 E. Government.

SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. - J. M. Ackerman, manager, 14 1/2 E Government.

Incorporated Companies.

PENSACOLA GAS CO. - Incorporated 1884. Capitol, $200,000. President, W. W. Gibbs; secretary and treasurer, E. C. Lee; manager, C. F. Zeek.

PENSACOLA ELECTRIC LIGHT & POWER CO - Incorporated 1887. Capital $50,000. President and General Superintendent, B. R. Pitt; Secretary and Treasurer, J. S. Leonard.

THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO - Proprietors and publishers of The Daily News, Incorporated 1889. President, W. D. Chipley; Secretary and Treasurer, R. M. Cary, Jr.

THE SOUTHERN STATES LAND & TIMBER CO (Limited), 307 1/2 S Palafox. Incorporated 1889. Capital $1,500,000. Rix M. Robinson, manager.

Building & Loan Associations.

MUTUAL LOAN AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION OF PENSACOLA - Incorporated January, 1889. President, A. M. Avery; vice-president, A. V. Clubbs; secretary, Thomas C. Watson; treasurer, Wm. H. Knowles. Directors: B. R. Pitt. John Cosgrove, Sol Cahn, W. A. D'Alemberte, and J. M. Hilliard.

WORKINGMEN'S BUILDING AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION - Incorporated March,1883. Capital, unlimited. President, J. M. Hilliard; vice-president, John Cosgrove; secretary, Thomas C. Watson; treasurer, Wm. H. Knowles. Directors: A. V. Clubbs, B. R. Pitt, W. A. D'Alemberte, A. M. Avery, Wm. Fisher.

PENSACOLA HOME AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION - Incorporated April, 1889. President, Hugh B. Hatton; vice-president, W. A. D'Alemberte; secretary, R. M. Cary, Jr.; treasurer, W. K. Hyer, Jr. Directors: Hugh B Hatton, W. A. D'Alemberte, Knowles Hyer, J. W. Frater, C. H. Dorr, J. M. Hilliard, Wm. Fisher.

PENSACOLA WATER CO - Incorporated 1886. Capital $150,000.00. President & superintendent, B. R. Pitt; secretary & treasurer H. G. Desilva. Directors: R. W. Hargis, M. D.; B. R. Pitt, H. G. Desilva, J. S. Leonard, Pensacola, and W. R. Pitt, New York.

SULLIVAN TIMBER CO - Incorporated 1886. Capital $300,000. President, J. W. Black; secretary & treasurer, R. F. McConnell.

SOUTHERN IMPROVEMENT CO - C. H. Dishman, president; David Davis, Litchfield, Illinois, secretary & treasurer.

FLORIDA, ALABAMA, AND TENNESSEE RAILROAD CO - Henry McLaughlan, president; L Hilton-Green, vice president; C. H. Dishman, secretary; S. R. Dishman, treasurer.


THE DAILY NEWS, 211 1/2 S Palafox - Established March 5, 1889. The News Publishing Co., proprietors: Managing editor, Benjamin Harrison; city editor, W. M. Loftin; business manager, Willis m. Ball.

THE WEEKLY NEWS - Same as above.


LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE RAILROAD - Pensacola and Pensacola & Atlantic Divisions. Pensacola to Flomaton, and Pensacola to River Junction. Superintendent, E. O. Saltmarsh; division freight and passenger agent, J. W. Lurton; ticket agent, R. W. Sublett. Offices, L & N passenger depot.

PENSACOLA TERMINAL CO - Operators Pensacola Street Car System & Pensacola & Fort Barrancas Railroad. President, Graham Gordon; vice-president and general manager, C. M. Bouldin; secretary and superintendent, S. F. Chipley; treasurer, Wm. H. Knowles. Directors: All of above of Pensacola, and Isaac H Shirk, of Balitmore.

PENSACOLA & PERDIDO RAILROAD - Pensacola to Millview. C. H. Dishman, president and general manager; S. R. Dishman, secretary and treasurer.

FLORIDA, ALABAMA & TENNESSEE RAILROAD - Projected to Memphis (now under construction). Henry McLaughlan, president; L. Hilton-Green, vice-president; C. H. Dishman, secretary; S. R. Dishman, treasurer.

Fraternal Benevolent Societies.

MASONIC - ESCAMBIA LODGE, NO 15, F. AND A.M. - Meets first and third Mondays in each month at 8 o'clock P.M. Masonic Hall, E Zarragossa cor Commendencia.

CORINTHIAN LODGE, NO. 12, F. AND A.M.- Meets second and fourth Mondays at 8 o'clock P.M., Masonic Hall, E Zarragossa cor Commendencia.

MOUNT MORIAH R. A. CHAPTER, NO 24, F. AND A.M. - Meets second and fourth Fridays at 8 o'clock P.M. Masonic Hall, E Zarragossa cor Commendencia.

