Bible Record of Isaiah Lindsey Cobb

Submitted to the Escambia County FLGenWeb, Inc. by Deborah Cameron Biesbrock
Isaiah Cobb was born 19 May 1797 (Also from Escambia Co. Marriage Records: Isaiah L. Cobb Sr., married Nancy Elizabeth Cobb 23 October 1828.) S. T. Cobb was born 19 Feb 1834. Died 28 Jan 1871 R(obert) A(lexander) Polk (Jr.) was born 29 March 1841 and E(lizabeth) M(aria) (Cobb)Polk, the wife of R. A. Polk, was born 28 June 1843 Elizabeth Cobb was born 27 May 1841 Mary E. Cobb, the wife of J. A. Cobb, was born 6 Dec 1842 (or 3) Isaiah L. Cobb (Jr.) was born 9 April 1852 Samantha E. Cobb was born 28 Jan 1854 Isaiah Cobb was born 25 Aug 1859 (died 23 April 1899) Nancy Marie Cobb, the daughter of E. M. Cobb (illegitimate?) was born 14 Dec 1864 (died 20 Feb 1927; married 6 Jan 1887 to James C. Thompson) Joseph L. Cobb, the son of J. A. Cobb, Mary his wife, was born 25 Nov 1866 Josephine Polk, the daughter of R. A. Polk and wife was born 21 Oct 1867 James K. Polk, son of R. A. Polk and Elizabeth M., his wife, was born 28 Aug 1870 Mrs. Celia Barrow died 12 Aug 1868 (born 1805, wife of Benjamin Barrow; was she a Cobb?) Isaiah L. Cobb was married to Miss Samantha Elizabeth Cobb 2 Oct 1870 Mary Cobb was born 9 Apr 1870 (Samantha Cobb was daughter of Melissa Mary Ellis, daughterof Graves Ellis and Lucy Ann Snowden, and Farror Henry Culver Thomas Cobb; they are buried at Simmons Cemetery in northern Santa Rosa Co, FL; Lucy Ann Snowden Ellis remarried to Cary Jernigan after Graves was killed in 1833 in Butler Co, AL) Elizabeth Maria Cobb, the daughter of I. L. Cobb, Jr., and Samantha E. Cobb, was born 31 Jan 1872 James Anderson Cobb, the son of J. A. and M. E. Cobb, was born 13 May 1872 Morton Cobb, the son of J. H. and Elizabeth Cobb, was born 4 Mar 1872 On back cover (barely legible) - "J. W. Cobb, Esq." J. W. Cobb was born 4 Oct 1873 Pembroke Cobb, the son of I. L. Cobb and Samantha E. Cobb, was born 20 Oct 1873, died 1901 (buried at Simmons Cemetery) Howell Cobb was born August (15th or 25th) 1875 Florence Cobb was born 19 Feb 1876 I. H. Cobb was born 9 Jan 1879 C. L. Cobb was born 19 Mar 1881 Isaiah L. Cobb, Jr., departed this life 14 Mar 1890 (buried Simmons Cemetery)

This is to certify that I checked the old family Bible belonging to Mr. Isaiah Lindsey Cobb, published by the American Bible Society, New York, 1854, and found the above listing to be true and exact. Given under my hand and affixed seal, this the 28th day of Nov, 1965. Mattie V. Garrett, Notary Public, Wilcox County, Alabama.

I received this Bible Record from Mary Land of Berrydale, Santa Rosa County, Florida, after conversations with Dicey Bowman and Laura Botts of the ted Daughters of the Confederacy. I used it to prove my descendancy from Robert A. Polk, Jr. and Elizabeth Maria Cobb, when certifying Robert's Confederate Veteran Service for membership in the UDC.