Cemetery Index

Volunteers from the West Florida Genealogical Society (WFGS) have been working toward having a complete list of cemeteries in Escambia County, Florida. In late 2006, a huge update was completed, the results of which you will begin to see on this web site. In the months and years ahead, more updates will occur, thanks to the volunteers of the WFGS, as well as the local community. As you research these pages, please be aware that human error can occur in the many stages of bringing this information to you. Therefore, this data should not be quoted as a primary source.

If you have any additions or corrections to the index or the individual cemetery listings, please e-mail Evan Strohl, Chairman, WFGS Cemetery Committee, or the Webmaster. All sources will be credited.

Please notify the Webmaster of any broken links and provide the URL.

Note: Many cemeteries have been renamed, some more than once. The currently known name of a cemetery is listed in bold type. If a cemetery has had more than one name, it is cross-referenced in this index.


Plat Map of Townships & Ranges


Aldersgate United Methodist Church Cemetery

Al Islam Da’ Wah Cemetery, Hye Cemetery

A.M.E. Zion Cemetery

Antioch Church


Barrancas National Cemetery

Barrineau Family Cemetery

Barth Cemetery, White Lily Baptist Church Cemetery

Bay Springs Cemetery: (Black) Local residents say there is supposed to be a cemetery that has stone pillars at the front of it, located near the railroad, below the Morris Store (closed).

Bay Springs Full Gospel Church Cemetery

Bayview Fisher-Pou Chapel & Memorial Park, Bayview Memorial Park Cemetery: Pensacola. (White) Location: 3351 Scenic Highway (SR90), near the intersection of Summit Blvd. Established in 1947. Has not been surveyed. Phone (850) 432-7805.

Bayview Memorial Park Cemetery, Bayview Fisher-Pou Chapel & Memorial Park

Beams of Light Cemetery

Beck’s Lake Road Family Cemetery

Bellview Baptist Church Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery, Temple Beth-El Cemetery

Beulah Assembly of God Cemetery

Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

Beulah Chapel Cemetery

Beverly Memorial Cemetery: Ensley. Surveyed by WFGS in 1980’s, but not transcribed. This cemetery is no longer used. The few graves that were there originally were moved about 1955 to the Pine Forest Cemetery. Graves were said to have been of the Long and Smith families.

B’nai Israel Jewish Orthodox Cemetery

Byrneville United Methodist Church Cemetery


Campbell Cemetery: Pensacola. On the State Cemetery list. No further information.

Cantonment Clinch Cemetery: Previously located at Jackson and “S” Streets.

Cedartown Cemetery

Century Cemetery: Century. (Black)

Century Civil War Cemetery: Century, southern end. (Black)

Century-Flomaton Cemetery: West Century and CR4 West. (Black)

Chasefield Plantation Cemetery

Chasefield Plantation Cemetery on Interment.net

Christian Home Freewill Baptist Cemetery, 1985

Christian Home Freewill Baptist Cemetery, 2005

Christian Home Mission Cemetery, Mission Cemetery, Peavy Town Cemetery

Clopton Cemetery

Cottage Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Cottage Hill Community Cemetery

Cottage Hill Assembly of God Church Cemetery

Cotton Family Cemetery: Bogia. Private.

Crabtree Cemetery, Taylor/Crabtree Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Crabtree Baptist Church Cemetery

Crary Memorial Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery


Dry Springs Cemetery

Duke Family Cemetery: Quintette. (Black) Survey attempted by WFGS in the 1980’s, but local residents at that time did not know of a Duke Family Cemetery.


Eastern Gate Memorial Cemetery: Pensacola. Address: 1985 West 9-Mile Rd. Commercial. Has not been surveyed. First burials were in July 1986. Phone (850) 479-9223.

Enon Cemetery

Potter’s Field or Escambia County Cemetery


Farmhill United Methodist: Farmhill. (White) US29 North to Muscogee Road (CR184). Turn left on CR184 about 3 miles. Church and cemetery on left of road. Contact Jimmy Swafford (850)968-2705.

