Bible Records of GRIERSON, PLUMIER & Related Families

Taken from GRIERSON’s Great Ancestral Register, 1374-1994
Researched, compiled and contributed to the Escambia County, Florida Genealogy website by David A. GRIERSON
Copyright 1994

Bible of John William Grierson, b. June 12th, 1819
Property of David A. GRIERSON

  • Generation 1
    John GRIERSON, born in Scotland. He arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 28th, 1811 aboard Ship: BELLONA. He was married December 15th, 1816, Washington, D.C. to Mary (nee OSBOURNE), daughter of Archibald OSBOURNE, by the Reverend Mr. Collins.

  • Generation 2
    John William GRIERSON, b. June 12, 1819, Georgetown, Maryland [District]; died December 27th, 1901, Moss Point, Jackson County, Mississippi; buried in Union Cemetery; married Martha Teresa Ann (nee SEELEY), b. December 16, 1834, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or December 16, 1835, Mississippi; died April 12th, 1918, Moss Point, Jackson County, Mississippi and was buried in Union Cemtery; they married March 20th, 1850, Washington, D.C.

  • Generation 3
    Walter Harold GRIERSON, b. February 22, 1872, Three Rivers, Jackson County, Mississippi; died August 05, 1931, Moss Point, Jackson County, Mississippi; married 2nd: Cordie Cordelia (nee PRUITT), b. March 27th, 1880 in Helicon, Crenshaw County, Alabama; died October 22, 1963 on August 30th, 1906 in Moss Point, Jackson County, Mississippi.

  • Generation 4
    Reuel Walter GRIERSON, Sr., b. July 8th, 1907, Moss Point, Jackson Co., Mississippi; died November 24, 1957, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL; married February 20th, 1928, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL to Mildred Florence (nee CROFT) GRIERSON, b. January 27, 1914, SouthPort, Bay County, Florida; died February 18, 1988, Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL; both buried in Bayview Memorial Park Cemetery.

  • Generation 5
    Reuel Walter GRIERSON, Jr., b. January 19, 1934, Moss Point, Jackson County, MS; married Joyce (nee PLUMIER) b. March 04, 1935, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Illinois; married on September 11, 1959 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  • Generation 6
    1. Gary Reuel GRIERSON, b. November 29, 1958, Pensacola, Florida
    2. David A. GRIERSON, b. February 23, 1960, Pensacola, Florida
    3. James Paul GRIERSON, b. December 31, 1961, Pensacola, Florida

    Bible of Reuel Walter GRIERSON, Jr.
    Property of David A. GRIERSON

    Arnold Louis PLUMIER, b. October 2nd, 1914, Pana, Christian County, Illinois. He was the son of Bessie May (nee SIMMONS) and Albert Nicholos PLUMIER. Bessie May (nee SIMMONS) was the daughter of Alfred SIMMONS and Elizabeth (nee PRUIT). Albert Nicholos PLUMIER was the son of Albert J. PLUMIER.

    Arnold Louis PLUMIER married Mary June NORMAN (Mary June Norman was born to David “Dee” BRUMMET and Ada (nee GALLAGHER) but raised by adoption in 1920 (Shelby, Illinois) to Jesse Norman and Ada (nee STEWARDSON). Mary June (nee BRUMMETT) [adopted name NORMAN] was born on June 10, 1919 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Arnold and Mary were married October 17th, 1933, Pana, Christian County, Illinois.

    They had issue three, viz:

    (1) Joyce PLUMIER, b. March 04, 1935, Shelbyville, Illinois.

    (2) Arnold Allen PLUMIER, b. August 10, 1936, Pueblo, Colorado.

    (3) Ada Lenore “Lea” PLUMIER, b. November 07, 1939, Shelbyville, Illinois. [Ada Lenore “Lea” Plumier was actually born in 1938].

    Mary June BRUMMETT, b. June 10[th], 1919, [Indianapolis, Indiana] Joan Karen PLUMIER, b. March 07, 1944, Groton, Connecticut. [She was the daughter of Arnold Louis PLUMIER and his second wife. His first wife, Mary June died giving birth.]

    Joyce PLUMIER married Richard Domonic CIRILLO on January 1st, 1954. Denise Corrinne PLUMIER, b. January 26, 1955, Oxnard, [Ventura County], California.

    Mark Anthony FLESHNER, b. June 26, 1956, Pensacola, Florida.

    Joyce PLUMIER married [2nd] May 5[th], 1955 to Thomas Walter FLESHNER in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Ada Lenore PLUMIER [married] Roy William KELLY [at] Moulton Parsonage in Shelbyville, Illinois, July 17[th], 1956 (divorced 1967)

    Michael Roy KELLY b. 18th October 1957 [in] Fort Worth, Texas.

