Bibliography of Publications Concerning
Escambia County, Florida

Contributed to the Escambia County FLGenWeb by West Florida Genealogical Society and Laura Lee Scott

Augustina of Spanish West Florida and Her Descendants.... Jupiter, Del Alexa Eagan Franklin, NC. Genealogy Publ Services. 1994c. pp.206+xviii. With Related Families of Eagan, Kelker, Palmer, Taylor> [& Gomez] B.F. Tidwell Family of Pensacola, Florida and Southern Alabama Roberts, Theodore R. Publ by the Author. 1995. n.p. Biography: Clippings From Pensacola, FL Newspapers, Books I and II Pollard, Dolly (comp) Newspaper clippings in 3-ring white binder. Indexed. Ville Platte,LA. DeVille, Winston Publ by the author. 1986. pp.30. Pamphlet. Records of the Church of England in West Florida 1768-1770 Burials At Barrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola,FL - in 3 vols. U.S. National Cemetery Administration 1997? in 3 3-ring notebooks Catalog of the Combined Genealogy & Local History Collections of West Florida Regional Library & West Florida Genealogical Society Pensacola, FL Thomes, Sidney Phoenix, Jr (ed). West Florida Regional Lib. 15 Jan 1995. pp.404+xiv. First edition 15 Jan 1995. Updated Bi-annually. Censuses of Escambia County, Florida: Publ by the Author. 6/15/95. pp.20/33/94. Partial-North End of County.... Computer print in Three Sections; 1) 1880, 2) 1900, 3) 1910 Censuses of North Escambia County [FL], Precincts 20 and 22 Author not shown, Publisher not shown. In blue report binder. U.S. Censuses of 1880, 1900, 1910 & 1920 Century High School: Brief History, Principals, Teachers aand Coaches Author not shown, Publisher not shown. In blue report cover. Century Veterans of WWII; Students 1919-1972, 1973-1995 Author not shown, Publisher not shown. Colonial Pensacola, Edited by James R. Mcgovern (1976) Columbus Legacy in Pensacola, Parks, Virginia (ed), Pensacola Historical Society, 1992. Corrections for the Book Pensacola, FL Dicy Villar Bowman Published by the author, 1979, pp. 9. Crown Jewel, The [pamphlet] Pensacola, FL: Robinson, Celia Myroves Published by the author, n.d., pp. 89. Democrat, The [pt of 1 microfilm] Author not named Jan, 1846-July, 1846. Part of a series of Pensacola, FL newspapers running from Mar, 1824 to present w/ gaps 1853-Mar, 1889 and 1906-1953 Descendants of Joseph Bonifay and Marianna Pingrow,The Cantonment,FL: Bonifay, Susan H. Published by the author, 1972, pp. 18. Desiderio Quina - Five Generations Baltimore, MD: Quina, Charlotte K. (ed) Gateway Press, 1988, pp. 225. Early Vital Records of Pensacola, Florida, 1891-1910 [in 3 Vols.] Thomes, Sidney P., Jr. (comp and ed) with Virginia G. Deagan WFGS Special Publication #6/7, 1989, pp. 432/542/38 Pensacola Vol. 1-Births and Deaths 1891-1899; Vol. 2-Births 1899-1910 Vol.3-Deaths 1899-1910. WFGS Special Publications No. 4, 6, & 7 Echo, The: Newsletter of the Pensacola (FL) Historical Society, 1979-1988 Pensacola, FL: Pensacola Historical Society, 1979-88. Escambia County, Florida Escambia County, Florida, Election Returns, 1826-1926 [1 microfilm] Series 21. Escambia County, Florida, Index to Probate Records, 1821-1921 Pensacola, FL: Sutton, Leora M. (comp and ed)West Florida Genealogical Society, 1991, pp. 48. Special Publication #9 of the West Florida Genealogical Society Every-Name Index to the 1870 U.S. Census [of] Escambia County, Florida Pensacola, FL: Thomes, Sidney Phoenix, Jr. (comp and ed) West Florida Genealogical Society,1985, pp. 80. Special Publication #1 of the West Florida Genealogical Society. Ferry Pass School Reunion, 1883-1962 Pensacola,FL, October Pensacola,FL(?). Ferry Pass School Reunion Committee P.E.C.Printing/Publishing. 1994. n.p. First Morgan Family in Escambia County [FL] Pensacola, FL: Noa, Jane Morgan (comp) Published by the author, 1986, n.p. First United Methodist Church in Pensacola, Estab. 1821 Pensacola,FL. Appleyard, John John Appleyard Agency. 