First Pentecostal Cemetery


Godwin Cemetery

Gonzalez United Methodist Church Cemetery, Roberts Cemetery

Good Hope A.M.E. Church Cemetery

Greater Springhill AMEZ Church Cemetery


Happy Valley Cemetery, McCurdy Cemetery, McCurdy/Mayo Cemetery

Harper Cemetery

Hendrix Cemetery

Highland Baptist Church Cemetery

Hollingsworth Family Cemetery: Pineville. (White) Surveyed by WFGS in 1980’s. Directions: US29 north to SR97. Left on SR97and go about one mile past intersection with CR4. Turn left at Nokomis Road and go to Meadows Road. Turn west on Nokomis Road about 3.5 miles to five roads intersection. Take left on Pineville Road and go about 3/4 mile to Hollingsworth Road. Turn right on Hollingsworth Road and go 1/4 mile to end of road. Cemetery is on the right behind old house. US north to intersection with CR184. Left on CR184 for 1.5 miles. Church and cemetery are on CR184. Cemetery is about 100 yards behind the church. Contact Jimmy Swafford (850)968-2705. First burial 1879.

Holy Cross Cemetery: Pensacola. Located at 1300 E. Hayes Street at the corner of 13th & Hayes Streets. Perpetual Care Cemetery, Catholic Diocese of Pensacola/Tallahassee. Accepts indigent burials. Contact Jean White, (850) 432-0878. Web Site

Huelsbeck Cemetery, Santa Rosa Cemetery, St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Cemetery, St. Jude Cemetery

Hye Cemetery, Al Islam Da’Wah Cemetery


Jordan Cemetery


Klondike Baptist Church Cemetery


Lathram Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, 1985

Lathram Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, 2000

Lee Family Cemetery

Lee Cemetery: Bratt (White) US29 north to CR164 at McDavid. Left on CR164.

Life of Faith Cemetery

Little Flock Cemetery


Magnolia Cemetery Locator (Map)

Magnolia Cemetery #1 (Link)

Magnolia Cemetery #2

Marlow Family Cemetery

McCurdy Cemetery 12-31-13
and McCurdy/Mayo Cemetery
and Happy Valley Cemetery

McDavid Cemetery: McDavid. (White) Surveyed by WFGS in 1980’s. Directions: US 29 north, past Cantonment to Bogia. Left on secondary road near Bogia for about 1 mile. Cemetery on right side of road.

McDavid Cemetery (Black) (on Find A Grave search)

Mennonite Cemetery

Millview Cemetery

Milstead Family Cemetery

Mission Cemetery, Christian Home Mission Cemetery, Peavy Town Cemetery

Montgomery Cemetery: Pensacola. (Black) Has not been surveyed. Located at Cross Street and 7th Avenue.

Morgan Family Cemetery 1984 Survey; 2001 Survey

Mount Zion Historical Cemetery

Muscogee Cemetery (see Old Muscogee Cemetery)

Myrtle Grove Methodist Church Cemetery


New Hope Cemetery

New Hope Primitive Baptist Cemetery: Cedartown. (Black) US 29 north past Cantonment to intersection with CR 95A. Right on CR 95 A for 3-4 miles past Quintette to Cedartown. Church and cemetery are located on left side of the road. Contact Woodrow Richardson, (850) 587-5522.

New St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Nix Family Cemetery


Oakgrove Cemetery
    Unmarked Graves

(Old) Muscogee Cemetery: Survey 1; Survey 2

(Old) Muscogee Cemetery: Link to Survey 1; Survey 2

Oliver Pugh Cemetery, Pugh’s Chapel Cemetery


Parazine Cemetery, Tippin-Walton Family Cemetery

Peavy Town Cemetery, Christian Home Mission Cemetery, Mission Cemetery: Cantonment. (Black) US 29 north to Cantonment to intersection with CR184. Left on CR184 about 1-2 miles to CR97. Turn left on CR97 and go over a railroad about ½ mile. Located off C97 on Arena Road in a large cleared field. Graves are spread out and only a few have headstones. Was not surveyed by WFGS. Contact Omer Kirkland, (850) 968-5193, or Lucille Ransom, (850) 968-9475, or Agnes A. (850) 968-2577.

Pensacola Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home, Pensacola Memorial Gardens: Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. Has not been surveyed by WFGS; however, there is a link to it on Find A Grave, which contains over 4,000 listings. Address: 7443 Pine Forest Road, south of Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL. The cemetery was established in 1954 and the funeral home was established in 1996. Phone (850) 944-0355.