I. O. O. F. - PENSACOLA LODGE, NO 4 - Meets every Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock, Rafford Hall, 8 W. Intendencia.

JOPPA LODGE, NO 6 - Meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at Rafford Hall, No 8 W. Intendencia.

KNIGHTS OF HONOR - GULF CITY LODGE, NO 3296 - Meets every second and fourth Friday of each month at 7:30 o'clock at Rafford Hall, No 8, W. Intendencia.

BAY LODGE, NO. 2505 - Meets Monday evenings at 7:30 o'clock at Raford Hall, No. 8 W. Intendencia.

COLUMBIA LODGE, NO 3749 - Meets at Rafford Hall, No 8, W. Intendencia.

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - PENSACOLA LODGE, NO 3 - Meets every Monday at 7:30 P.M., at Pythian Hall, W. Intendencia.

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - DAMON LODGE, NO 13 - Meets every Tuesday at 7:30 at Pythian Hall.

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS - RATHBORN LODGE, NO 30 - Meets every second and fourth Thursday evening at 7:30 at Pythian Hall.

CATHOLIC KNIGHTS OF AMERICA - PENSACOLA BRANCH, NO 10 - Meets regularly at Hall, Jefferson street, every first and third Sunday in each month.

I. O. B. B. - ALPHA LODGE, NO 219 - Meets on the second and fourth Sundays in each month at Pythian Hall, W. Intendencia. President - J. Kahn; Secretary - A. Goldstuker; Treasurer - O. Goldstuker.

G. U. O. O* - PRIDE OF PENSACOLA LODGE, NO 1928 - Meets first and third Thursdays of each month at Hall, 5 N. Tarragona.

G. U. O. F. * - FLORIDA LODGE, NO 2491 - Meets every first and third Friday of each month at Hall, 5 N. Tarragona.

Labor Organizations.

BRICKLAYERS UNION, NO 1 - Meets first Wednesday in month at Rafford Hall,  8 E Intendencia.

BROTHERHOOD LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS, DIVISION NO 275 - Meets at Rafford Hall, No 8, E. Intendencia every Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.

CARPENTERS AND JOINERS OF AMERICA, UNION NO 74 - Meets at Rafford hall every second and fourth Monday of each month, at 7:30 o'clock.

FISHERMAN'S PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION - John Holland, President; John Sutherland, Vice-President; Louis M. Levy, Secretary and Treasurer; Thomas Burham, Sergeant-at-Arms. Meets every first and third Tuesday of each month at Stevedores' Hall, 7 P.M.

ORDER OF RAILWAY CONDUCTORS, DIVISION NO 199 - Meets at Pythian Castle first and third Saturday nights in each month, 8 o'clock.

STEVEDORES' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION, NO. 1 - John Holland, President; John Dominick, Vice-President; Thomas Johnson, Financial Secretary; Dan Murphy, Recording Secretary; Henry Johnson, Treasurer; John Matthews, Sergeant-at-Arms. Meets every second Monday night in each mount at the hall, No. 520 S Palafox.

TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION, NO 293 - A. J. Johnson, Secretary, Daily News office.


Argentine Republic, M. S. Macias, Stratton Ice Works.

Vice Consuls.

Austria, H. Baars, Palafox wharf

Brazilian, M. F. Gonzales, Tarragona cor Zarragossa

British, O. C. Howe, 7 1/2 S Palafox

Denmark, William McKenzie Oerting, Palafox wharf

French, Dario Piaggio, rear 710 S. Palafox

Germany, D. C. Eitzen (for State of Florida), with Ross, Howe & Merrow

Hungary, H. Baars, Palafox wharf

Mexico, J. N. Moreno, 6 E. Government

Netherlands, Robert J. Jordan, 400 S Palafox

Norwegian and Swedish, C. F. Boysen, S Palafox

Portugal, J. L. Borras, 100 S Tarragona

Russian, David K. Hickey, Jefferson opp Public square

Spanish, J. L. Borras, 100 S Tarragona

Uruguay, Thomas C. Watson, 201 S. Palafox

Venezuela, J. L. Borras, 100 S Tarragona


Pensacola Library Association - 15 1/2 S Palafox. Secretary, Miss Lottie Flinn; chairman, William Fisher; librarian, Miss Lottie Flinn. Open form 4 to 7:30 P.M.

United States Signal Service.

Custom House, E. C. Easton, observer.

Young Men's Christian Association.

Rooms E. Chase opp. Presbyterian Church. President, Wm. Fisher; vice-president, A. C. Binkley; secretary, B. A. Davis. Free library. Services every Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock.


ST. JOHN'S CEMETERY - West end Belmont st., owned by Masonic fraternity.

ST. MICHAEL'S CEMETERY - E. Garden st bet Alcaniz and Florida Blanca.


PENSACOLA OPERA HOUSE - Coe & Tate, managers, E. Government cor Jefferson.