1991. pp.190+ii. Soft cover Florida 1885 (part) State Census: Escambia, Franklin and Gadsden Counties State of Florida Washington, DC: National Archives, Microfilm M845, Reel 0003 West Florida Genealogical Society Footprints Pensacola,FL. Publ by the Society. Anually/semi-annually. West Florida Regional Library has full set thru #16 (1995) Fort McRee: A Castle Built on Sand, Pensacola, FL: Coleman, James C. Pensacola Historical Society, 1988, pp. 124. Frontline on the Homefront: 13th Coast Artillery at Pensacola [FL], 1930-47 Ogden, David P., Pensacola, FL: Gulf Islands National Seashore, 1991, pp. 28.WWII Pamphlet. Genealogical Guide Northwest Florida Creek Indian Council Published by the author, n.d., n.p. Gravestone Registry, Escambia County, Florida Strohl, Evan (comp)[a 2-volume Set] West Florida Genealogical Society, 1986/88, pp.130/86 Special Publication Nos. 2 and 5 of the West Florida Genealogical Society. Volume 1 covers North County; Volume 2 Central County Guide to Genealogical Resources in Escambia County [FL] Bowman, Dicy V. (ed) Pensacola Historical Society, 1983, pp. 32. Pensacola, FL: Historic Landmarks in Pensacola, Florida [soft cover] West Florida Regional Library Staff From Local History Vertical Files. Newspaper articles on points of interest. Blue folders(2) in Vertical File "H" for Historic Landmarks Index to 1885 Florida State Census - Escambia, Franklin and Gadsden Counties Miami, FL: Martin, William T. and Patricia Martin (comps) Published by the compilers, 1991, pp. 78+v. Index to Deaths and Marriages in Pensacola [FL] Newspapers, 1821-1865 Milton, FL: Rucker, Brian R. (comp) Patagonia Press, 1990, pp. 117+viii. Index to Florida 1840 Census [for Selected Counties] Mrs. Beverly M. Taylor, n.d., pp. 42. Mallon, Lucille S. (comp) Counties included: Calhoun, Dade, Duval, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden,Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Madison, Walton and Washington; xerox copy Index to St.John's Cemetery of Pensacola, Florida Pensacola,FL. Bancroft, Janet et al (comp and ed)Publ by the Author. 1995. n.p. Soft cover. See also: 'St.John's Cemetery Correspondence and History.' Indian Traders of the Southeastern Spanish Borderlands Panton, Leslie & Company and John Forbes & company, 1783-1847 William s. Coker & Thomas D. Watson (1986) Insurance Maps of Pensacola, Florida, 1907 [1 Microfilm] Sanborn Map Company Sanborn Map Company New York, NY:, 1907. In blue cabinet. With 1953 revisions Iron Horse in the Pinelands: Building West Florida’s Railroad; 1881-1883 A Centennial History: Jesse Earle Bowden, John H Appleyard, Woodward B. Skinner, E. W. Carswell, Thomas Muir Jr., James A. Servies (1982) John Roberts Family of Pensacola, Florida Roberts, Theodore R. Publ by the Author. 1995. Various paging. Log of Peep O’Day: Summer Cruises in West Florida Water, 1912-1915, F. F. Bingham, Pub. by Patagonia Press (1991) Spanish Censuses of Pensacola, 1784-1820: A Genealogical Guide to Spanish Pensacola, William S. and G. Douglas Inglis (1980) Spanish Plat Book of Land Records of the District of Pensacola, Province of West Florida; British and Spanish Land Grants, 1764-1821, translated manuscript of Fernando J. Moreno, 1895, pub. by Billie Ford Snider and Janice B. Palmer (1994) “Sporting Live on the Line” Prostitution in Progressive Era Pensacola, James R. McGovern, Florida Historical Quarterly (October 1975) St. John’s emetery: Correspondence and History Janet Bancroft and Clint Morgan(1995) St. Michael’s Cemetery: 1807-193?, Lola Lee D. Bruington(1986


Bearss, Edwin C., "Civil War Operataion In and Around Pensacola" Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol. 36, No 2 & Vol. 39, Nos. 3 & 4 CIS U.S. Serial Set Index Part I American State Papers and the 15th - 34th Congresses 1789 - 1857. Part II 35th - 45th Congresses 1857 - 1879 UWF, Reference, Z1223 Z7 C26 CIS U.S. Serial Set (Microfiche) 1789 - 1969 (117,000 fiche) The U.S. Serials Set is an on going collection of U.S. Government publications compiled under directive of the Congress. It contains comprehensive and often detailed information on an extremely wide range of subjects. The set includes congressional documents and such non-congressional materials as Congress has from time to time ordered printed for its use and distribution. EXAMPLE: 1883, 47TH Congress, 2nd session, Senate Executive Document, Vol. 5, pt 1 Pensioners on January 1, 1883 I. New England, New Jersey and Dist.of Columbia 8 fiche II. New York, Pennsylvania 10 fiche III. Ohio, Illinois, Iowa 9 fiche IV. Northwest and Western States territories 9 fiche V. Mid Atlantic, Gulf and Central States 7 fiche Confederate Military