Pentecostal Holiness Church Cemetery

Pet Haven Cemetery: Pensacola. A cemetery for pets. Pine Forest Road.

Pfeiffer Cemetery

Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery

(Big) Pine Barren Cemetery

(Little) Pine Barren Cemetery 1985 Survey; 2001 Survey 5-12-2010

(Old) Pine Barren Cemetery

Pine Forest Cemetery

Pineville Cemetery

Pineville Cemetery: Pineville. (Black) Directions: US29 North to Hwy. 97 onto Arthur Brown Road at the Walnut Hill crossroads. When Arthur Brown Road dead ends at Pineville Road, turn right for .3 of a mile. The Pineville Cemetery (listing prior to this one) is on the right. Go past the Pineville Cemetery to the top of the hill. House is on the right. Go over the hill. Cemetery is on the left. Land planted to pines. Owned by La Floresta Perdida, Inc. (850) 327-4256.

Plainview Baptist Church Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery: Warrington. (White)WFGS has not surveyed this cemetery, but there is a listing of some burials on the Find A Grave web site. Directions: Drive west on Gulf Beach Highway (SR 292), taking a left turn to continue on Gulf Beach Highway where it intersects with Sorrento Road. After crossing the Bayou Grande Bridge, you will see the cemetery on left side of Gulf Beach Highway, adjacent to the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and in front of the Pleasant Grove Elementary School. Contact Ed Blum, (850) 492-1728.

Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Crabtree Cemetery, Taylor/Crabtree Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Crary Memorial Cemetery

Pleasant Home Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Poplar Dell Cemetery

Potter’s Field or Escambia County Cemetery

Pugh’s Chapel Cemetery, Oliver Pugh Cemetery


Quarantine Station or Seafarer’s Cemetery


Ray’s Chapel Baptist Cemetery

Rest Haven Memorial Cemetery: Pensacola. (Black) Drive west on Massachusetts Avenue. Cross over the railroad tracks and look for directions on a road sign on the right side of the road. Directions are to turn right at the second block to the cemetery location. Established in 1955. Has perpetual care. Accepts indigent burials. Phone (850) 432-4484.

Roberts Cemetery, Gonzalez United Methodist Church Cemetery

Roberts/Gull Point/Nobles Cemetery


St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church Cemetery

Historic St. John’s Cemetery (Sometimes called the the St. John’s Masonic Cemetery) Downtown Pensacola, bordered by W. LaRua, North G Street, West Wright Street, and North L Street

St. John’s Catholic Cemetery Warrington
    North Section
    South Section
    West Section

St. Joseph’s Cemetery

St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Cemetery, St. Jude Cemetery, Santa Rosa Cemetery, Huelsbeck Cemetery

St. Michael’s Cemetery
    Interactive Map by UWF

St. Monica’s Episcopal Church Interment Garden

Santa Rosa Cemetery, St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Cemetery, St. Jude Cemetery, Huelsbeck Cemetery

Seafarer’s Cemetery or Quarantine Station

“Slave” Cemetery: Barrineau Park. (Black) US29 North to SR97. Left on SR97 to Sunshine Hill Road. Left on Sunshine Hill Road. At third curve continue straight through. Cemetery is behind houses and has never been located. Although residents know of it. This is the extensive land holdings of the Morgan Family in early history.

Spruell Memorial Cemetery

Sugar Hill Cemetery: Byrneville.


Taylor/Crabtree Cemetery, Crabtree Cemetery, Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Temple Beth-El Cemetery

Tippin-Walton Family Cemetery, Parazine Cemetery


Union Hill Baptist Cemetery
    Unmarked Graves

Union Primitive Baptist Church, 1985

Union Primitive Baptist Church, 1998

Unknown Black Cemeteries: Century Area. There are several black cemeteries in the Century area that are not listed. One is on CR4 west of US29.


Vaughn Cemetery


Walnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Walton Cemetery: No information.

(Old) Warrington Cemetery

(Old) Warrington-Woolsey Cemetery

Waters Family Cemetery

White Lily Baptist Church Cemetery, Barth Cemetery

Whitmire Cemetery
    History of Whitmire Cemetery

Wiley Memorial Church Cemetery

Williams Family Cemetery