    Linda KELLY, b. June 15[th], 1962, Fort Worth, Texas married Ken BANFIELD, b. June 15[th], 1963.

    Linda’s children are, viz:

    (1) Stephen “Steve” Curtis KELLY, b. March 08, 1981
    (2) Beau Theodorus KLINKHAMER, b. November 10[th], 1988
    (3) Kyra Topaz BANFIELD, b. August 12, 1993

    Toni KELLY, b. August 19[th], 1963

    Mark Anthony FLESHNER married Rhonda CLARK, b. July 31[st], 1956 in Jacksonville, Florida.

    They had issue three, viz:

    (1) Melissa Ann FLESHNER, b. July 05, 1974, Pensacola, Florida,
    (2) Mark Anthony FLESHNER II, b. May 03, 1977, Pensacola, Florida,
    (3) Adam Reid FLESHNER, b. July 19, 1979, Fulton Co., Georgia.

    Gary Reuel GRIERSON, One o’clock at Los [Las] Vegas, Nevada married Mary Kathryn ROWLEY on [date of] April 23rd, 1978.

    They had issue two, viz:

    (1) Kevin Patrick GRIERSON, b. Oct. 10, 1978, Anaheim, California.
    (2) Jennifer Elizabeth GRIERSON, b. Feb. 05, 1980, Cherry Point, N.C.

    Joanna WORK, b. October 26th, 1969, Defuniak Springs, Florida. Gary has three children with Joanna WORK, viz:

    (1) Aaron Bradley Work GRIERSON, b. Dec. 25th, 1990, Pensacola, Fla
    (2) Rachael Leanna Work GRIERSON, b. Feb. 16, 1993, Jacksonville, Fla
    (3) Benjamin David Work GRIERSON, b.4 April, 1997, Pensacola, Fla

    This represents the Bible records of John William Walter GRIERSON and his wife, Martha Teresa ROBINSON. She was the daughter of John ROBINSON and Harriett LEWIS who emigrated from England as immigrants to Three Rivers, Jackson County, Mississippi. He was the son of John William GRIERSON, b. June 12, 1819, Georgetown, Maryland and Martha Teresa Ann SEELEY. These Bible records were passed down to John William Walter GRIERSON’S great-grandson: Randall “Randy” Lee GRIERSON and he passed them on to me, David A. GRIERSON.


    J[ohn] W[illiam W[alter] GRIERSON and M[artha] T[eresa] ROBINSON May 7th, 1874

    J[ohn] R[obinson] GRIERSON, [Sr.] and N[ancy] L[ucinda] GRAHAM January 9th, 1896

    Fred[eric] G[raham] Elder and Mary O[livia] GRIERSON March 29, 1898

    L[yman] R[andall] GRIERSON [to] I[nita] D. BROWNING [on] May 17, 1918


    J[ohn] W[illiam] W[alter] GRIERSON May 22nd, 1854

    M[artha] T[eresa] [(nee Robinson)] GRIERSON March 15th, 1851

    John R[obinson] GRIERSON July 11th, 1875

    Mary Olivia GRIERSON July 4th, 1878

    Edward Eugene GRIERSON January 24, 1881

    Nellie & Ellie GRIERSON Oct. 18th, 1885

    Lyman R[andall] GRIERSON, [Sr.], Jan. 9, 1890

    L[illian] L[ois] GRIERSON July 14th, 1896

    E[lsie] A[lberta] GRIERSON Oct. 1`9th, 1897

    Lola GRIERSON April 3rd, 1899

    Alice T[eresa] GRIERSON Oct. 12th, 1900

    John Robinson GRIERSON, [Jr.] August 12th, 1907

    Nancy Lucille GRIERSON Oct. 16th, 1909

    Grace [Chloe] GRIERSON December 01st, 1917 (sic)

    Lyman R[andall] GRIERSON, [Jr.] Feb. 15, 1919

    Mary Elizabeth GRIERSON September 24, 1920

    John Anthony GRIERSON February 22, 1968 (son of Sharon Cecile GRIERSON)


    E[dward] E[ugene] GRIERSON Oct. 26, 1884

    Nellie & Ellie GRIERSON Oct. 18, 1885

    Lola GRIERSON April 11th, 1899

    Grace C[hloe] GRIERSON June 14, 1922

    Martha T[eresa] GRIERSON, January 11th, 1924

    J[ohn] W[illiam] W[alter] GRIERSON December 3rd, 1933

    This represents the Bible record that belonged to Walter Harold GRIERSON

    Walter H[arold] GRIERSON of Escatawpa and Maggie A. IKERD of Escatawpa on 11 day of July 1894 at W.F. Ikerd’s by Rev. G.R. Ellis: Witnesses W.F. IKERD and Eveline DAVIS.