History, Extended Edition, 19 volumes includes indexes at the John C. Pace Library, UWF E545 C 64 1987 (see West Florida Footprints, Vol. 12 page 12) The Civil War and Reconstruction in Florida, 1913 WatsonDavis, William Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, Dyer, Frederick H.,Des Moines, IA.: Dyer Publishing Co, 1908. (Has chronology, Federal Army organizations and regimental histories. Quite accurate.) Soldiers of Florida,Live Oak,FL, Johns, John E., 1903 Florida Board of State Institutions, (Rosters and regimental histories, somewhat inaccurate.) Florida During the Civil War, University of Florida Press, 1963 The Rebellion Record: A Diary of American Events, with Documents, Moore, Frank, ed., New York: GP. Putnam,1861-1868 Narratives, Illustrative Incidents, Poetry, Etc., 12 vols., At the John C. Pace Library, UWF, partially bound volumes and on microfilm. Pensacola in the Civil War, Parks, Virginia, Alan Rick & Norman Simoms, Pensacola Historical Society, Spring 1978 Florida Civil War Records, West Oregon Genealogical Research Library, Florence, OR: 1982 "Secession in Florida, Pensacola on Its Own, Documents, letters, and other Papers" Pompey, Sherman Lee, Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol.26, No.4, April 1948 War of the Rebellion Washington: Government Printing Office, 1880-1901, A compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 70 vols. Primarily in Series I, Vol. 1 & 6, Series IV, Vol. 1. Register of Florida CSA Pension Applications, White, Virgil D. National Historical Publishing Co. Waynesboro, TN: 1989 The Negro in the military service of the United States, 1639-1886. U.S. Dept. of War. 5 reels. Microfilm #158, UWF Special Archives Publications Historical Services Division, Florida Department of MIlitary Affairs, Department of Military Affairs, State Arsenal, Post Office Box 1008, St. Agustine Fl 32085-1088 University West Florida, Gov Docs Florida Document, #4. Florida's Union Army Index, 1862-1865, c. 1987 37 p. #5. Floridans; Service Abstracts, Confederate States Navy and Florida Naval Militia, 1861-1865, c.1987 20 pp. #90. Florida Soldiers: CSA, 1st, 3rd, 4th Florida Infantry. [Reprint from Soldiers of Florida, 1903], c.1990 #91. Florida Soldiers: CSA, 6th, 7th Florida Infantry, 1st Florida Cavalry. [Reprint from Soldiers of Florida,1903]. c.1990 56 pp. #93. Florida Soldiers: CSA, 9ty, 10th, 11th Florida Infantry. [Reprint from Soldiers of Florida, 1903]c.1990 50 pp. #111. Confederate Graves; Union Cemeteries, Vol. 1. List showing inscriptions on monuments to Confederate soldiers and sailors who while prisoners of war, died at Camp Douglas,Chicago& Rock Island, Illinois, and were there buried, but sub-sequently removed,either to their respective homes, or to the Confederate Mound, Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago. c.1991 130 pp. #112. Confederate Graves; Union Cemeteries, Vol. 2. List showing inscriptions on monuments to Confederate soldiers and sailors who while prisoners of war, died at Point Lookout, Maryland, and were buried, but subsequently removed, either to the Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery, or to their respective homes. c. 1991 124 pp. #113. Confederate Graves; Union Cemeteries, Vol. 3. List showing inscriptions on monument to Confederate soldiers and sailors who while prisoners of war, died in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, New Mexico and New York. c. 1991 90 pp. #114. Confederate Graves: Union Cemeteries, Vol. 4 List showing inscriptions on monument for Confederate Soldiers and Sailors who, while prisoners of war, died at Fort Delaware, Del., and were buried in the Finn's Point, N.J., National Cemetery,near Salem, N.J.; and died at Columbus and Camp Denison, Ohio,and were buried in Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, those dying at Camp Dennison having been thence removed. 102 pp. c. 1991 #115. Confederate Graves; Union Cemeteries, Vol. 5. List showing inscriptions on headstones for the Confederate soldiers and sailors who while prisoners of war died at Elmira, New York, and were buried in Woodlawn National Cemetery. And those who died at Camp Morton,Indianapolis, Indiana, and were buried in Green Lawn Cemetery. c. 1991 [Reprint of Government Printing Office, 1907] 107 pp.