    Walter Harold GRIERSON and Cordie Cordelia PRUITT 2nd wife born March 27, 1880 in Helicon, [Crenshaw County, Alabama] daughter of Sam PRUITT & Callie May united in marriage August 30, 1906, Moss Point, Miss.


    Mrs. Laura E. IKERD July 11th, 1894

    Miss Stella E. IKERD August 6th, 1900

    Master W.W. GRIERSON Died Jan. 28, 1903 [Walter & Maggie’s son]

    Mrs. Maggie A. GRIERSON, Age 25 1/2 years died June 01, 1904

    Keith Oswald GRIERSON age 6, died July 15th, 1918

    Mrs. M[artha] T[eresa] [Ann] (nee [Seeley] GRIERSON Age 83, Died April 12th, 1918

    W[alter] H[arold] GRIERSON Age 58 Died Aug. 5, 1931

    Mr. Carl H[arold] GRIERSON Age 59 Died April 17th, 1954


    Carl Harold GRIERSON Born: May 17th, 1895

    Nahomia (sic) Leigh GRIERSON April 7th, 1897

    Hubert “Raymond” GRIERSON August 16th, 1899

    Walter William GRIERSON January 19th, 1903

    Walter “Reuel” GRIERSON July 8th, 1907

    Roslin (sic) September 9th, 1910

    Keith Oswald GRIERSON May 27th, 1912

    Cordie Cadelia (sic) Pruitte (sic) March 27th, 1880

    Walter Harold GRIERSON February 23rd, 1873 (sic)

    Keith Oswald GRIERSON Died July 15th, 1918

    Mrs. M[artha] T[eresa] [Ann] (nee [Seeley] GRIERSON Died April 12th, 1918

    The next Bible record belonged to Elsie Alberta (nee GRIERSON) PERKINS; she was the daughter of John Robinson GRIERSON, Sr. and Nancy Lucinda (nee GRAHAM) GRIERSON who were married on January 09, 1896.

    Family Record: Births:

    John Robinson GRIERSON Born July 11th, 1875

    Nancy Lucinda (nee GRAHAM) GRIERSON Born April 3rd, 1876

    Lillian Lois GRIERSON Born July 14th, 1896

    Elsie Alberta GRIERSON Born Oct. 19th, 1897

    Lola GRIERSON Born April 3rd, 1899

    Alice Teresa GRIERSON Born Oct. 12th, 1900

    John Robinson GRIERSON, [Jr] Born Aug. 12th, 1907

    Nancy Lucille GRIERSON Born Oct. 16th, 1909

    Grace Chloe GRIERSON Born Dec. 1st, 1915

    Family Record: DEATHS:

    Lola GRIERSON Died April 11th, 1899

    Grace Chloe GRIERSON Died June 14th, 1922

    Lillian Lois (nee GRIERSON) Verbeke Died Oct. 17, 1937


    John Robinson GRIERSON, [Sr.] [to] Nancy Lucinda GRAHAM [on] January 09, 1896.

    This represents the last of the Bible Records. These were the children of John William GRIERSON, b. June 12, 1819, Georgetown, Maryland [District of Columbia]

    (1) Mary Frances GRIERSON, b. June 15, 1851, Middleburg, Logan Co., Ohio; married November 28, 1867 in East Pascagoula, Jackson county, Mississippi to Eli Ford CUDABACK [a Union Soldier in the Army of Occupation]. Note: There were two (2) Logan Counties in those days, check your records.

    (2) John William Walter GRIERSON (sometimes listed as a Jr.) born May 22nd, 1854, Hansboro, Harrison County, Mississippi; married May 07th, 1874 to Martha Teresa ROBINSON, Jackson County, Mississippi.

    (3) Martha Ellen GRIERSON, b. June 29th, 1857, Natchez, [Adams county], Mississippi; married June 28, 1871.

    (4) Thomas Edward GRIERSON [I], b. April 19, 1860, Hansboro, Harrison County, Mississippi; married December 22, 1887.

    (5) Alice Caroline GRIERSON, b. September 11, 1862, Augusta, Perry County, Mississippi; married February 1st, 1880.

    (6) Bernice Medora GRIERSON, b. August 17, 1865; married 1st: October 1st, 1881 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Mr. HERLIHY.

    (7) Ida Harriet GRIERSON, b. April 13th, 1868; married April 2nd, 1886 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Herman GADOW.

    (8) Walter Harold GRIERSON, b. February 22nd, 1872, Three Rivers, Jackson County, Mississippi; married 2nd: August 30th, 1906.

    (9) Hubert B. GRIERSON, born 1876; died 1881.